The answer to the question “Why we love motorcycles” cannot come in just one word or sentence! To shortlist some reasons for our love towards two-wheelers, we say – speed, thrill, freedom and power.If you can relate to this feeling, then join the club! As true bike-lovers, we must spend time understanding the various types of motorcycles and their purposes.

So, if you are interested to know how an adventure bike varies from a sports bike or a touring bike, then go through this handy guide!

List of 10 Different Kinds of Motorcycles for Beginners:

Let us now look into some of the popular types of motorcycle styles available in the market:

1. Standard Motorcycle:

A Standard motorcycle is the most common type of motorcycle which we see in the market today. Compared to other varieties like sports bikes or naked bikes, standard bikes are ergonomically quite comfortable. The seats are flat with a lower height than the tank head so that the driver can sit comfortably. The handle bars do not require you to lean forward or backward and lets you maintain an upright position. Standard bikes come within an engine capacity range of 125 CC -1000 CC.

Examples: Suzuki CB1100, Yamaha SR400

2. Scooters:

Scooters might not give you a top speed and power-packed ride like other motorcycles, but can wade you through heavy traffic like a dream. These light-weight motorcycles are easy to learn and drive. Although traditional scooters had a clutch and gear system, modern ones come in a simple button-start, accelerate and brake model. With funky styling, storage space, USB power charging and many more convenient features, scooters are like marvels on the road. The engine capacity of scooters can range from 100 CC– 250 CC.

Examples: TVS Jupiter, Vespa VXL 125, Yamaha Ray ZR 125

3. Naked Bikes:

Naked bikes are very similar to sports bikes in personality, but there are many variations when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. In Naked bikes, the fairings (wing shaped panels on the bike’s body) are removed to reveal their machinery. As they have minimal bodywork, external repairs and replacements don’t cost you much! These motorcycles are popular as street bikes for their rugged look, flatter handbars and tuned engines. The engine capacity may range between 250 CC – 1000 CC.

Examples: Kawasaki Z650, Bajaj CT100

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4. Sport Bikes:

If you are into serious racing and love the idea of ‘cutting’ the corners of road, then a Sports Bike is what you need! Sports bikes are one of the most popular types of motorcycles known for their super speeds and powerful engines. They are made with lightweight materials like aluminum for easy maneuverability in sharp turns. The seat position is on a higher side to prevent the road from scraping off your legs or the bike parts. However, these machines produce a lot of heat and not meant for shorter rides in traffic. The Engine capacity can start from 250 CC to 1000 CC and above.

Examples: Kawasaki Ninja H2, BMW S 1000 RR

5. Cruiser Bikes:

Crusier motorcycles, as the name suggests are built for “cruising” around the town. They have an characteristic silhouette with low seats, straight handle bars and semi-forward foot pegs. Cruiser bikes, also called Choppers are one of the most comfortable motorbike types in the market. They offer a laid-back rideto go around the cities in busy traffic and are even ideal for long drives on the highways. Cruiser bikes can start from 200 CC to upto 1000 CC or more depending on the variant. You can also expect some aggressive seating positions in this segment to suit different riding styles.

Examples: Harley-Davidson Iron 883, Kawasaki Vulcan 900

6. Dirt Bikes:

As the name suggests, Dirt Bikes are built for riding on natural surfaces like dirt, mud and rocks. They are built with light-weight, hard plastics and compromise on many aesthetics including head lamps for lighter kerb weight. The seating position is on a higher side to offer better visibility of road to the rider. These off-roading bikes have long suspension travel, more torque and are not meant for riding on tarmac roads. The CC range can fall between 150 – 700 or above.

Examples: Kawasaki KLX450R, Suzuki RM Z250

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7. Touring Motorcycle:

Touring Motorcycles are surprisingly convenient and super comfortable types of motorcycles, ideal for cross-country travelling. They are quite large in size compared to other bike variants like sports or standard. The main reason is the addition of storage space to prep you up for long drives. Touring bikes also come with extra fairing on the sides to reduce the aerodynamic drag on highways. The engine sizes are also high to let you maintain good speeds for many hours. The Engine Capacity may range from 250 CC to 700 CC or more.

Examples: Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

8. Adventure Bikes:

Bike experts often treat adventure bikes as “SUV’s” of two-wheelers. Such is their comfort and performance! Adventure bikes or ADV’s have a high ground clearance and long-travel suspension to let you experience a seamless ‘long drive’. The high handle position keeps you ergonomically comfortable to drive even on rough roads. However, they are not beginner-friendly bikes and demand some practice and skill before hitting the highways. The engine capacity of these motorcycles can go beyond 1000 CC for a power-packed ride!

Examples: Kawasaki Versys X 300, BMW G 310 GS

9. Dual Sport Motorcycles:

Dual Sport Motorcycles are legal cousins of the Enduros or dirt bikes. They are ideal for both on-roading and off-roading, making them commercially more successful than dirt bikes. Dual sport bikes have the essential features to give a safe ride on the roads like lights, horn etc. They also have a tall seat to navigate on rugged terrains and the sleek design lets you cut through tight roads like a piece of cake. However, the lack of side fairings and a narrow seat makes this bike a bad option for long drives. The engine capacity can range from 125 CC to 800 CC or higher.

Examples: Suzuki DR200S, Kawasaki KLX250

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10. Café Racer Motorcycles:

Ever wondered by these bikes get the name “Café Racers”? It is known that teenage British kids who hang out in cafés and take part in racing used these bikes. Hence the term! Café Racers are high-speed machines which are known for power and agility. They have minimal bodywork and score low in the comfort factor. Café racers are lightweight motorbikes which have lowmount , narrow handlebars called “Clip-ons”. Standard bikes are often custom-made into café racer bikes by replacing the handlebars. The Engine capacity can range upto 900CC and above.

Examples: Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer, BMW R nineT Racer

Those are some of the different types of motorcycles available in the world. If you are interested to explore these variants, feel free to check out the recommended models in your country. So, which of these is your favorite bike variety and why? Do let us know!


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