Saree is a traditional Indian outfit that has not yet ceased in importance. A woman still looks her best in a saree, so it is preferred for special events and occasions. A saree can make you look classy and sexy at the same time. Do you want to know how to wear a saree in a different style? If yes, this is just the right place for you.

Saree has never gone out of fashion and never will. Do you like to wear a saree? Do you know the different styles of wearing a saree? This article is for you if you attend numerous parties, celebrations and dinners. This is the time to ventilate all your good-looking sarees, plus utilize them to your benefit with your style statement. There are so many saree draping styles, separate from the normal method. This method can create still one single saree that looks dissimilar all over. So, in this article, I am telling you some unique ways to wear a saree.

Different Styles Of Wearing A Saree:

This guide explains how to wear a saree in different styles and pictures that make you aware of different styles.

1. The Bollywood Style Wearing:

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As common, Bollywood has a huge influence on saree draping. This approach is well right for that additional vigour. The sari has very minute pleats; the border is explained clearly as it drapes approximately the waist. The pallu is extremely thin, covering only a fraction of the torso, going away and linking the breasts, and leaving most of the midriff bare. It works best if one has a toned, hourglass body.

2. Mumtaz Style Saree Draping:

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Mumtaz style Saree drape has been a rage since the song ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche…’ became a hit. This approach defines elegance, which displays the beauty of a bygone period. So, the retro look was so dramatic that it went on to make a draping style by itself. The style involves draping the saree firmly roughly the lower body numerous times, highlighting your figure in the greatest way possible. Although it may not seem very relaxed to many, it at rest lends style and sensuousness to a newlywed’s look.

3. Bengali Style:

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It is one of the easiest ways to dress in a saree, while the final look may seem opposing! This method engages two wide pleats plus a large key ring by keys to grasp down the double-wrapped pallu. This method is best worn with handloom sarees; otherwise, light cotton ones, although you can also try a brocade saree. This is one of the finest and simplest styles of wearing a saree neatly.

4. Rajarani Style Saree Wear:

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Do you want to know how to wear a saree in Rajarani? Extract your silks plus rich net sarees for festive occasions and dress up like royalty with this draping style. Rajrani is similar to the Gujarati saree draping style. The simple distinction in this style is that different from others, the pleats are all in front of towards the right. The pallu is also dressed as a slight “V” on the face.

5. Butterfly Pattern Style:

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Moreover, recognized as the Bollywood way of tiring a saree, the “Butterfly” method is a small twist to the regular Nivi style of wearing a saree. The simple difference is that the pallu is prepared very thin, so the midriff, otherwise the navel, is visible. This is one of the most popular saree styles in India.

6. Lehanga Style Saree:

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Who does not want a lehanga styles saree? Are you looking for how to wear a saree in lehanga style? Here is the process for you. With a number of wrinkles tucked about the waist to offer the illusion of a lehenga, you can adapt the normal saree to a little more celebratory. Most women and young girls like to wear this saree style for any function. You can see this type of lehanga-style sarees in north Indian festivals mostly.

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7. Mermaid Approach:

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This is one of the most beautiful styles for wearing a saree. However, it is appropriate for approximately all body types; curved ones can be advantageous here. The inferior portion of the saree is wrapped to seem additional, like a skirt, and gives the wearer a slim look. This style is chiefly good if the pallu is heavy; otherwise, the border is overstated.

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8. Maharashtrian Style:

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This method is dissimilar from most others favoured by Indian women. The saree is longer (9 yards, as an alternative to the usual 6 yards), plus no petticoat is necessary to drape it. It jumps to make you look unique among the crowds if you join this saree with a nose ring and some jasmine flowers for your tresses! This type of wearing a saree is special in middle India.

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9. Gujarati Style Saree:

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This is one of the very traditional saree-wearing styles. Also known as ‘Siddha pallu saree drape’, this style is often seen in weddings or other functions. In the Gujarati-style saree, the pallu is highlighted in the front. To wear this style, start with the basic way of wearing a saree till you tuck the pleats in the centre. Make pleats of the end drape about 5-6 inches and bring it to the front on your right shoulder by twisting around your back. Let the pleats now fall in the front, about a meter, as most of the work in your saree is highlighted. Now fix the pleats on your shoulder, remove the first border and pull it to your left side. Tuck the end at the back of your waist on the left side.

10. Open Pallu Style Saree:

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This is a very comfortable and dressy style of wearing a saree for parties or other occasions. In this style, the pallu is left open and looks very presentable. One of the preferred saree wearing styles for its elegance and simplicity. To wear the open pallu saree style, start with the basic way of wearing the saree till you start making the pallu pleats. In this style, you do not make any pleats and let the saree loosely cover your front body. You only need to fix the top edge on your left shoulder and allow the other side to hang freely. Moreover, you can see this style for wearing a saree in south India.

11. The Dhoti Saree:

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Dhoti is another century-old costume worn mostly by men. But now, women have also chosen it by wearing it over kurtis or draping the saree in dhoti style. To wear this dhoti saree, drape your saree at the waist and pin the ends. Bring the longer section of the saree from the back to the front and make 2, 3-inch pleats. Secure the pallu on your shoulder. Hold the pallu from your waist and bring it forward while covering your hips. Tuck it at the centre. Make cowls from the front remaining portion of your saree to make it look like a dhoti. Pass this end from between your legs and tuck at the back with a pin. Pleat the hanging part of the saree and tuck it neatly at your centre waist.

12. Belted Saree:

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The Belted saree style is inspired by ‘kamarbandh’, an ornament worn at the waist. A slight adaptation from the basic style of wearing a saree. Wear your saree as you normally do. Now just adorn your intricate kamarbandh slightly below or above your waist. In case you do not have a kamarbandh, you can use an embellished metallic belt, or you can even use your scarf as a belt.

13. Inverted Border Drape:

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This wearing style is inspired by Deepika Padukone in the film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani’. This style even makes a simple saree look sensual and stylish. A very innovative saree-wearing style. Start with wearing the saree in the basic way till you tuck the pleats in the centre, slightly towards the left side. Hold the edge of your saree and twirl the top border inwards in a way that faces down. Now, unevenly gather the width part of your saree, and while taking it from the back, bring it to the front after passing through your right underarm. Now throw it at the back of your left shoulder. Pull the portion tucked downwards, stretching it to your left hip. Arrange the pleats on your shoulder that were unevenly thrown before. Adjust the borders on the front side to appear in two parallel lines and finally fix it in place.

14. Half Saree Style:

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Do you want to know how to wear a saree perfectly in half saree style? It is one of the most stylish saree-wearing styles. This half-saree style also gives a slimmer waistline look. Wear your saree as you do in the basic way. Make the pallu pleats and fix them over your left shoulder while adjusting the borders. Hold one end of the pallu and bring it forward while wrapping it around your waist from the back side; tuck it there nicely. This style gives a V-shape in the front; just make sure your front pleats are tucked in the centre of this V.

15. Pant Style Saree:

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This is a very indo-western style of wearing your saree. This style makes you look modern and is an easy and quick way to drape a saree. You do not need a petticoat but must wear ankle-length leggings or pants. A well-fitted blouse is a must. Take your saree pallu end, make pleats, and throw it over your left shoulder. Hold the other end of your saree, turn it back from your right side, and tuck it to the left waist side. Make pleats of all the remaining loose hanging sarees and tuck them to the centre of your leggings or pants. Re-adjust your pallu pleats to cover your front body and fix at the shoulder.

You can present your single saree differently with these different saree draping styles. So, in this article, you have learned how to wear a saree perfectly in different styles. It’s time to take out your sarees and drape them in these new styles for your occasions. The unique saree draping styles add glam to your saree and make you look stylish even in this traditional Indian outfit. With these innovative styles, you will surely turn heads everywhere you go!

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