Dragon crafts are exciting and thrilling to do, especially for kids. Children’s movies and cartoons often compromise dragons in fiction, and they absolutely love them for a reason. From entertaining them and educating them, and making them learn new things, we have compiled a list of easy, quick, and beautiful dragon crafts, especially for children across age groups.

Check this list out, and we bet you, too, will love them. We personally love to work on these dragon craft ideas, and this will excite you too.

Top Trending, Easy And Lovely Dragon Arts And Crafts Ideas:

This list of the most beautiful and stunning dragon craft activities is indeed a must-try for both kids and adults. Check them out on how to make a dragon craft, and tell us which one you would love to try.

1. Dragon Origami:

The dragon origami craft may look all complicated and challenging to try out, but it is also an equally fun and exciting thing to do. This is among the most trending dragon craft ideas trending right now.

Speciality: The dragon origami craft is also a blend of creativity and imagination and comes out as an intricate art piece in the end as a result.

Materials Required:
  1. Origami paper
How to Do:
  • Take a simple square-shaped origami paper
  • Fold the edges on all four sides at first in tiny proportions
  • Now turn the paper and fold the front as well as back portions upwards side
  • Take the topsides and fold them into the centrepiece area
  • Flip over and bring out the crimp tail from one foldReverse hold the head side up
  • Take out both the wings area and bring them down
  • Reverse fold head down and add crimps at the edges
  • That is it; your origami dragon is done. Although it may look complex to do, trust us, the process is super fun!

2. Paper Plate Dragon Craft:

The paper plate dragon craft is a quick and easy one, an excellent craft idea, especially for kids. Here is how to do this dragon papercraft easily with us. This is among the most simple dragon craft to try out for kids and kindergarten children.

Speciality: The dragon papercraft can also be added as a wall piece for kids’ rooms and can add to their imagination and creativity.

Materials Required:
  1. Paper plate
  2. White sheets
  3. Sketches
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
How to Do:
  • Firstly cut the paper plate in half and keep it aside
  • Now make an outline of wings and tail along with the head on the remaining half of the paper plate
  • Cut near the outline neatly to bring the shape out
  • Glue them at respective positions, as shown in the picture
  • With black sketches, add on and draw eyes and a nose near the dragon’s head
  • That is it; the cute paper dragon craft idea is done!

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3. Dragon Puppet Craft:

We absolutely love this dragon puppet craft idea for kids. This is fun and colorful in look as well as exciting to do. Here is how to create the beautiful puppet craft and the items required for doing the craft with a dragon head in no time!

Speciality: The puppet dragon craft can be a good and creative artistic pastime for kids to try out both at home and during school hours.

Materials Required:
  1. Cardboard
  2. Three colour papers
  3. Paper ribbons
  4. Sticks
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Paints and brush
How to Do:
  • Firstly roll over the cardboard neatly and stick the edges
  • Keep it aside to dry
  • Take two-color papers at first and begin creating a puppet body. This can be done by layering two papers, one on the horizontal and one on the vertical side, and beginning to fold them at regular intervals near the edges of the paper.
  • Finish doing it and keep it aside
  • Once glued cardboard dries out, paint it yellow
  • Take a green color sheet of paper, and cut it into the shape of wings
  • Now glue the puppet body and wings to the yellow cardboard, as shown in the image above
  • Add ribbons near the end of the cardboard to make it look like the fire of the dragon.

4. Dragon Egg Craft:

The dragon egg craft is quick and easy to create and hardly needs any time. Here is how to do it easily.

Speciality: The dragon egg craft is a beautiful art idea that kids across age groups can do at their pass times.

Materials Required:
  1. Aluminium foil
  2. Clay
  3. Acrylic colours
  4. Metal tacks
  5. Glue
How to Do:
  • Take air-dry, easy clay at first and prepare it well for the base. You can mix a few color paints for better texture
  • Once you prepare it as a base, keep it aside
  • Take the foil and roll it into egg form. This can give a hard solid core before inserting clay into it
  • Now add the clay to the foil neatly
  • Once done, let it sit down well.
  • Now take metal tacks of your favourite color and begin to pin them down neatly on the clay egg.
  • Instead, you can also use glass mirrors, beads, and many other additions, as per your liking.

5. Chinese New Year Dragon Craft:

The Chinese new year especially has a dragon symbol on their cards and wishes, giving dragons significance for their culture and traditions. Here is how to gift anyone a Chinese new year wishes through this dragon craft. It can be a good dragon craft for adults.

Speciality: This card can be personalized and made with love, especially during new year celebrations.

Materials Required:
  1. Thick quality paper
  2. Glitter pen
  3. Pencil
How to Do:
  • Take a bright-colored paper and fold it in half to make it appear like a greeting card
  • Now use all the skills and outline the dragon first. If you feel the particular image is tough, you can even choose an easy one per your liking.
  • Add the outline with a glitter pen to give an excellent golden color shiny look.
  • That is it. Once dry, turn over the card and add in your personal message.

6. Dragon Boat Craft:

The dragon boat craft is among the most trending and lovely art pieces to create for kids. This is good both as a craft individually itself and as an addition to the existing art piece layout. Here is how to do it.

Speciality: The dragon boat craft is intricate in design and complex to make; however, the end result is worth doing it. Here is how!

Materials Required:
  1. Sturdy quality paper sheet
  2. Printable dragon head cut out
  3. Tape
  4. Straws
  5. Scrap paper
  6. Markers
  7. Crayons
  8. Glue stick
  9. Hole punching machine
How to Do:
  • Firstly, take a colorful (here, we used red colour) sheet first
  • The paper should be of equal dimensions, in a square shape
  • Fold the paper in half
  • Fold it into another half and open the backside up
  • A crease kind of form will be there in the middle once you open
  • Now, fold the bottom corners to a tiny extent and fold the first layers only of the top
  • Turn it around
  • Fold the top corners and flap down
  • Flip it again around, and fold another down
  • Now stick both the flaps of the boat.
  • Once you finish, decorate the boat with different colors or crayons. Use crayons for better texture
  • Take the cut out of the dragon head and color it exactly to match the boat colors and patterns.
  • Glue it on the tip of the boat
  • Use punch holes and punch them on the sides of the boat. Insert the straws in these holes
  • Use scrap paper and make tiny paddles out of it and glue them too
  • That is it; the boat dragon craft is done!

7. Dragon Cup Craft:

The dragon cup craft is, again, a quick and easy one to do, mostly suitable for kids in the younger age group. It is colorful and hardly takes a few minutes of time.

Speciality: The dragon cup craft can be an excellent addition to a kid’s craft activity.

Materials Required:
  1. Paper cut
  2. Glue
  3. Paper decoration ribbons
  4. Paper
  5. Sketches
How to Do:
  • Take a paper cup at first.
  • If the cup isn’t in a single color, paint it all in a solid color
  • With the help of tiny pieces of paper, draw eyes with sketch pens and insert them into the cup
  • Take paper celebration ribbons and trim them down into pieces, as shown in the image above
  • Glue them inside the cup, and it is done!

8. Dragon DIY Craft:

This dragon DIY craft is a new and unique art piece that both adults and kids can try out across age groups. Here is how to do it step by step.

Speciality: This DIY dragon flying craft is also a nice piece to add to the kid’s room.

Materials Required:
  1. Cardboard sheet
  2. Green color paper
  3. Glue
  4. Sketches
  5. straws
How to Do:
  • Take a cardboard and roll it around neatly
  • Glue the edges and let them dry
  • Now take the green color sheet and rotate it around the cardboard
  • Also, draw an outline of wings on the green paper and cut out the outline
  • Similarly, draw the head outline and cut out
  • Stick both of them in their respective places on the cardboard
  • Use straws to glue them near as legs

9. Dragon Head Craft:

This dragon head craft is an excellent toddler and preschool kids drawing craft. It is fun and can be helpful to make the kids learn about colors and drawing.

Speciality: This dragon craft for preschoolers is a printable head of a dragon which can be used as a coloring session for kids.

Materials Required:
  1. Crayons
  2. Dragon head printout
How to Do:
  • Take this printout of a dragon head for doing the craft
  • Now take crayons of the dragon color, such as red, orange, and yellow and begin filling the craft by yourself
  • This is a good drawing exercise for kids.

10. Dragon Handprint Craft:

This dragon handprint craft is one of our absolute favorites. The handprinted crafts are among the favorite for kids, which they totally enjoy, and this one is similar too.

Speciality: Who doesn’t love unique exercises? The handprinted color crafts are favorite for several kids, and kids can immensely enjoy this particular one.

Materials Required:
  1. Color paints
  2. Crayons
  3. White paper
How to Do:
  • Take red color paint on a plate and add a handprint on white paper
  • Now let it dry completely
  • Once dried out, take crayons and begin drawing the outline and elements inside the craft, as shown in the image above.

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11. Dragon Craft Hats:

The dragon hat craft idea is among the popular ones for kids too. Kids can wear this cat, and they will love it.

Speciality: The dragon hat craft, totally made by kids themselves, can be worn and displayed. The personal element and funky look undoubtedly stand out on them, and they will love it!

Materials Required:
  1. A cap
  2. Acrylic or fabric colors
  3. Brushes
  4. Sponge sheet in white, yellow and black
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
How to Do:
  • Take a hat at first
  • In case the cap isn’t red in color, paint it red neatly and let it dry
  • Now take a foam or sponge sheet
  • Draw an outline of dragon teeth, eyes, and effects on the sponge sheet and cut the outline
  • Glue them at the respective places, and the craft is complete!

12. Dragon Kite Craft:

This dragon kite craft is a favorite among the kids. One can make the kite all by themselves and use it to fly in the sky; what else can be more fun than this? Isn’t it?

Speciality: The dragon kite craft can be used to fly in the sky, too and can be a fun game and pass time activity for kids.

Materials Required:
  1. Kite dragon cut out
  2. Colors and sketches or crayons
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle
  5. Thread
How to Do:
  • Take a cut out of a dragon kite at first
  • Use colors to fill in the kite sheet neatly. Use standard dragon colors such as orange, red, and yellow.
  • Once done, let it dry and insert the thread in the required places to make a kite
  • Tie it and secure the ends well.

13. Dragon Roll Craft:

The dragon roll craft is again among the easiest ones and can give a real-time dragon look most amazingly and cutely to appeal to kids. Here is how to do it. It also can be a good dragon craft for toddlers to try.

Speciality: Kids can do the roll dragon craft to enjoy the crafts and art methods.

Materials Required:
  1. Cardboard
  2. Green sheet
  3. Glue
  4. Paper ribbons
  5. Green pompoms
How to Do:
  • Take a cardboard and roll it neatly into a round shape
  • Glue the edges
  • Now roll a green sheet around the cardboard too
  • Use green pompoms to add as eyes and nose
  • The paper ribbons can be trimmed and added in the beneath section.

14. 3D Dragon Craft:

The 3D dragon art and craft idea here is an easy and pretty one to try out. The 3D craft gives a nice artistic look and can be a multipurpose use. Here is how!

Speciality: The dragon craft in 3D can be used to decorate walls in kids’ rooms, by doing them in similar looks with different colors. Isn’t it cool?

Materials Required:
  1. Chart papers in different colors
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
How to Do:
  • Take a chart paper and outline the dragon in the following manner, as shown in the picture
  • Once you finish the outline, cut it neatly with the help of scissors
  • Fold it neatly near the wings area in a mild manner to give a real-time effect
  • Now do the similar one in different colors
  • You can use them to stick them on the wall.

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15. Flying Dragon Craft:

The flying dragon craft is a new craft and art idea for kids to try out. The colorful printable from this image can be used to create the same. This is among the famous dragon crafts for kids.

Speciality: The flying dragon craft can be an excellent fun activity to try out. This can also be used as a wall décor element, glued.

Materials Required:
  1. Printable flying dragon craft
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
How to Do:
  • Take the printable and cut the outline neatly
  • Now use the instructions near fold and glue, to do the same in order to make it look real
  • Take the wings and glue them at their respective position.

16. Chinese Dragon Craft:

Here is something great for children to be involved in Chinese year and dragon craft. This is the dragon craft for kids. For this, one needs a set of things like a Paper plate, paint, glue, tissue paper and decorative paper and a card. Paint the back of the plate, punch a hole on either side and tie through a length of elastic. Carefully cut out two eye holes, cut strips of tissue paper and glue them. Carve horns, a nose, and spikes from the decorative card and paste these to your mask and here are the Chinese dragon crafts for toddlers ready.

17. Stick Dragon Craft:

Stick dragon is much like kids’ toy for children and they are also good to pass time for them. For this one would need Cardboard, red art paper, glue, color pencils, Popsicle stick. Cut the cardboard in the shape of a dragon head and tail. Paint it with color pencils and pastels and tape the sticks near the head and tail, and then your stick dragon is ready to be played.

18. Hand Shape Paper Dragon:

This is an irresistible papercraft dragon and all you need is colorful paper handshapes but just add a head and tail, and your hand shape paper dragon is ready. One can make it more fanciful by adding legs to it.

19. Dragon Bubble Wrap Print:

This is the craft design for the preschoolers and it shows kids that they can recycle bubble wrap and use it as a printing medium in crafts. For this, you will need a dragon template, bubble wrap, construction paper, a paintbrush and green paint.

20. Dragon Bookmark Craft:

This dragon bookmark craft makes a spectacular gift during the Chinese year or for a person born during the Chinese New Year. For this one will need craft foam, ribbon, fabric glue and decorative bits and pieces.

21. Chinese Dragon Puppet:

This beautiful Chinese dragon craft preschool is made up using golden ribbon to give it a scaly effect, along with pink, yellow and red craft foam. It looks spectacular.

22. Dragon Mask:

Celebrate the Chinese New Year using this dragon mask. Print the dragon on a white card, color the dragon then cut out the mask. Punch a hole on each side of the mask and then tie it on the back using thread. Your Chinese new year dragon craft mask is ready.

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23. Dragon Collage:

This is a dragon collage craft idea for children. This is a fun dragon craft for children and all you need is paper, card, glue and some decorative bits and pieces. Draw the dragon figure and cut it out and glue the paper dragon on the card and stick it on the wiggle eye. Decorate the dragon any way you like.

24. Cup and Ball Chinese Dragon:

A simple paper cup and craft ball can make an amazing cup and ball Chinese dragon All you need is paper, a cup, a ball, paint, glue, craft foam and ribbon.

We hope you enjoyed working on these gorgeous and quick dragon craft ideas. These are fun to do and can also engage kids in a creative and learning way with imagination. Children across age groups can try them out, and we bet they will love them! Tell us which is the one your kid liked the most; we love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: The crafts mentioned above and the information are not to be used for commercial purposes. They are symbolic and for personal use only.

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