Is your kid a paleontologist in the making? These Dinosaur coloring pages are a fun way to develop color recognition, motor skills, focus, and develop creativity in the already interested kids in dinos. Whether cute dino drawings for your preschoolers or fierce predators, you will find coloring pictures of Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus, Raptors, Stegosaurs, etc.

Scroll down this page to look into the printable dinosaur coloring pages that work well for kids and adults. Read on!

Top 15 Dinosaur Coloring Pages:

Go through these dinosaur coloring pages to choose the one or more than for yourself or your kids.

1. Easy Dinosaur Coloring Page:

If you are looking for a simple coloring sheet for your kids, this one with a dinosaur can be an excellent option. This dinosaur coloring page is best suited for kids from 1.5 to 4 years because there is enough space in this coloring sheet for them to do neatly. In addition, using color pencils or crayons can be ideal for mess-free work.

2. Simple Dinosaur Coloring Page:

If your kid is a dinosaur fan, you can engage them with this attractive dinosaur coloring page. The details presented in this coloring sheet make it the most suitable for kids aged 4 to 6. First, highlight the dino with orange or peach while using shades of green for the trees and bushes in the background. Finally, finish off the sheet by coloring the sky in blue.

3. Dinosaur Color By Number:

This cute little dinosaur coloring page is an apt choice for kids who can read words and color the picture appropriately. The advantage of this coloring sheet is that you don’t have to decide on the colors because each number is allotted a color making it easier for kids. Just let the kids use sketch pens or crayons and let the magic unfold.

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4. Realistic Dinosaur Coloring Page:

This dinosaur coloring page has larger scapes to coves. It, therefore, is more suitable for kids above six years because little ones get tired of coloring large spaces. If you wish to bring a realistic feel to the coloring page, make sure your kids color the entire page without leaving a single spot. You can opt for shades of green for the trees and bushes. Choose shades of brown or peach for the dinosaurs.

5. Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Page:

Christmas is a unique festival for many of us, especially kids because they associate this festival with gifts and a lot of fun. These dinosaur coloring sheets have all the elements that kids associate with Christmas. Of course, the dinosaur picture is a bonus. Suitable for kids from 4 to 6, they can use brush pens or sketch pens. Your kids can also use this page as a Christmas card for family and friends filled with their artwork.

6. Dinosaur Egg Coloring Page:

This cute little dinosaur looks pretty excited to come into the world, and you can see the same wonder in our kid’s eyes. While filling, the background is pretty simple, with brown for mountains, green for bushes, and a greyish tint to the clouds. You can go for bright color for the dinosaur to make it stand out. Kids below five years can do this page.

7. Robot Dinosaur Coloring Page:

Irrespective of gender, kids are more interested in watching their favorite characters in robotics. This Dinosaur robot coloring sheet is an excellent option, especially if your kid is a robotics buff. These types of coloring sheets are generally best suited for kids above six years because of the complexity of the page. Let your kids choose the colors of their choice to bring life into the picture and gaze at their excitement.

8. Cartoon Dinosaur Coloring Page:

Cartoons are yet another way for kids to get interested in coloring or drawing. This dinosaur coloring page is best suited for kids from 2.5 to 4 years because the pattern is pretty simple. Opt for color pencils or crayons for mess-free work because they are small kids. You can pin the colored pages onto the fridge to encourage them further.

9. Dinosaur Coloring Pages For Adults:

Adults also need a hobby to keep them relaxed and stress-free from their day-to-day activities. The details provided in this dinosaur coloring page look similar to mandala art and are most suitable for adults. But kids in their teens can also give it a try. Using brush pens or sketch pens can be ideal because of such minute details.

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10. Preschool Dinosaur Coloring Page:

Suppose your kid is a preschooler, and you want to include them in an engaging activity. In that case, this dinosaur coloring page is a perfect option. This coloring sheet is an ideal option for kids in the age group of 2.5 to 4 years. Kids can quickly finish coloring this page with the help of crayons or color pencils for mess-free work.

11. Jurassic World Dinosaur Coloring Page:

If your kid is a fan of Jurassic World, this dinosaur coloring page will surely captivate them. Suitable for kids 4 to 6 years, you can help them beautifully bring the picture to life. For example, you can choose shades of brown for the mountains and green for the small bushes, color the sky in light blue. Now highlight the dinosaurs in bright or even pale colors as per your choice.

12. Jurassic Park Coloring Page:

Jurassic Park is one of the favorite movies for kids and adults, irrespective of gender. But this dinosaur coloring page is best-suited for kids above six years because of the detailed information. Let your kids have various colors for the page, making it look lively. Brush pens or sketch pens can be an ideal option for kids.

13. T Rex Coloring Page:

The T-Rex is considered the scariest among the dinosaurs and is known for its fierce look and is popular among kids. This dino coloring page is a perfect representation of the same. Kids of all ages can use this page for coloring, and depending on their age, let them choose medium crayons, color pencils, or brush pens.

14. Raptor Coloring Page:

Velociraptor is another kid’s favorite, and you can see them in the form of toys in many of our houses. Since there aren’t too many details, kids of any age can color this page with ease. You can either use a single color with different shades for the dino or let younger kids experiment, bringing out the artist. Color pencils, crayons, oil pastels, or brush pens. The medium depends on the kids’ age.

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15. Stegosaurus Coloring Page:

This stegosaurus coloring page is an excellent option for kids aged 4 to 8 years. Once finished coloring, the page looks exceptionally beautiful because it has many elements which require different colors. Younger kids can use crayons or color pencils. In contrast, older kids can use brush pens or even watercolors that help them experiment more.

These are some of the best Dinosaur coloring pages suitable for adults and kids. These coloring sheets are one of the best ways to productively engage yourself and your kids. You can experiment with various coloring tools that bring life into the simple picture. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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