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8 Latest Double Door Designs With Pictures In 2020

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A double door like all other doors is the same in regards to a protective barrier for your home as well as setting a fashion statement for visitors and passer’s by. A double door can be made of both wood and iron though wood is considered to be more fashionable whereas iron is much more protective. Double door designs are unique because of their ability to keep two single doors and maintain it as one.

It is truly a very favourable fashion statement for people who have a bigger front door or back door frame. A double door can be accessorized as per your choice and there are limitations where designs are concerned as there is a multitude of designs that are being used all over the world. There are though a few very popular double door designs that are the first choice of many.

Modern Double Door Designs In India:

Here we enlisted some simple double door designs in new models. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Traditional Double Door Design:

Historic wooden door. Lyon, France

Used by many homes in countries all over the world the traditional double door is a true testament to how exactly a person can fit a protective and fashionable door at their main or back entrances. The traditional double door can be maintained further by accessorizing it with a deadbolt and other protective devices that will keep your house safe.

2. Contemporary Double Door Design:

double door 2

Contemporary double doors are the perfect soft double door design for your home. A contemporary double door is quite the fashion statement and has the ability to be extremely protective when push comes to shove. The design can be of the colour of your choice and the design can also be customised by you but contemporary must remain contemporary.

3. Glazed Sliding Double Door Designs:

double door 3

This great wrought iron or glass door design is a perfect fashion statement for your home. The glazed sliding doors provide both privacy and fashion to your home. Glazed sliding doors look great when used in a multitude of homes and this door is a testament to great double door designs.

4. Rope Double Door Design:

double door 4

More of a modern-day design this door is very popular and has actually been incorporated into a multitude of great homes all over the world. You must have a larger door frame to use this design for your home and the concept can change though the main principle should remain the same to imitate this idea. The rope design can be made of any kind of wood though teak is best.

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5. Wings Double Door Designs For Home:

double door 5

Wings add flair to all designs immaterial of the base and this wooden door is a testament to this fact. The wings are a great addition to this wooden door and due to this, your home will truly be one of a kind. Both the doors complement each other and a professional carpenter is required to create this work of art.

6. Teak Wood Lotus Double Door Design:

double door 6

This double door design is an absolute beauty and truly requires a one of a kind professional carpenter to complete this job perfectly. Though you can make tiny alterations to the design at the end of the day to maintain the concept the entire design must be copied.

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7. Minimalist Double Door Designs For Houses:

double door 7

The minimalist door model is concerned with this ability to maintain a less but dominating wooden factor along with a good amount of resistant glass which is a perfect double door for the interior of your home. If you need a double door that separates one room from another then this is the best door to go with.

8. Wrought Iron: New Double Door Gate Design:

double door 8

Any double door looks great when inside your house as it helps to set the mood and this durable double door is a Customizable testament of this fact. This Wrought iron double door design with glass gives more beauty to your new home.

Hope these amazing double door designs will help you, to get a basic idea. Pick your favourite one from this list, according to your new home layout.

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