Do you love snacking on the tasty goodness of dry fruits? Well, you are on the way to enjoying good health. Dry fruits contain nutrients like iron, vitamins and minerals to energise your body and strengthen your immune system. But, not many of us know that these chewy fruits can do wonders to our skin!

From offering rich nourishment to preventing ageing signs and giving you an envy-worthy glow, there are numerous benefits of dry fruits for skin that are too good to believe. Read along to learn about the 9 best dry fruits for skin that you must include in your daily diet.

9 Best Dry Fruits for a Healthy, Glowing Skin:

Here is the information about the benefits of 9 dry fruits and nuts for your skin.

1. Raisins:

Raisins are dried grapes that have a sweet and tangy taste. They offer numerous benefits to your skin with their nutrient-rich profile. Raisins are high in polyphenols which exhibit antioxidant activity to protect your skin cells from free radicals. Additionally, raisins contain a compound called Resveratrol which can shield your skin from environmental damage and minimise the appearance of dullness. They also purify the blood and eliminate toxins to get you clear, radiant skin.

2. Apricots:

Dried Apricots are prepared by dehydrating fresh apricots. These dry fruits are rich in dietary fiber, which can prevent constipation, leading to many skin problems. Apricots also contain high amounts of antioxidants which prevent oxidative stress that depletes collagen levels in your skin. Beta-carotene in Apricots gets converted into Vitamin A, which can offer UV protection to prevent photoaging and pigmentation of the skin.

3. Dates:

Dates are one of the most widely consumed dry fruits in the world. These sticky fruits are renowned for offering a host of benefits to our skin. Dates are rich in fibre that can cleanse your gut, leading to clear, flawless skin. Tannins present in dates offer antioxidant protection, while Vitamin C and D boost collagen levels to increase your skin elasticity. These iron-rich fruits also improve good oxygen supply to skin cells to combat dullness.

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4. Dried Figs:

Dry figs or Anjeer are pretty beneficial to our skin. They are rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B6 and K, which are essential for healthy, glowing skin. It is also known figs help in preventing epidermal water loss and overproduction of sebum. Studies show that figs’ properties may fight seborrheic dermatitis in children by increasing hydration (1). Furthermore, figs also exhibit antioxidant activity to reduce collagen breakdown and prevent wrinkle formation in elderly people.

5. Prunes:

Prunes are dried plums considered very healthy for the body and skin. It contains more antioxidants than other dry fruits, which protect the cells from free radical damage. These agents also help delay premature ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging of skin etc. Furthermore, minerals like manganese, iron, Vitamin K, and beta-carotene present in prunes can give your skin a healthy appearance.

6. Almonds:

No other dry fruit can match almonds’ benefits when imparting healthy and youthful skin. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant protecting the skin from sun damage and ageing. This agent also nourishes and hydrates your skin to be soft and supple. Along with eating a handful of soaked almonds every day for good health, applying almond paste or oil on the skin can reduce pimples, dullness and pigmentation.

7. Walnuts:

Walnuts offer impressive benefits to your skin, ranging from exfoliation to sun protection! They are loaded with good fats like Omega-3 fatty acids that lock in your skin’s natural moisture and add bounciness. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation on the skin caused by allergies and sunburns. Walnut shells are also helpful to the skin for exfoliating dry and dead cells to make you look radiant.

8. Cashewnuts:

Cashewnuts are one of the most popular dry fruits that taste delicious and boost your overall skin health. Cashews are loaded with essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous, which encourage healthy skin cell formation. Furthermore, Selenium present in Cashews works as an antioxidant to safeguard your cells from free radicals and minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

9. Pistachios:

Pistachios are delicious nuts that are used in many sweet and savoury dishes. Apart from their rich flavour, pistachios are also renowned for their skin-friendly properties. They contain high amounts of Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that minimises UV damage and moisture depletion from your skin. Pistachios’ healthy fats can add elasticity to your skin and reduce folds and wrinkles.

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Now that you have learnt about the incredible benefits of dry fruits for the skin, it’s time to incorporate them into your daily diet. You can grab a handful, snack them on or add them to your salads, soups and other dishes. That’s not all! There are plenty of beauty recipes with these dry fruits and nuts worth trying!


1. Can I directly apply dry fruits to my skin?

Yes! You can soak the dry fruits for a couple of hours and grind them with water or milk to form a smooth paste. Apply this mixture to clean and dry skin and keep it on for 20 minutes. You can also use dry fruit paste as a scrub to get rid of dead cells.

2. Why soaking dry fruits is recommended before eating?

Experts opine that dry fruits and nuts are beneficial when soaked overnight. Most nuts have a phytic acid substance that can dissolve in water after 6-8 hours of soaking. Phytic acid is known to interfere with mineral absorption in the body, so it is better to get rid of it.

3. What is the safe quantity of dry fruits I can eat per day?

Dry fruits and nuts are calorie-dense foods which must be consumed in moderation. You can about 20-30gms of dry fruits per day. Instead of sticking to one particular variety, combine 3-4 types of nuts and dry fruits to maximise your nutrient intake.


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