Braids! They are probably the most versatile and loved after looking globally. While we all know about them well enough, the double braided hairstyles have been making the new trend for the last decade or two. What makes this look stand apart when compared to the casual braid? It is all about the feminine and stunning appearance, cute appeal, and enhanced modern style statement embedded with new patterns and ideas.

Today, we have decided to treat you with the most sought after and stylish double braids hairstyle looks and makeovers which all of us girls admire. Here we go!

10 Contemporary Two Sided Braid Hairstyles:

Here is the customized and latest trending list of popular and different types of double braid hair looks and plaits styles we can’t get over with!

1. Double Braid Simple Hairstyle for School Girls:

This simple double braided hairstyle for girls is a perfect everyday choice look. Girls and young women who love the everyday casual and simple hairstyle can try this out. It also can be paired with bangs or fringes to accentuate the appearance further. The double braid hairstyle here is also versatile and can be seamlessly matched for girls across any hair texture and face shape. How cool is that!

2. Loose Messy Double Braid Hairstyle:

The Selena Gomez inspired loose double braid is a fashionista worth checking out. Our favorite diva wore the braid for a red carpet-event, and we know how to carry it out in style now! The gorgeous loose double braid looks elegant, classic and exquisite with a sophisticated and vintage appearance. Women with round, oval and heart face shapes can check it out if they have smooth or wavy hair texture. This braid can easily be replicated without any tutorial too!

3. Double Fishtail Braid:

The French fishtail braid is the most popular hairstyle we have come across. While the look is versatile, you can turn the style into a chic, modern trend or have it in a classy ethnic way. We see the former one here. With the messy loose fishtail double braid look, we love how it enhances and elevates one’s appearance effortlessly.

  • Smooth, straight and wavy hair texture can be ideal.
  • Try this style with any face shape, given the versatility of hairstyle.
  • Women in their 20s and till mid of 30s are the best fit.

4. French Braid Double Bun:

The French cut and variant hairstyles are popular among girls across age groups. Even kids at younger ages know how feminine French braids look. Ever imagined how knot buns can look in such a way? Here is an example. The intricately woven French braid is taken from double sides to make a hair updo, and we cannot take our eyes off this beauty!

  • Smooth and straight hair texture can be ideal with this intricate and elegant look.
  • Try this for the heart and oval face shape to make the best of your appearance.
  • Women, either in their 20s or their 40s of them, can look youthful.

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5. Simple Ponytail Braid:

Here is the quickest, most relaxed, yet simple double ponytail braid. The plaited hair comes right from the crown area and goes beneath. To give it a ponytail effect, we cut the braiding in half and secured it with elastics. If you are running out of sufficient time and still want a perfect cute look for the day, what is best than this half ponytail hairstyle, right?!

  • Any hair texture can quite get this look right quickly, given the excellent blend in the factor.
  • Wear this with oval, diamond, and round face shapes.
  • Girls in their teenage to women till their mid-20s can look sweet and the right fit in this look.

6. Contemporary Dutch Braid:

Have you ever come across a Dutch braid? This modern and ultra-modern looking two double French braid hairstyle is all about class, sass and elegance. With the short hair length look, this plaits makeover leaves us in awe! A messy pattern and idea further enhance the style statement to the next level and makes anyone look beautiful when wearing it!

  • Wavy and curly hair textures are best in this hairstyle with messy looks.
  • Try this for oval, diamond, and heart face shapes.
  • Women in their 30s can look youthful and elegant here, yet women in their early 40s can also try them.

7. Dutch Braid Space Buns:

Space buns are the most recent phenomenon, which is a huge hit, and the trend is undoubtedly here to stay. This lovely Dutch double knotted braid bun comes with braids on both sides of the crown. With blonde and white hair coloured ombre look, messy curly texture of the hair and boho vibe vibrant hues attached to the makeover, this two buns hairstyle is for those women who prefer the edgy, unique and yet mesmerizing appearance.

  • Curly and wavy hair texture is the ideal one here.
  • Try this with any face shape, as it can go well with everyone.
  • Women and girls in the young age below 30 years can be best to go.

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8. Funky Rope Braid:

Here is one of our all-time favourites, a double rope braid with a mixed rainbow colour vibrant look. The tight, high- textured French rope braid comes right from the crown and goes well beneath. When added with a twisted face, and if the hair sections are added from the sides, as seen in the image above, it gives a further unique appearance. Further ahead, you can go with coloured hair or highlights to provide an enhanced feel too!

  • Any hair texture can be an ideal and perfect fit here in this look, given the versatility of the style.
  • Try this funky hairstyle with the oval and square face shape for perfect looks.
  • Women in their 30s and the 40s can be the best to go.

9. Dreadlock Braids:

Did you ever come across double dread braids? While we are all aware of the dreadlocks hairstyle trend, which is famous across the globe, this blonde colored double braid this form is new to all of us. In case you get super experimental or do not wish for the usual trend, what best than eyeing such crazy and yet edgy looks, right?! Here we go, try this one and rest assured, you will be the talk of fashion town!

  • Curly and wavy hair texture is a perfect fit to get this desired makeover.
  • Try this for oval and chubby face shapes to appear sleek and chic.
  • Women in the age from 30s to the 50s can be suitable here.

10. Princess Vibe Pigtail Braids:

This double braid pigtail with headband is one of the most sought after looks, especially for women who love classy and feminine looks. This style is gorgeous and no less than a diva. The mid parted pigtail, sleek braids on the sides and elegant headband going all around give an intense look for all women who wear it. Further, the elite look delivered by this one is unmatched!

  • Straight hair texture is an apt fit here and can look amazing with enhanced elegance.
  • Wear this for the best looks and appearance for oval and diamond face shapes.
  • This style is for women in their late 20s to early 30s age.

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11. Messy Loose Double Braid:

This loose messy long, length double braid with layers look in between is our new favourite insight. If you think the braids and long lengths are only an ethnic fit, this image and fashionista prove it all wrong. With the super bright hues and vibrant appearance in the style statement, this sleek trend is all about owning the style right with personalized feels. What do you think about these dual braids?!

  • Straight and wavy hair texture can be ideal here.
  • Try this messy hairstyle with any face shape, as it can fit everyone.
  • Women of any age below 40 years can prefer this hairstyle.

12. Dutch Fishtail Braided Hairdo:

This double Dutchfishtailbraid hairdo bun is our least favourite on today’s list. With the perfect blend of Dutch braid style and fishtail intricate pattern from the sides, the messy updo is all about love and authenticity in the looks. Be it for grand events or a plush look and appearance, this elite style and makeover is a must-try for all new-gen girls who love contemporary and yet feminine trends.

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  • Wavy and curly hair texture is the appropriate fit for this trendy hair makeover.
  • Try this with a heart, oval and round face shape to look amazing.
  • Women in their 20s and 30s can wear this style for the best looks.

With this list of double-braided hairstyles, we hope you find the perfect and apt fit. Be it for an ethnic occasion, a modern party or get together, or even a simple social gathering, these double braids are the most versatile look which can fit in effortlessly and enhance anyone’s style statement. What do you think about them?


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