9 Benefits Of Dragon Fruit During Pregnancy

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Dragon fruit is not very commonly sold in Indian markets but if there is some store which stocks, exotic fruits, there are chances that you would spot dragon fruit there. Dragon fruit has a Reddish or Vine color with a scaly surface. On removing the peel, the flesh of the fruit appears to be Red or Purple in color. It contains Black colored Seeds. The texture of the fruit is gelatinous like Kiwi and has a mildly sweet taste. This fruit is also believed to bring good luck in Chinese mythology.


Let us read in further details about the benefits of dragon fruit in pregnancy.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Dragon Fruit and is it Safe to Eat Dragon Fruit During Pregnancy

There are certain fruits and beverages that should be avoided altogether as they are considered warm. Dragon fruit on the other hand, can be consumed without any inhibitions.

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Advantages Of Eating Dragon Fruit During Pregnancy:

1. Eating Dragon fruit for pregnancy is considered good as it is richly packed with Vitamin C.Vitamin C is also known by the name of Ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid consumption in any form be it, in form of raw fruits and vegetables or in the form of juices is considered good while you are pregnant because it contains lots of powerful antioxidant substances. Antioxidants help your body during pregnancy by helping your cells fight free radicals’ help to strengthen your immune system, help to regulate collagen synthesis in your body and also help to prevent problems associated with joints and gums.

2. Apart from Vitamin C, Dragon fruit also contains Vitamin B12 or folic acid. Women who are pregnant are advised to take B 12 vitamin supplements during pregnancy so that the neural growth of the developing baby can take place properly.

3. Other Vitamins belonging to the B-complex family, such as: Carotenes are also present in the Dragon fruit in copious amounts.

4. Dragon fruit contains lots of dietary fibre or roughage. This is of a lot of importance during pregnancy because high fibre food helps to keep you fuller for longer and prevents sugar cravings and hunger pangs. Also, high-fiber foods are considered good for those suffering from gestational Diabetes or those prone to developing diabetes in later life due to obesity or family history. High-fibre foods help to keep to keep your heart healthy,too.

5. Dragon fruit, due to it’s high roughage content works towards, keeping constipation at a bay by soaking up moisture in intestine and increasing the bulk of stools, as well as, softening it. This also helps in preventing hemorrhoids, which is a very commonly faced problem by pregnant women.

6. Dragon fruit, also known as Monster fruit, contains healthy carbohydrates which help in providing you the energy you need to carry out day to day activities. Natural foods are a much better source of calories than sugary beverages which contribute nothing towards nutrition.

7. Dragon fruit also contains the mineral, Calcium. Calcium is required to keep your own bones and teeth healthy and to keep those of your developing baby in good health, as well. Calcium has a role to play in muscular contractions as well. So, if you are lactose intolerant and cannot take milk products than dragon fruit would help to make up for the additional Calcium requirement of your body.

8. Dragon fruit has phytochemicals which are strong antioxidants which strengthen your immune system and help your body battle the infections.

The elemental Iron (Fe) present in Dragon fruit helps to reduce the severity of anemia, if any in pregnant women.

Hope we solved all you queries related to dragon fruit during pregnancy.

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