The world is a better place when you as a kid remember the mischief you would do. Now as a youth or adult you see the same being reflected. As a child, I would spend hours sitting on the bed staring at my mother or elder sister getting dolled up with their toys. Their makeup boxes full of vibrant colors, their attires and clothing. As a child we all would go through that phase when one of our favorite stars would walk down the stage wearing a starry top and we would immediately crave it. It would happen a lot when one of your sisters would get a new pair of high heels and you would die inside just to grow up to the age when you can afford one yourself. This is a part of life but luckily the present generation can experience it better than we can.

As a child our only resort to fulfill this burning flame would be to sneak into the cupboards and when no one’s looking pull down the clothes, try those ill fitted garments on and stash them back only to be found out later and punished. These days, in the world that supports digitalization, you as an elder can now help out your kid or little sister by the variety of dress up games available. These games give you a wardrobe full of the desired trend savvy clothes. The animated version makes the experience all the more alluring and therefore here is a list of all the best dress up games internet can offer you.

Fashion Star Dress Up:

This game gives you a firsthand experience of being in a fashion show right amongst the jostling back stage where you would be the dress organizer assorting the models there final dresses for the walk. It starts by asking you to choose from a number of models. When you have chosen the three you want to work on, a variety of clothing along with accessory and shoes will be provided for you to fix up the perfect look before your models are out on the stage to be judged.

Valentine Couple Dress Up:

As a child are all agreeing to the fact that some worlds do not collide with ours at an early stage but why will that stop you from having fun now? Valentine couple dress up is a dress up game where you have to be the stylist of both the girl and the boy. The girl comes first where you can change her entire getup by changing her wig and her dress. Then the boy’s attire too is in your hands.

Celebrity Makeup Games:

Celebrity makeup games are quite famous since now you can finally dress up your celebrity the way you always wanted to. These games are really self satisfying since dressing up your favorite celebrity comes with a lot of dazzle. Here in this game we have Vanessa Hudgens who waits for you to give her a wardrobe makeover.

Girl Power:

don’t tell me you haven’t been wondering about how good and hot you would look in that Britney Spears costume sashaying down the stage holding onto a microphone singing to your fans. Here is a scope to make your dream come true with this awesome rock star dress up game where you can choose your biding clothes and see how that combination with your desired hairstyle will look on you.

Barbie Wedding Dress Up:

this is a fun filled game where your childhood best friend Barbie wants your help for her wedding day ceremony. You need to help her get her hair to perfection by choosing the apt hairstyle for the look. Then comes the tough part of choosing the dress amongst so many options and finally settling down for the shoe and bracelet.

Christmas Dress Up:

Sipping on a cup of eggnog, your virtual avatar pleads you to complete her evening look so that she can turn heads in her Christmas party. For this there are Christmas ornaments and clothes that look Christmas like and jolly. Start with her normal clothes and top it off with a bright life filled jacket and gloves, a scarf and don’t forget to do up her hair.

Spring Dress Up:

Similar to the Christmas dressing game, this theme is spring, that is, the appropriate attire for spring and here the requirements over flow but in an extravagant way. Spring is the season for colors and summer dresses, springs and peep toes, a hat and a scarf and to top it all of, there are spring couple games too.

Cultural Dress Up Game:

Who knew a simple internet game would be so informative and knowledgeable. There are special games that only cater to certain cultures but can of course be played by all. a little girl for India, knows how to dress up for the carnival in  Rio while the girl from China knows how we Indians roll during a grand wedding. This games might be a source for education too since the kids learn about other cultures as they go on playing.

Disney Princess Dress Up:

being a princess yourself, no wonder you have a strong crush on these Disney princesses. Will it not be great if you can now dress them up the way you like? A Disney princess always has her fixed clothing, blue and whites and ragged rots but it would be simply fantastic if you can help these princess make up their mind about their wear.

Prom Dress Up:

We have seen our elder sister’s freak out about the perfect dress to wear in prom. We have seen our friend making a big deal of it but since your day is yet to come or nearby you can play one of these games before heading out to shop. These prom games give you a variety of ideas on how to dress up and do your hair perfect so that you know right what to put in which place.


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