Drew Barrymore, popular for her roles in super hit movies like “Never Been Kissed”, “Fifty First Dates” etc., is a multi-talented personality. She is known for her natural, raw look when she is not posing for the camera. The actress believes in aging gracefully without much ado. She is not a Botox person, who likes to conceal her flaws with makeup and fillers. Drew Barrymore is a beautiful person who is known for her natural selfies on Instagram. She is often seen with undone eyebrows, unkempt hair, loose sagging skin and even grey hair. Does she care to respond to her critics? Never. Drew likes to show her fans what she really is. Her attitude is worth applauding. We hope you like these raw and real pictures of Drew Barrymore no-makeup selfies.

1. Yoga Time:

This beautiful actress believes in the power of Yoga and workout to body and mind. Particularly for the skin, Yoga does wonders by exercising every facial muscle. No wonder why the lady looks stunning inspite of growing years. She is seen her without makeup and sweating profusely.

2. Contemplating:

Drew seems to be contemplating on something in this picture. She is deeply absorbed in her thoughts and doesn’t seem to notice the paparazzi clicking her. Drew had no makeup and one can see dark spots on her skin. She also has dry and dehydrated hair and face in this picture.

3. The Beach Babe:

Drew seems to be enjoying a stroll on the beach sand, out in the warm sun. She is a perfect example of sun-kissed beauty. This barefaced belle looks amazing in her swim wear and her skin seems to say thank you for the warmth. This picture is a perfect illustration of the Raw and Real.

4. Welcoming Fall:

Drew Barrymore is more than happy to welcome Fall. She is spotted taking this selfie is a park, where the excited actress clicked a shot of her in the lovely background. Drew is a nature lover and this ideology reflects in her lifestyle as well. She always prefers what nature has given to her.

5. Before and After Makeup:

This with and without makeup pictures does show the difference between those moments when Drew wears makeup and when she doesn’t and how does she look in each of the cases. Lucky for her fans, Drew Barrymore looks almost the same when she takes off makeup and shows her totally natural face and this is why picture can be said to be one of the best Drew Barrymore no makeup pictures of all time.

6. Young and Beautiful:

This girl really knows how to make people jealous of her natural beauty and that is why she flaunts it pretty often to shush all the haters. Drew is one of her kind and her enormous display of beauty makes this picture one of the best Drew Barrymore without make-up pictures of all time.

7. The Wild Child:

Drew does behave carefree sometimes because of her awesome facial beauty. She is probably one of the most beautiful women of her time and since, she is gifted with natural beauty she can turn any men and women into her lovers.

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8. Breathtakingly Blonde:

Drew does shine like gold and do you know that is all because of her natural beauty. This woman can rock the screens, even when she just shows her bare face. This is probably one of the finest Drew Barrymore no makeup pictures ever.

9. Pure Innocence:

Drew Barrymore does like an innocent child. This woman can just simply show her real face and look extremely amazing in whatever way she is. She has got that kind of natural allure to impress people just like blinking your eyes. In this picture, she shows off her totally natural face by not wearing any makeup at all.

10. Tired, But Pretty:

Drew does look exhausted after finishing her hooting session and as she was heading home she was photographed and people were amazed to see how awesome this woman looks, even though she was not wearing any makeup. This picture was taken when she was relatively young and tender.

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11. Sushi Time:

This is one of the best pictures of Drew Barrymore without any kind of makeup on. This woman just kills, when it comes to revealing natural beauty. Her awesomeness regarding real facial beauty cannot be underestimated. She is happy with her sushi meal and seems to enjoy without guilt.

12. Candid Shot:

Drew Barrymore is a fun loving woman and this picture also shows her having fun and cracking some jokes while entering her car. This pictures also shows another thing, that is her natural beauty. We can see her dry, patchy skin on the face, but Drew doesn’t seem to care one bit.

13. Just Posing:

You don’t get to see Drew Barrymore revealing her natural allure like this everyday. This is one of the finest Drew Barrymore without make up pictures. Her peachy glow is evident on her skin and we don’t see any traces of makeup. She looks spotlessly clean and beautiful.

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14. The Hippie Girl:

Only Drew is confident enough to try such new sets of clothing that are coming around this fall. People find her beauty attractive enough to allow her to just rock her look, no matter how crazy that may be. Seen in this picture is Drew in heavy layers of jackets and bold, gold accessories.

Drew Barrymore is a stunning woman, who has many super hit Hollywood movies in her kit. Hailing from the famous Barrymore family, Drew is also a multi-talented, multi-faceted woman who loves to play whatever comes her way. Whether on screen or off screen, Drew is always a super star. She never has any apprehensions about the opinions of her followers and fans on her looks. She is aging and she knows that. She also wants her admirers to know this fact and appreciate her for being so honest with them. Crow feet near eyes, sagging neck skin, wrinkles on face, dark spots, etc. nothing can stop this actress from flaunting her god given beauty. She is an inspiration to many women of her league. We hope you liked these stunning pictures of Drew Barrymore without makeup selfies.


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