All of us have moles on our bodies. Also called beauty marks, moles bear a lot of significance on each of us. Astrologers claim that these marks hold meaning and can tell a lot about our personality. Unlike a person’s name, these moles cannot be changed, and one is born with them. Did you ever wonder what significance does beauty marks or moles talk about you? Well, studying about them reveals to be pretty interesting.

Today, let us learn all about moles, what they tell us, and how important it is to talk about a personality depending on where they are. Let’s get going!

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Moles, their Signs, Significance, and Formation:

Clusters of pigmented skin cells cause Moles. They grow on the skin and appear as small black or brown spots. They are generally harmless and do not cause any pain or itching. On average, every person has about ten to forty moles. While most moles are formed during childhood, some may stay as they are, and others may change their appearance or fade away over time.

The Indian and Chinese mole astrology specifically has a lot of things to talk about beauty marks or spots. For example, many believe that they talk about one’s personality. Today, we will learn about the significance of these moles on different body parts.

Different Types of Moles:

Here is another interesting thing. Not every mole is the same, and in fact, if you observe, there are some different shapes and colors within these marks in a few bodies.So let us first learn about different kinds of moles on the skin.

  • Benign nevi (moles): These are the normal moles on skin most of us observe, in tan or brown color. They are naturally formed and cause no harm to anyone. There are very few chances of benign nevi moles turning into skin cancer.
  • Dysplastic nevi: The dysplastic nevi do not resemble perfectly round in shape. Their edges differ in the overall look, and they are in a single color. These marks also can be raised or flat. There are low chances of dysplastic nevi turning into skin cancer.
  • Congenital nevi: These moles are those that are formed during birth, or soon after birth, right in the childhood. They are uneven in shape and color. Most of them are in dark brown color centers. The presence of several congenital nevi, or a large mole of this kind, has a higher risk of developing skin cancer.

70+ Meanings of Moles on Face and Other Body Parts:

Here we go, let us learn something super-exciting and interesting now. As discussed earlier, the placement of beauty marks/spots or moles on different body parts has different meanings and significances. Want to know what it is? Continue reading!

1. Moles on Arms and Hands and their Meanings:

The placement of moles and brown spots on different places around arms and hands signify something. According to where they are located, several believe that there are differences in the meanings in defining one’s personality and fate. Let us first check them out and learn more.

Mole on Palm Areas Meaning-

Palm: Many ancient astrologers believe that the mole on the left side palm is unlucky, whereas the mole on the right palm is lucky. However, nowadays, many modern astrologers believe mole on the palm as such as lucky. Both the meanings imply the same for men and women.

Center of palm: Several astrologers believe the mole in the right-center of the palm is lucky and auspicious.

Mole on Elbow and Wrist Meaning-

Elbow: Moles on the elbow area symbolize property in life in the long term. Although there might be some unusual crosses in early and middle life, there is always good prosperity in the end.

Wrist: People who have moles on the wrist symbolize that they have gone through a lot in the past. They represent strong and bold personalities.

Mole on Hands and Fingers Meaning-

Right hand: Mole on the right hand for the female overall symbolizes meaning she is lucky to get a rich husband. The same is not the case with men. In addition, anyone with a mole on the right hand is a perfectionist and completes any task with precision.

Left hand: Mole overall on the left hand of men indicates he will get good loving and understanding partner

Left-hand index finger: Those with a mole on the left index finger symbolize they suffer from a lack of mental peace, depression, and inferiority complex.

Right-hand middle finger: Those with a mark on the right-hand middle finger may have a bad married life.

R-Ring finger: Mole on the right-hand ring finger symbolizes defamation faced at some point in life.

R- Hand index finger: Mole on the right-hand index finger symbolizes mad marriage too.

Little finger: Those with a mole on little finger imply that the person is entitled to promising riches in life. However, they are claimed after facing equal difficulties as well. If there is a mole on the tip of the right index finger, the person is supposed to be very accomplished and successful.

Thumb: Mole on the hand’s thumb implies the person is very hardworking.

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Mole on Arms and Armpit Meaning-

Right arm: Mole on the right arm as such overall indicates the person is intelligent and smart.

Left-arm: A mole or brown spot on the left arm symbolizes a person who has a secret wish to get wealthy. This is the same for both men and women.

Right Armpit: Mole on the right armpit indicates a person dreams of riches.

Left armpit: Mole on the left armpit in the case of men implies that he has a secret desire to be with women.

2. Moles on Legs and Foot:

There are specific indications and meanings behind a person having marks or mole spots on the lower body. Moles on legs and feet specifically indicate particular meanings. Here they are!

Mole on or Near Feet Meaning-

Below the Feet: As such, if you have a mole on any of the feet, it indicates that the person will travel a lot.

Right foot: A Mole on the right foot means a person will have a good family life with a loving partner.

Left foot: A mole on the left foot means a person is bound to have severe financial problems in life. In addition, this also means there are problems with a spouse.

Mole on Legs Meaning-

Right leg: A mole on the right leg indicates the person will be successful in all the endeavors. There is a lot of support from family and partners.

Left leg: Those with a mole on the left leg have to work hard for their professional development. However, they also have a lot of support from friends in their life.

Lower leg: Overall, men with a mole on the lower leg indicates he is bound to have a lot of hardship. For women, it means she is heartless.

Mole on Ankles and Thighs Meaning-

Right ankle: A person who has a mole on the right ankle means they are far-sighted.

Left ankle: Those with a mole on the left ankle are pious.

Right thigh: Men with a mole on the right thigh gives the meaning that they are courageous. They do not give up anything and have a lot of benefits from wives too.

Left thigh: Those (men and women) who have moles on their left thigh indicate they are creative and artistic.

Right buttock: Mole on a right buttock implies a person is very wise and creative

Left buttock: Those with a mole on their left buttocks indicate they have a sad and miserable life.

Mole on Knee and Toes Meaning-

Right Knee: A person who has a mole on the right Knee means they are very friendly

Left Knee: Those with a mole or spot on the left Knee indicate they lead an extravagant lifestyle.

Toe: Those who have moles on their toes as such means they will be in scandals.

3. Types of Moles on Face and Hand Meaning:

Several men and women popularly have specific moles on the head and face. These indeed have particular meaning too. Depending on the placement of a beauty mark or mole in a particular place, the meanings vary. It is pretty interesting to learn about moles’ significance on the different body parts in the face. Let’s get started with lucky and unlucky moles, beauty marks, and spot astrology, meaning on the face and head.

Mole on Forehead, Head, and Scalp Meaning-

Middle of the Forehead: Mole in the middle of the Forehead is fascinating. It means the person is very wise.

Right Forehead: Those with a mole on the right side of the Forehead means they will have a great spouse.

Left Forehead: Having a mole on the left side of the Forehead is considered bad luck.

Hairline and temple area: Those with a mole near the hairline or on temple area means the person will have fulfillment in life in terms of money and romance.

Scalp: A mole on the scalp or head gives the meaning that a person will have a good long life with satisfaction, which others envy or wish to have.

Back of head: A mole that is placed on the back of the head indicates (for men) that he is focused on getting women in life.

Mole on Eyebrow, Eyelid, and Eyes, with Meaning-

Eyebrows: Any mole on eyebrows indicates they are born as leaders.

Right Eyebrow: A person with a mole on the right side of the Eyebrow indicates they will be married early.

Left Eyebrow: Those with a mole on the left Eyebrow indicates they will be bound to misfortunes in life.

Right eyelid: Those with a mole on the right eyelid means they will have a lot of wealth.

Left eyelid: People with a spot on the left side of eyelids will lead a simple and humble life.

Right eye: Those with a mole on the or near right eye or nearby indicate they earn money quickly.

Left eye: Mole beside left eye indicates a person is very arrogant.

Eye socket: A person who has a spot near the eye socket area indicates peace-loving and prefers calmness.

Mole on Ears Meaning-

Ears: People who have moles on the ears or inside mean they want to live luxuriously.

Ear lobe: Any mole on the right or left ear lobe indicates they are very close to family.

Right ear: Anyone with a mole on the right ear delivers meaning that they are understanding, tolerable, and emotional. Those with a mole on the left ear indicate they are clever.

Mole on Nose Meaning-

Tip of the Nose: Anyone who has a mark on the tip of the Nose means they are quick thinkers and short-tempered.

The right side of the Nose: Anyone with a mole on the right side means they are hardworking and achieve what they want with their work.

The left side of the Nose: People with moles on the left side of the Nose are considered unlucky.

Bridge of the Nose: Any mole on the bridge of the nose area means difficulty in professional life.

Meaning of Mole Near/on Lips-

Lip: Mole on the lip as such is considered a beauty mark by many. It is considered lucky too in several cultures, especially in the case of women. But do you know, it means so much more than that! A mole on a lip implies a person is very ambitious and wants to achieve a lot in life.

Upper lip: Having a mole on the corner of the upper lip means a person will enjoy good things and experiences in life.

Mole on Cheek and Chin Meaning-

Cheek: Mole on a cheek does not just look beautiful but also tells something more. It means a person is fearless, courageous, and sincere.

Right Cheek: Going to the specificity, the mole on the right Cheek symbolizes a very sensitive and caring person.

Left Cheek: People with a mole on the left Cheek means they are introverts.

Chin: Mole on a chin means the person is very stubborn and determined to get what they want.

Right chin: In specific, a person with a mole on the right side of the chin means they are diplomatic yet very logical and realistic.

Left chin: Any mole on the left side area indicates the person is bluntly honest, outspoken, and straightforward. They don’t lie.

Tongue: Any mole on the middle of the tongue inside mouth gives meaning that they are slow learners. However, moles on the corner (left or right side) of the tongues mean they are diplomatic.

Mole on Neck Meaning-

Mole on the base of the neck: If you have a mole on the base of the neck, it means your life is stressful. Many believe that mole at this place also indicates short life.

Back of the neck: Those with a mole on the backside of the neck are easy to get angry.

Front of the neck: People with moles on the front side of the neck have a good voice.

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4. Moles on Chest and Stomach:

Now, let us go ahead and look into the specific meanings of moles around and in the Chest, stomach area. Moles on the stomach area are pretty common among many men and women. So, typically, they are of good meaning. But, these moles, too, have specific meaning and symbolism.

The right side of the stomach: Any mole on the right side area of your stomach means you will earn a lot of money and be financially stable.

Left side of the stomach: Mole on the left area of the stomach means you have issues making money.

Center of the stomach: Moles on the center of the stomach or nearby belly button means you have plush life.

Chest: Many believe that overall having a mole on chest areas means the person is ambitious and lucky.

The right side of Chest: People with moles on the right side area of the Chest are bound to have financial difficulties.

The left side of Chest: Men and women with a mole on the left side are intelligent and gentle. However, they still may have financial difficulties.

5. Moles on Backside Meaning:

Moles on the back area and shoulders are also pretty common among several men and women. So, here is what they imply!

Back of the shoulder: The meaning for moles on the backside of shoulders differ between men and women. In the case of women, any mole near the back shoulder means she has a lot of responsibilities and difficulties in life. In the case of men, it means he is pretty popular in social circles.

The right side of the shoulder: Any person with a mole on the right side of the shoulder is brave. They are also considered finishers of any task taken.

The left side of the shoulder: Those people with moles on the left side of shoulder are considered to always get into fights with others.

Moles near spine: People who have moles near the spine area will have both name and fame. They will be successful in what they take up in careers and rise to suitable positions.

The right side of the back: Those with moles on the right side area of the back meaning they will be healthy and courageous.

Left side of the back: Those with moles on the left side area will be diplomatic.

How did you enjoy finding out the meanings and symbolisms between different beauty marks and moles? Isn’t it interesting? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!

1. What is the Meaning of Having Twin Moles or two Moles Next to Each Other?

There are exciting explanations behind having twin moles on one’s body. It is believed that those with twin moles have dual personalities and nature. Many also think that it means the person will be married twice.

2. What is the Meaning of Three Moles in a Triangle Shape?

Although complete research is not yet there for the meaning of moles symbolizing the shape of a triangle, many believe that it means both good and bad. It means the person will have a mixed life, both good and bad, kind and angry.

3. What are the Lucky Moles in Mole Astrology for Female?

Several believe that it is lucky for women to have moles near lips, ears, and Chest. They are considered to have all happiness, understanding husband, riches, and luck with them.

4. What are Lucky Moles in Mole Astrology for Men?

For men, the lucky moles include those that are surrounding eyes, right legs, and the back areas.

Disclaimer: The article on beauty marks and moles is exclusively a guide to learn about the meanings and symbolisms. These are purely for informative purposes only. The content of the article is provided from research through various sources across the web. Please keep in mind that the meanings and significance vary across cultures and beliefs. Therefore, the author does not guarantee any accuracy provided in this article.


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