Did you know door curtains play an essential role in the interiors of your home? Door curtain designs add an innovative and exotic style to your house and are available in several materials and patterns. Scroll down and check out this article for the best door curtain designs you can incorporate suitable for the home décor elevating the space elegantly.

Best Home Door Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 25 simple and modern door curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Bedroom Door Curtains:

A bedroom is a place where you can relax after a long tiring day. The simple grey curtains add a neutral element to the area, tying up the interiors beautifully. The versatility of the grey goes in sync with the all-white theme of the room. Add a touch of elegance with attitude with these bedroom door curtains.

2. Kitchen Door Curtain Designs:

If you are looking for a colourful way to include style in your home, using lively colours is the key. Kitchen door curtains are a perfect way to protect the elements of your kitchen space. The bright yellow background with evenly distributed pineapples not only looks beautiful but brightens up the room efficiently. Without pulling back, you can experiment with these curtains, especially if you like groovy patterns.

3. Balcony Door Curtains:

Image Source: texillo.com

Balcony door curtains cover up the door segregating the outer area from the interiors of the house. The light colour of the curtain easily blends in with the white colour palette of the room. You can easily access the balcony area by sliding the curtains according to your needs. The wooden flooring elevates the simple curtains creating a pleasing look.

4. Office Door Curtain Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Unlike the interiors of your house, the doors in your office need a more dignified look. These white curtains forming pleats work best for any office area. The wooden flooring and subtle wall colours elevate the plain white curtain exuding a decent ambience to the room. The thin pleats of the curtains make it look unique and beautiful.

5. Bathroom Door Curtains:

Using these bathroom door curtain designs provides you with a much-needed cover to space and gives an impression of a fun-loving experience. The mass of colourful elements on the curtain and then evenly distributed is a perfect addition to your bathroom, especially if you want to bathe your child without any tantrums. The curtain’s plain white background goes hand in hand with the subtle colour palette of the room.

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6. Pooja Room Door Curtain Designs:

Every house has an area where you sit down and spend some spiritual time. The décor ideas for a pooja room are pretty consistent with displaying all the things you need according to your religious preference. The beautiful depiction of sacredness on this piece of cloth makes it one of the best choices for pooja room door curtains.

7. Dining Room Beaded Door Curtains:

Beaded curtains are gaining popularity because of the non-curtain feel they give along with an airy and stylish look. These are a perfect choice for a dining room area acting as a divider. These beaded curtains cover one side of the entrance to the dining area entirely and form an archway on the other side, giving you space to enter the room.

8. Sliding Door Curtain Designs:

Sliding doors are a stylish way to segregate rooms from the external areas of your house. But you will need curtains to cover these doors, especially if you get harsh light through them. The entry is covered with sheer curtains covered with solid ones creating a double set of curtains. The sheer curtain helps create a separation filter light, and the solid curtain completely blocks out light.

9. Beaded Door Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

Bamboo door curtain designs are a popular and eco-friendly choice to create a beautiful screen. Beaded door curtains act as a perfect screen divider between rooms or even in the archways of your house. The horizontal beads in alternation with round beads create a beautiful rustic feel to your space without disregarding the room’s traditional décor.

10. Front Door Curtain Designs:

The entrance of your house plays a vital role in creating an impression on your guests. Choosing front door curtains will not only protect the door from external pollutants to an extent. These dark-coloured curtains with silver patterns distributed all over them are durable and can withstand wear and tear. Choosing dark colours is the key and goes hand in hand with the white-coloured rooms.

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11. Cotton Door Curtains:

Cotton is one of the perfect materials to use for curtains since it keeps your space breezy and permits some light creating a beautiful effect on the room. This curtain’s light blue colour with gold stripes symbolizes serenity, stability, and a royal finish. The beachy feel emanating from this curtain creates a tremendous impact on the space.

12. String Door Curtain Designs:

String door curtains are a versatile choice for soft furnishing, creating a sense of intrigue in your home. You can either hang them on your doors or use them to create a divided space. The speciality of these curtains is that they reserve privacy without an obstruction in the form of a door. These are generally made up of cotton or polyester that help create an airy space along with spaciousness to your room.

13. Eyelet Door Curtains:

Eyelet door curtain designs are some of the popular choices among many who want to ramp up their interiors because of their flexibility. These black door curtains have an impact, especially on high-ceilinged rooms, creating a cosy space. The thick material of these curtains completely blocks out light, and you can tie them up using the strands on them according to your needs. When used right, these black door curtains create an inviting look.

14. Sheer Door Curtain Designs:

Image Source: decowindow.in

Sheer door curtains act as perfect segregation between the indoors and outdoors, inspiring a smooth transition. These lightweight fabric curtains do not completely shut out light but soften the intensity and infuse style into your interiors beautifully. These are the best solution when you want a layered effect for your door and provide a sense of style to your room.

15. Velvet Door Curtain:

Many of us have come across velvet material in blouses, but did you know it can be used in hanging curtains that beautify your space? Yes! The dark blue velvet door curtains are soft and luxurious, creating a smooth finish. It also adds stylish texture to any room. The bright colour of these curtains stands in contrast to the grey colour palette of the room.

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16. Designer Door Curtain Designs:

Not everyone is interested in the commonly available curtains for their home. Some people always want products that are premium and are not readily available. The pattern on these designer door curtain designs goes in sync with the wooden door standing in contrast with the curtain’s bright background. There are thin pieces of cloth that help you tie and open up according to your needs.

17. Fancy Door Curtains:

If you are a person who likes to have a royal look at your house, then fancy door curtains in gold are a perfect choice. Gold inspires a royal look giving your home a luxurious finish. Unlike the traditional patterns, this fancy curtain comes in a combination of straight and textured mixture standing out in the room’s straightforward colour scheme.

18. Linen Door Curtain Designs:

If you want to invoke comfort and luxury into your home, a linen door curtain is an obvious choice. Linen is a material that drapes beautifully and is eco-friendly, making you feel good about your choice. Although available in different colour options, the beautiful white with evenly distributed blue leaves creates a long-lasting impression. It is a perfect way to go environment-friendly.

19. Decorative Door Curtains:

Decorative door curtain designs are one of the best options if you want a quirky finish to your home. The print of Buddha on both the drapes covers up the area you wish but with style. It incorporates a serene vibe into the room, and the colours on the curtain go in sync with the simple décor of the area beautifully. It creates an aura without disrupting the interiors.

20. Readymade Door Curtain Designs:

Available in several colour options and various patterns, these ready-made door curtains are an affordable option to style your room. The white and orange leaf patterns on the curtain create a natural feel and contrast to the all-white theme around the area. The bright colours make the curtains durable and can withstand marks.

21. Custom Door Curtains:

Custom door curtain designs are a perfect choice for people who love to use everything unique and special in their interiors. You can get them made in the material, size, and designs as per your personal choice and interests. The beautiful off-white curtains with golden roses spread across them create a voguish finish to any room you use them.

22. Floral Door Curtain Designs:

Floral designs have been and will always be a part of the interiors, adding a sense of beauty to the place. If you are bored with the typical colours you find in colour patterns, the curtains’ beachy feel can be a perfect choice. They create a sense of calm in the whole room. Alternating between floral designs on either side with a plain curtain in the centre creates a unique pattern.

23. Kids Door Curtain:

Decorating a children’s room is no simple task. You need to consider a few things before you fix a kid’s door curtain. A curtain filled with cartoon characters can be a fantastic choice or pick a theme that piques the vivid imagination of your child. The light blue curtain filled with sea animals is one of the best examples. It stands out in contrast with the white colour palette of the room.

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24. Farmhouse Door Curtain Designs:

Unlike the subtle colour shades you find in farmhouse décor, these curtains have a combination of colours giving your room a crude feel. These curtains are elevated to the next level because of the subtle colour palette of the room. If you are bored with the neutral colours, then try using these curtains, which have a rustic finish to your place.

25. Printed Door Curtains:

If you want to represent your style through curtains, then printed door curtain designs are a perfect choice. It gives you free rein to use your personal preference on the curtain, giving you a modern feel to the area. This curtain’s unique design represents the urban living style many of us live in, meaning the apartment culture. Although it may look cluttered, this colourful curtain adds style to your room.

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Choosing the right type of material and designs for curtains can be challenging for many of us. But if you are looking for a unique way to incorporate décor ideas into your house, it is time you treat the rooms with the best home door curtain designs mentioned in this article. It gives you an insight into the type and colour patterns that are necessary to make a choice. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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