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10 Simple & Latest Double Bed Designs With Pictures

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Having a double bed is among the common luxuries these days. From simple to designer beds, they have come with various additional benefits too. From wooden bed designs to metal designs there are numerous good double bed designs to select from in the market. The beds are now also available with hydraulic and box storage facilities that eliminate the requirement of extra wardrobes or drawers for storing extra clothes or linens.

Double Bed Designs

Are you also looking for renovating your room with the latest deviser glimpse? Try catching the new double bed designs collection and decorate our rooms with extra cosiness and comfort in a unique way.

What Is Double Bed?

If any bed is capable of providing two people with the required space for sleeping, it is known as a double bed. Again, when talking about bed double bed can come up with different styles and sizes as per your requirement. Again, you can also select the size as per your measurements as there are different sizes available as well as can be made on order too.

What To Consider/Think When Buying An Double Bed?

Are you planning to purchase a full double bed? Here is what you need to consider:

  • Visit a few stores before finalizing one for your room.
  • Merely looking at it is not a good idea, lie on the bed and feel the comfort levels.
  • Take your couple with you while you select the bed together.
  • Select a size appropriate for your room and other furniture in there.
  • Focus on comfort levels.
  • Look for the mattress that is good for you.
  • Avoid too hard or too soft mattress as it might damage your spine.
  • Look for an adjustable double air bed for safety.

Best Double Bed Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 modern and new double bed designs with photos. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Wooden Double Bed:

Wooden Bed Double

Want to go with that classic look for your room! Here is an amazing wooden double bed design that is sure going to grab your heart. With a complete wooden piece like work, the bed is designed to give you a comfortable sleep with bordered edges. Again, the double bed with storage is given wooden drawers below to store your belongings.

Dimensions: 76” x 82.”

Material/Finish: Sheesham or Mango material with Teak, Chestnut, Mahogany finishing.

Style: Wooden Double Box Bed

Mattress Type: King size 6″ x 6.5.”

Pillow Type: 2 Standard size pillows

Warranty: N/A


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2. Small Double Bed Design:

Small Bed Double

Want to have a small double bed that would be suitable for your limited room space? Try this double bed with mattress similar to the old designs of wooden beds. Skillfully designed, the bed is made with aesthetic functions that become the correct piece for your small space. However, the bed doesn’t include the mattress and pillows; the dimensions are mentioned for easy purchase.

Dimensions: H36 x W78 x D81

Material/Finish: Engineered wood with walnut finishing.

Style: Dazzle style simple double bed

Mattress Type: King size 78” x 72” x 6.”

Pillow Type: 2 Standard size pillows

Warranty: 12 Months Warranty


3. Double Divan Bed:

Double Divan Bed

Want to buy a single to double bed design for your room that comes with the bulk of storage facilities? Here is a double divan bed design created for you only. The divan cum bed is made with an artistic touch which can be folded to a sofa when required occupying less space in the room.

Dimensions: 180 x 181 x 90cms

Material/Finish: Engineered wood with walnut finishing.

Style: Pharneechar Divan Cantilever Sofa cum Bed

Mattress Type: 2 equal dimensions cushion mattresses foldable for sofa look.

Pillow Type: 2 standard pillows and 2 round rolled pillows for the sofa.

Warranty: 12 months warranty


4. Double King Size Bed:

Double King Size Bed

The double bed with drawers is quite in trend these days. But do you know what is quite popular in this category? The double king size bed is much in demand for the comfort and storage facilities it comes with. The wooden bed is also given a showcase look behind for storing required things you might need at night along with 1200 litres storage inside the bed.

Dimensions: 78” x 72.”

Material/Finish: Engineered Wood with Walnut finishing.

Style: Contemporary Storage Bed

Mattress Type: N/A

Pillow Type: N/A

Warranty: 12 Months warranty

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5. Double Metal Bed:

Double Metal Bed

Are you turning your room into something new and exciting? Why not give it a metallic touch! This black double bed is sure to provide you with the required comfort and sound sleep. The metal double bed is also given a hydraulic design with large storage compartment below, and a cushioned back support too.

Dimensions: 101.6 x 152.4 x 182.88cms

Material/Finish: Frosty metal with 3 boxes

Style: Hydraulic Queen size metal Frosty bed

Mattress Type: Standard size mattress with 60 x 72 dimensions.

Pillow Type: 2 Standard pillows

Warranty: 12 months warranty


6. Double Bunk Beds:

Double Bunk Beds

Do you have less space to adjust 3 people in a small room? Why not try the double bunk beds that provide with perfect space to the users. The bed is given a double bedstead look with space for 2 below and 1 above. This type of double bed furniture is popular for teen kids or even student paying guests.

Dimensions: 66.5 x 65.7 x 81.4 inches

Material/Finish: Rubberwood

Style: McTaylor Bunk Beds

Mattress Type: 60 x 76 for a double bed and 36 x 76

Pillow Type: 3 standard size pillows

Warranty: 12 Months


7. Low Double Bed:

Low Bed Double

Are you thinking to give your room a stylish look? Here is a low double bed design that would give it an aesthetic look with its curvy ends. Low to the ground, this white double bed is given everything you need for comfort like back support, cushioned legends, soft borders, etc. The double bed and base make it best for senior citizens.

Dimensions: 6” x 6.5”

Material/Finish: Engineered Wood with ply-board finishing.

Style: Rugged Design

Mattress Type: 4” x 4.”

Pillow Type: Standard size pillows

Warranty: N/A


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8. Luxurious Leather Double Bed:

Luxurious Leather Bed Double

Are you thinking to give a classic touch to your old bedroom? Here is a luxurious pine double bed design that is sure to enhance your room attire. The double bed and mattress are well designed for all the comfort and adorable look you would want to give to your room.

Dimensions: 46 x 77 x 82 inches

Material/Finish: Sesame wood with Honey Oak Finishing.

Style: Harleston Double Bed Frame Design.

Mattress Type: 72 x 78 inches (Provided if demanded)

Pillow Type: Standard size pillows (Given if demanded)

Warranty: 36 Months


9. Standard Double Bed:

Standard Bed Double

Love that Indian style standard double bed styles for your room! All you are looking for is here in this double bed stand design. This ethnic furniture design is given required height as well as complete finishing to last long. The bedsides are given grill stand like the look, and there are no storage facilities for this simple bed design.

Dimensions: 20 x 64 x 84 inches

Material/Finish: Sesame wood with Honey oak finishing.

Style: Indian Ethnic Queen Size complete double bed.

Mattress Type: 60 x 78 inches (not included)

Pillow Type: Standard size (not included)

Warranty: 36 Months


10. Tall Double Bed:

Tall Bed Double

Want a bed that suits your ortho care? Try this tall double bed, and you are sure to love it. Different from other double bed with box designs, this bed comes with no side or headboard support which makes it a unique pattern to have. The height of the complete double bed is given low floor design best for aged people.

Dimensions: 22 x 63 x 86 inches

Material/Finish: Sesame wood with teak finishing.

Style: Contemporary Queen Size big double bed.

Mattress Type: 60 x 78 inches

Pillow Type: Standard size pillows

Warranty: 36 months warranty


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Pros and Cons Of Double Bed Designs:

The bed is much essential when looking for a comfortable and sound sleep at night. And for the seniors and people having certain health issues, the amenity it provides withholds a vital role. Also known as a full bed, they come with a standard size that is suitable for every adult with a particular height. However, you can also look for height beds as per your requirements in the market. No doubt, they are much satisfactory; they still have their own pros and cons to be considered before selecting any one of the double beds for your room.

Pros of a Double Beds:

  • Plenty of sleeping area for both couples and singles.
  • Best for children who move more while in sleep.
  • Can also be used for a room with small areas.
  • Comes with storage facilities, which makes it best for small apartments.
  • Provides with complete back support if you look for a double bed headboard design.

Cons of a Double Beds:

  • Might be a little difficult for two adults requiring much space to sleep.
  • The leather double bed and other double beds have restrictions in lengths.
  • Come with variation in sizes as the brand or country changes.
  • May find it difficult to find a double bed mattress it doesn’t come along.

As the interiors are propelling with their designs, there are a lot of variations observed in the simple double bed designs. Where priory the beds came with simple wooden or metal materials, there are amazing designs like modern beds, fancy double bed, circular double bed, double loft bed designs etc. that have changed the output according to the requirements of the people. Again, the increase in the use of materials likes leather, fine wood, pine, foam mattresses, etc. has made sleeping a pleasurable experience.

So, what design of the double bed furniture are you going to have in your room? Let us know about your experiences.