Our body has millions of hair follicles all over and almost 20% of those are on our scalp. They are made out of small building blocks of mostly a protein called keratin. It needs a nourishment and care to stay healthy.

Hair has three stages of growth after which every hair is bound to fall. We are born with a limited number of hair follicles which are capable of reproducing hair up to 25 times in a person’s lifetime. But sometimes the hair fall is too acute and is not replenished with a new hair. There can be a host of reasons apart from a faulty diet.

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  • Genetics play a major role to decide whether one has hair or baldness.
  • A disease or a surgical procedure that requires anesthetics might cause acute hair loss following 2 weeks of surgery.
  • There might be some habits like trichillomania that can make us break our hair.
  • There can be sudden emotional and hormonal swings that can also lead to sudden hair fall.

Dr Batra Hair Treatment:

Most people realize their hair problems much later and then begin to panic. This is where Dr Batra’s Hair Loss Treatment comes in to restore order.

Why Dr Batra’s?

  • A success rate of more than 2,50,000 hair loss cases
  • A holistic combination of Homeopathy, Trichology and Technology.
  • Advanced diagnostic technique such as Video Microscopy
  • Expertise of our London-trained Trichologists
  • Low level Laser comb & Piler light therapy
  • Assurance for safe, effective and lasting solutions.

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Their Diagnosis:

A full rounded approach is taken by Dr. Batra’s Clinic, to ensure that, hair is restricted from falling, regenerated and subsequently made stronger, to resist the wear and tear of our daily lifestyle.

1. Folliscope, a PC based video microscope, takes just a few minutes to measure hair thickness and density. This is the first step to diagnosis as it identifies the main structure of hair and scalp along with problem areas for diagnosis.

2. A detailed case history and thorough examination will provide significant clues about the condition and its causes. Certain tests are performed at this stage to isolate the problems. These are:

  • Pull test for telogen effluvium condition
  • Biopsy for alopecia areata
  • Blood tests for anemia, thyroid and diabetes related issues.

3. Homeopathy is the first pillar of the treatment’s success. It is safe and natural without side effects. So curing one problem will not lead to triggering another. For the past 25 year, they have utilized the powers of Thuja for effective hair loss treatments with remarkable success.

4. Trichology experts trained from The Trichological Society of London have the skill and expertise that ensures paramount quality of services. Their treatment is highly customized to each patient and helps restore equilibrium, promoting lasting results with proper maintenance guidelines.

Advanced technology is the third pillar of this treatment. The most popular are:

Swiss Polarized Rays (SPR) therapy:

  • based on Nobel winning Piler Light Therapy, proven for hair and scalp disorders.

Low level Laser Comb:

  • Controls hair loss and improves blood circulation which is essential for hair growth.

5. Nutritionists carefully chart out dietary limits for the patients. They are time tested and formulated considering their experience of more than 35 years.

6. Maintenance is ensured by the various self help tips that the clinic provides the patients. They also have specially formulated hair care products to look after its health.

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The Verdict:

Dr. Batra’s Clinic ensures that, they leave no stones unturned to help us recover from our hair fall woes. Their patient testimonials speak volumes of their effectiveness. However, to see results we must have patience. After all, patience and discipline are the main mantras for any healing therapy.


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