Door rangoli is a traditional trial which is followed generally by the people of India. They use to decorate their surroundings in order to enjoy or celebrate some event or functions. The rangoli can be seen at the museum, and street and inside the house also. The best color that is chosen is mix color which includes all the varieties. Rangoli’s depicts the culture and tradition followed by the people of particular country.

Latest Door Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here is the list of the top 9 door rangoli designs. These can be enormous, beautiful or quite simple which depends on the functions and the beauty.

1. Border Beautiful Door Rangoli Design:

The border rangoli designs for door can be initiated with many designs. The decoration is made along the door as border which really gives a beautiful look when people come to see it. It can be tried for any type of functions with mix color as the best choice for it.

2. Beautiful Door Rangoli Design:

The door rangoli designs have many varieties to be shared. These can be beautifully placed outside the door in order to greet the guests coming at home. The best way to rejoice them is by sharing rangoli at the entrance itself. It can be chosen for mix color as the best design.

3. Door Kolam Designs:

The door rangoli single design is another variety of depicting rangoli and making the best entrance for the guests too. The simple rangoli is modified as kolam design which is quite enhanced. The image provided clearly depicts its uniqueness in its design.

4. Simple Door Rangoli Design:

The simple door rangoli designs again have many varieties but these are quite simple and limited to small functions or events. Their simplicity lies in their size which is quite small but the design can be unique. The mix color can abe tried for simple rangoli too.

5. Unique Door Rangoli Design:

The rangoli borders for doors can be made unique by enhancement in the design itself. Even some small kind of candles or lighting can be kept along with the design which would shine uniquely and give an adorable look to be admired by the people.

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6. Front Door Rangoli Design:

The rangoli design in front of door can be easily be catchy by the people when they arrive. The fine finishing can be given to them by easy designs. These can be more design able and one can refer the door rangoli images for further reference to be noticed.

7. Entrance Door Rangoli Design:

The rangoli designs for door entrance can be elaborated with simple rangoli designs to remain decent and classy. The use of multi colors would surely provide one with great thing to be noticed. These can be naturally good by referring new types of designs.

8. Designable Door Rangoli Design:

The door step rangoli designs should be more design able as the person would look it first. These kind of great impressions really can help you to win prize in rangoli competitions too. The best choice can be the use of mix colors for these kinds of designs with the help of lights.

9. Creative Kolam Rangoli Designs:

The door border rangoli can be more creative as compared to others in terms of designs. These impressions would surely help one to elaborate more in this field. There are even competitions can be participated in and form such adorable designs.

The rangoli’s have such designs which can really impress people. There are even competitions organized by people to elaborated children in this field. The beautiful and adorable designs can be formed as per the images provided above. It should be creative and unique to remain at its best.


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