Irrespective of the age group, people, young and old, enjoy watching Disney cartoons. Young children feel emotionally connected with Disney characters due to their funny and humorous acts. Today, we share the love that you and your kids have for Disney through these 15 Disney Coloring Pages. From beautiful princesses to snowy winter scenes and scary Halloweens, we have collected images of popular Disney figures for kids and adults to enjoy coloring them!

15 Adorable Disney Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults:

Scroll down to explore a collection of Disney coloring sheets:

1. Disney Princess Coloring Page:

This beautiful Disney coloring page for girls is filled with six of the most popular Disney Princesses. You can either pick the related colors of a particular character, like Yellow for Belle, green and blue for ariel etc. or go for a central color theme for a uniform look. But make sure the characters come out alive with your color choices. The page is ideal for children aged above 6 years, and preferred mediums are crayons, pencils, watercolour etc.

2. Disney Christmas Coloring Page:

Here is an easy Disney coloring page specially designed for the festive season! The image has a Christmas-y vibe, with Mickey Mouse holding a huge “Merry Christmas” banner. You can go for the usual Xmas colors like red, green, yellow etc. Keep the banner in a combo of two or three colours for a striking look. Use crayons, pencils or brush pens to colour the image. The ideal age group for this page is 5-8 years.

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3. Disney Easter Coloring Page:

Check out this cute Disney coloring page which features a surprised Mickey and an adorable Pluto popping out of the Easter egg. Use some nice festive colors like yellow, red, pink etc., to add more fun to this picture. Using a dark sketch pen, you can also write the message “Happy Easter” on the top to make it a DIY card. Crayons, pencils and even sketch pens go well for this image. The suitable age group is above 5 years.

4. Baby Disney Coloring Page:

Check out this adorable Walt Disney coloring page which features a baby Minnie! The cutie-patootie is best done in pink. You can use a white pencil or pen to draw some polka dots on the romper and the hair bow to amp the cuteness meter. Keep the bib in any contrasting shade like violet, red etc. The image is suitable for kids aged above 4 years, and we recommend using pencils and crayons for colouring.

5. Disney Alphabet Coloring Page:

This fun Disney coloring sheet features a D for Dumbo theme! Dumbo is a cute elephant known for extra-long, flying ears. So, if your name starts with D, this page is just for you! Using pencils, crayons or paints, create a colourful scene using shades like grey, blue, pink, green etc. Highlight the D in a dark color like black or brown. The suitable age group for this image is 8-12 years.

6. Disney LOL Coloring Page:

Here is an exclusive Disney lol coloring page featuring Ariel-the little mermaid! This unique image is suitable for children aged above 7 years, considering the complexity of the image. Aqua related colors like blue and green are ideal for the image. So, feel free to explore the various shades of this palette. Watercolors go really well for colouring this image.

7. Disney Mandala Coloring Page:

This Disney Mandala coloring sheet is suitable for teens and adults. The intricate detailing of the image requires some amount of patience and precision to complete. Use thin tip color pens to fill in the empty spaces of the Mandala carefully. For the central image of Rapunzel, you can go for yellow, violet, pink etc. and Pascal. The chameleon can go in green color. Feel free to add a colorful touch to this beautiful image.

8. Disney Winter Coloring Page:

The very mention of winter brings to our mind the imagery of Olaf from Frozen! So, here he is! Olaf is all wrapped up like a Christmas attire to entertain the kids and, well, stay a little ‘warm’. So, give him a generous dose of colors using pencils, crayons, sketch pens etc., to add to his playfulness. Use winter-themed colors to do the rest of the elements in the picture, including the gifts and the candy sticks. Don’t forget to color his carrot nose in bright orange.

9. Disney Birthday Coloring Page:

Ariel is one happy princess cutting her birthday cake! So, make her celebrations worth it by adding bright and happy colors to this Disney coloring page. Use fun colors like red, pink, yellow, blue, green etc., to add more cheerfulness. You can even use the cake to write a “Happy Birthday” message if you plan to gift it to someone. The suitable age group is above 7 years, and the preferred mediums are crayons, watercolors and brush pens.

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10. Disney Animal Coloring Page:

Swen-the reindeer is one of the most popular Disney animal characters that kids absolutely adore. This burly guy wants some love in the form of colours. Use shades like brown, black, grey etc., which suit him the best. The background can be in some earthy colors like maroon, mustard etc. Pick oil pastels for better pigmentation of these shades. The image is ideal for children aged above 7 years.

11. Disney Summer Coloring Page:

Feeling the summer vibes already? Mickey is having a ball of a time singing and relaxing by the beachside! Let’s give him some summer-y colors like green, yellow, brown, orange etc., for a bright and sunshine feel. This Disney coloring page is suitable for kids aged between 7-9 years, and preferred mediums are pencils and crayons.

12. Disney Halloween Coloring Page:

Brr! It’s Halloween time, and Pluto is ready to scare us with this pirate costume. Considering the theme of this coloring page, we recommend using colors like orange, black, red etc. Don’t forget to paint the background in black to create a dark environment. We recommend using mixed mediums like crayons and sketch or brush pens to finish this image. The suitable age group is above 6 years,

13. Disney Tsum Tsum Coloring Page:

If your kid is a fan of Disney’s “Tsum Tsum” collection, then this Frozen-themed coloring page is an ideal pick. Use beige and light pink to finish the faces of the human characters. The snowman and the reindeer are best done in white and grey, respectively. Keep the background in shades of blue with the trees in green and white. The image is suitable for kids aged above 5 years, and the preferred medium is pencils or crayons.

14. Disney Ariel Coloring Page:

Here is another beautiful Disney coloring page for girls, which features a happy Ariel. Blue is the right pick to color the background, and shades of green for the seaweed. Use turquoise, blue, and purple for Ariel’s outfit. Add some sparkle using glitter pens. Watercolors and brush pens create a neat finish. The ideal age group for the image is 7+ years.

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15. Disney Cinderella Coloring Page:

Here is a magical Disney coloring image featuring Cinderella and her God Mother! Use watercolors, pencils or crayons to breathe life into this scene and make it even more magical. You can either choose shades of blue and purple to do the Godmother’s outfit. Cinderella’s lavish gown deserves some beautiful shades of blue, yellow etc. The suitable age group for this image is 6+ years.

Those are some of the best Disney coloring pages! We know there are many other popular characters missing from this list. Well, we will try to cover some more of them next time. So, who is your popular Disney character?

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