9 Wonderful Dinosaur Crafts Ideas And Activities For Preschoolers

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All kids love dinosaurs and the best way to teach them more about these animals is through crafts. Dinosaur is a popular theme with kids especially boys. They love the rugged shape of the animal and the roar. So try out these cute dinosaur crafts for your kids.

Best Dinosaur Crafts Ideas And Activities For Preschoolers And Kids:

Here is top 9 dinosaur crafts for your kids,

1. Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft:

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

This cute blue dinosaur is made from a half cut paper plate. You can add spikes to the back of the dinosaur in yellow as well. This craft is good for toddlers as they can paint the plate and add the craft eyes. This one blue colored craft looks beautiful as a showpiece too.

2. Balloon Dinosaur Craft:

Balloon Dinosaur Craft

Make a party hip and happening with this striking idea of balloon dinosaur. The balloons are blown and then decorated with paper legs and face. You can have them in several colors. This is a good dinosaur arts and crafts project to do with kids. If you planned for your kids’ birthday party then try this balloon dinosaur crafts making fun in the birthday party evening.

3. Board Craft:

Board Dinosaur Craft

Here is a good way to teach kids about dinosaurs. This board cut out of a dinosaur is easy to assemble. They just need to color the dinosaur as they wish and add eyes to it. The dinosaur crafts for preschoolers can be done at school as well.

4. Hatching Craft:

Dinosaur Hatching Craft

Show kids how baby dinosaurs hatch from their eggs with this cute craft idea. The eggs are shown open in the center with the baby dinosaurs inside it. You can add paper hay as well below. Try out these very good dinosaur craft ideas.

5. Footprint Craft:

Footprint Dinosaur Craft

Help a toddler make a foot print and then decorate it with eyes and teeth to resemble a dinosaur. Your kids will be thrilled with the outcome. This dinosaur can be named after the kid as well. Choose these as the classroom dinosaur crafts for kids. Making fun with this type of crafts gives learning session in class.

6. D for Dinosaur Craft:

D for Dinosaur Craft

Teach kids the alphabets by showing them the letter D in the form of a dinosaur. They can help to complete the dinosaur picture by sticking the legs, face, tail and spikes. This can be done as dinosaur crafts for 2 year olds. This one good way to teach your small kids, try this craft in alphabetic manner.

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7. Silhouette Craft:

Dinosaur Silhouette Craft

Another cool activity for kids is the silhouette painting. Here they will be given the dinosaur silhouette and then they need to color the background. It looks really cool when finished. These can easily be the dinosaur crafts for toddlers.

8. Number Spikes Craft:

Number Spikes Craft

Teach kids numbers using clothespin. The clothespins have the digits from 1 to 10 painted on them. The kids have to place them in order on a dinosaur cut out. The pins act as the spikes of the dinosaur. These are the nice dinosaur craft activities for early years.

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9. 3D Card Stock Craft:

3D Card Stock Dinosaur Craft

Have fun with kids making this 3D card stock dinosaur using markers and stickers. The cutouts can be assembled easily and then stuck together. They can decorate the dinosaur as they wish. These become the good dinosaur crafts for older kids.

Dinosaur craft activities are the best kind of crafts for kids to learn from. The crafts include making the dinosaur from paper plate, card stock, clothespin, etc. kids will get idea the big creatures that were present on earth, and kids will love this craft idea. You will get simple way to teach your kids at home in your free time. Dinosaur crafts are the way to learn about prehistoric animals. These activities give your kids the information about the prehistoric animals.

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