There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to dressing. How smart your attire looks ultimately depends upon how confidently you carry it and whether it is appropriate for a particular occasion or not. There are certain general, designers & stylist’s recommended guidelines of dressing up that would help you look effortlessly stylish and your body silhouette look more in shape.

Comfortable and Stylish Dresses for Fat Women in Trend:

Here are some options that are suitable dresses for fat ladies which makes look the look and ways to wear them.

1. Cigarette Trousers:

The plus-sized girl can now try the retro look with cigarette trousers. Well-tailored trousers can be figure flaunting and accentuate those big curves. By opting for dark hues and bold prints, one can experiment with their looks. Team it with a nice top and you are ready to rock the world.

2. Wide Leg Pants:

Wide leg is the latest trend this season. They are pretty, they are comfortable and they are meant to hide those big thighs. You can team it with different tops, preferably tight fitted to flaunt a breezy look. Wide leg creates a well-balanced look and can make you look even.

3. Sweater Dress:

Sweater dresses are worn all plus size women. These are very comfortable to wear in winter for fat women.

4. Lace Body Suit:

Who says plus size girl can’t look beautiful? Look hot in this lace bodysuit that gives you a nice peekaboo effect, yet keep it subtle. This is great for a date night and makes you feel like a pixie in disguise. Black and White are the most popular options for a bodysuit. Pair it with trousers and girl, you are sure to catch eyeballs.

5. Cold Shoulders:

Have those shoulder, will show off! Cold shoulders are the latest trend in plus size clothing. They are cool, chic and can look amazing on big shoulders. It provides the right coverage to your heavy neckline, yet make you want to show off a little skin. A number of options are available to choose from tops, dresses and even Next time you think of your extra baggage, this dress is perfect for you.

6. Well Fitted Trousers and Denim:

If you cannot find a well-fitted pair of trousers, get them tailor-made but try and stick to darker colours only. Straight leg jeans look good on all body types. Avoid trousers that have flairs like bell bottoms and shararas. This is a very comfortable dress for fat women.

7. Shapely T-Shirts:

For pear and apple body types, it is always advisable to draw the attention to your shoulders, arms and bust so, instead of straight fit Tee shirts, go for ones that have some cuts so that your upper body shape looks attractive and the focus is drawn away from your lower body.

8. Shapewear And Undergarments:

Well, it cannot be exactly called a dress but a well-fitted bra lets your bust line look firm and not sagging. Shape-wears are basically underwear with a higher waistline that allows your waistline to appear smaller and your tummy to appear tucked in.

9. Full-Length Cardigans:

Crops tops do not look good on broader body types so, make sure your pullovers, shrugs and Cardigans have a full-length crossing below your waist. Such garments hide the width of your body making you appear smaller. Also, choose shrugs that are open in the front and do not have buttons to avoid that stuffy feeling. Shrugs of asymmetrical length look pleasing on plus-sized women as compared to even length coats.

10. Try Falling Necks:

No Dearies, we want you do overtly exposed but then a little peek in well-maintained cleavage from a swoop neck or buttoned shirt never hurts, also collar bones look great through a falling neck and it acts as a great distraction to draw the attention away from other parts of your body. Avoid wearing boat necks as again they emphasize on the width and we want to avoid that by all means.

11. Mid Length Skirts/ Dresses:

If you have bigger thighs, go for mid-knee length skirts rather than miniskirts. This is the area where your leg width is the minimum. This really helps to disguise your thighs and draws attention towards the relatively thinner areas of your legs. While choosing your dress, go for wider straps rather than noodle straps as one, they hide the flab and two, they give better support to your bust line.

12. Simple Tops for Bust Heavy:

If you have a heavier breast and want to draw the attention away from it, wear simpler tops that do not have too much off frills and embellishments. Wear funky trousers, printed leggings and boots to divert the attention to your relatively leaner waistline, hips and legs.

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13. Twist Front Dress:

A dress that has some fabric strategically twisted in the front makes your waistline appear smaller. This also makes your belly appear flattered as layers of fabric in the front act as a good camouflage. This is a good strategy especially while looking for attires suited for women on the plus side.

14. Empire Waist Dress:

This type of waistline hides your belly bulge and makes you appear more petite than you actually are, just follow the mid-knee length rule. Such dresses accentuate the bust region. A good option for apple and pear-shaped body types. The maximum fit/ tailoring of such dresses is below the bust level rather than on the waist proper. These are a good option to cover up your belly bulge.

15. Maxi Dresses:

These dresses have a length reaching a little above the ankle, below the knees. Mostly they have a fitting that is neither figure-hugging nor too baggy. A worthwhile choice for any body type. You can add a little definition at waist level by adding a belt. Alternatively, a plunging neckline would draw to attention to your neck and withdraw attention from waistline, hips and thighs.

16. Dark Hues of Trousers:

If you have heavy hips and waistline, it would be more appropriate for you to choose trousers that are darker in colour and have a regular fit rather than a slim fit. Go for regular waistline too and not low waist trousers. Darker colors tend to hide those heavy butt and thigh regions. Wear a belt in darker shades too so that the focus stays on your upper body while the bottom half of your body looks muted. You can wear a lighter hued, pastel or neon coloured shirt/ top.

17. Pick Your Patterns Wisely:

Next time you go shopping for a dress, pick smaller sized polka dots or floral prints that are more closely spaced rather than widely spaced, bigger prints. Smaller prints make up for some of the best dresses for fat people.

18: Vertical Stripes:

If you are a fan of striped dresses/ formal shirts, go for vertical or diagonal stripes rather than horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes create an illusion of a leaner body and more height. Wearing horizontal stripes would accentuate your body width appearance. This trick can be applied while buying shirts, tops, trousers as well as one-piece dresses.

19. Ruched Fabric Waist Line:

To make your waistline appear somewhat constricted than it actually is, you can wear a dress with gathered fabric. This makes your waist look more sleek and slender.

20. Baggy Shirts:

These look cool with dark coloured trousers, denim and skater skirts. Clothing that is too tight can accentuate your flabs which appear rather unappealing. You definitely do not want to flaunt your love handles, do you? A baggy shirt, on the other hand, looks more pleasing on plus-sized women.

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Plus-sized girls have always faced for being heavy and ugly. Until recently, they had very few options to choose from and were never allowed to try new designs. It’s time to shed those stereotypes and slam those bodies. Wear what you feel like and flaunt that big beautiful body of yours.


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