15 Beautiful Dove Tattoo Designs With Pictures

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Once if you have decided upon the Dove as your selection for the tattoos, there are many different art and styles available to choose from. It is available in different kinds like everything from single line art that are inked in white color to elaborated tribal and Celtic designs. It is common to have a pair of doves that is very common as it implies a universal sign of love. It will really work out unique having the two dove images that shares the same branch and this is a much requested tattoo design with newly married couples.

There is no limit as to what and what cannot be tattooed. The present situation calls for the bizarre elements to incorporate themselves beautifully in a pattern so well fit that it forms a part of art. Be it Japanese geishas or clocks, candles or dinosaurs, tattoos have invaded the field of art by making even the simplest of elements look worthwhile and beautiful.

Best Dove Tattoo Designs With Images:

Having the eager to get a different types of dove tattoo designs? This article will give you finest dove tattoos with pictures and meanings which will get the attraction from others. Here, we will help you to get the best design. Start searching for a tattoo without delay.

1. Dove Vintage Tattoo:

Beautiful Dove Tattoo Designs12

Dove tattoo design for men are getting familiar today in the fashion world. Dove tattoo are so much popular one among females and males. Most chosen tattoo design will have girls face or any image of that kind. There are varieties of designs available for men tattoos. This tattoo design having the dove with a lady face portrays peace and love, by representing peacefulness of love. So, many people who love pride will get these tattoos on their bodies. It can be tattooed with enticing dark color. It is one of the best dove tattoo designs for men.

2. Dove With Lock And Key Tattoo:

Beautiful Dove Tattoo Designs11

In this tattoo, two doves are flying and holding with lock and keys. The dove tattoos gives the meaning of peace and hope for new life or it may show a long lasting life. Tattoos with dove designs will usually portray independence and purity and many people will like to have dove tattoos in remembrance of a close relative or friends who have passed away with a love theme. A pair of doves is very common and universal sign of love.

3. Olive And The Dove Tattoo Design:

Olive and the dove

Dove has always been acknowledged as the bird that brings peace and love. In this tattoo, a small bird with an olive twig pressed between its beaks is shown flying towards something. The olive branch itself represents peace as the dove, the carrier flows by. This is one of the most common dove tattoos designs that have surfaced. With just the right hint of color, like a green olive branch the tattoo looks unbelievably good. It is the best flying dove tattoo designs.

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4. Angels And Dove:

Angels and dove

You know how at olden days people would use pigeons and doves as a messenger? The story goes that dove symbolizing love and peace is more commonly believed by the Christian religion where often a flock of dove is seen accompanying Jesus. A dove, being a holy bird is also mentioned in the bible and thus is also known to be god’s own personal messenger. Hence in this tattoo the huge hands represent the presence of god sending out his messenger. It is one of the perfect peace dove tattoo designs for women.

5. Dove With Anger Design:

Beautiful Dove Tattoo Designs13

This tattoo design has an anchor and dove that sat on that anchor will represent the solutions of the problems that all the humans were facing in their regular life. There is a hope, that if you get tattooed this design then all your problems will be overcome by the God which will get peace in your life like this dove. These type of dove designs are unique one. Pictures of dove tattoo designs will usually have many pictures of dove which will take you to the new world of fashion.

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6. Very Cute Small Dove Tattoo Designs:

life giver

The tale goes that when god has asked Noah to build that boat for all the life forms of earth, he did and after weeks he sent out a dove and an eagle in search for shelter and life form and to his surprise the dove came back flying with an olive branch which was a sign for Noah to start life again. Following the same concept this tattoo has been drawn with a blue halo light behind to accommodate the purity and greatness of this bird. This is one of the best dove tattoo designs for women.

7. Dove With Glittered Design:

Beautiful Dove Tattoo Designs14

Simple dove tattoo designs are familiarly used in tattoo world. The dove with simple design gives the neat and perfect look for the people who have the desire for it. In this tattoo, single dove has been decorated with a glitter in the girl’s hand. The glitters gives the more vibrant and elegant view for the people. Here, pink color glittered tattoo is inked in the hand gives a pleasant look for the tattooed part. This can be available in more colors such as dark black and white and the multiple color glitters. A Dove tattoo design implies the meaning of uniqueness and peace.

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8. Dove Tattoo On Foot:

Rest your faith

When Noah, after weeks of traveling in his built boat sent out a dove and a raven in search of life, the dove came back with an olive branch which was perceived as a symbol by Noah to start his life afresh. Based on that very old tale a dove tattoo can be made to symbolize the starting of something new and holy and while venturing on a new path or new life the one thing that is most important is faith. It is the best dove tattoos on foot.

9. Lovely Dove Pattern:

The dove pattern

If you are looking for a small yet elegant and budget friendly tattoo that depicts peace and love what better to invest in other than this tattoo. This is a simple hassle free dove tattoo with patterns on each side. The use of hearts to depict love adds femininity to the tattoo.

10. Colorful Dove Tattoo:

color fill

This is yet another dove tattoo that has colors cladding it making it look soft and sweet. The extensive use of purposeful colors make the entire tattoo looks warm and sober. Most of the teenagers like wear this type of cute dove tattoos.

11. Blue Glory:

Blue glory

To start off here is a simple no complication dove bird made out of shades of black and blue. While the black borderlines the silhouette of the peace maker, the shade of cool blue brings a veil of calmness to the picture. The details are kept to the minimum as most of the part has been left to imagination.

12. Cute Dove Tattoo Design On Hip:

Dove tattoo designs

One of the new tattoo designs circulating is the dove tattoo which represents the bird dove into the design. Although it is strongly unisex it usually allures the women more than the men, however to get the message across anybody from teen to their mid forties can consider this design an option. This type of simple dove tattoos sported by young girls.

13. Abstract Dove Tattoo Design:


Here is an abstract dove tattoo made clearly out of black ink onto a space of skin where the artist has skillfully executed the drawing to match an excellent artwork. The dark shades borderlines the silhouette while the olive branch in the mouth represents symbol of life.

14. Rose Dove Tattoo:

Spread the love

According to Aztec mythology, a dove represents the goddess of love, while some native Americans believe the dead are transformed into dove as a sign of purity. Dove tattoo comes with various meanings starting from love and peace to beauty and cooperation. Doing the same here is this person conveying her gratitude to her late father by a dove holding a rose.

15. Letter And Dove Tattoo Design:

Beautiful Dove Tattoo Designs15

The dove image with letters can be used to represent the mediator for the lovers, friends or relatives. In ancient days, people will love to have this kind of tattoo as this will portray their culture. They have to communicate via the dove image. In this tattoo design, the dove can fly with the quotes of “come perfect” which is inked with dark black enticing color.

There are many ways to get this dove tattoos and one best way is to go through the online sites. But, while you searching through the online sites; be careful to choose the dove tattoo designs as there are some designs that are available for cost. The Dove tattoo designs with pictures can use in so many ways and in so many styles that it has a multitude of meanings. One thing they all have in common is Dove Tattoos have a very strong and personal meaning to the individual getting the tattoo.

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