It’s a well-known fact that yoga originated from our country, India and its roots are dated back to that of pre Vedic times. For over centuries, yoga has proved to be effective not just on the body but on the mind as well. This form of exercise is preferred by majority over hectic gym routines.

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Yoga always has an upper hand because apart from helping to achieve a fit body, it treats many mental and spiritual disorders too. There are numerous exercises or postures of yoga but the one under scanner now is DviPadaViparitaDandasa which in Sanskrit means two legged inverted staff pose.

This is a very complex yoga exercise and thus it is recommended to people with back, shoulder or hip injuries to not try it. Before we get into the benefits of this posture, let us first know the steps to get this exercise done perfectly.

How To Do It:

There are a few steps to be followed to perform this posture and since it’s a difficult one, it is advisable to not to hurry with it. Begin by lying down flat on your back on a mat or a blanket. Then bend your knees and draw your heels as close to the knees as possible.

Now, lower your right arm to the floor followed by the left arm and then, interlace the fingers of your two hands behind the head. Relax for a minute and concentrate on your breathing before continuing further. Push the outer arms inwards and press the entire edge of the forearm downwards.

While straightening your arms, lift your hips, shoulders and head from the floor as you press your knees away from your torso. To lighten the load on your arms, draw your shoulder blades toward your tail bone which in result will lift up your shoulders. The next step is the tricky part which involves keeping the crown of your head on the floor.

Place it between your hand and feet. Keep your chest open and lifted so that your neck does not become compressed. Now stretch each leg out in front of the body till they are almost straight. Exhale heavily which will help in straightening the legs completely. Hold the pose for as long as you are comfortable along with coordinated breathing.

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How Does It Help Us:

Improved Flexibility:

As mentioned earlier, this exercise is a really complex one. Thus, anyone able to complete this posture successfully will have guaranteed flexibility of the body.

Mobility To The Spine And Opening Of The Chest:

This yoga posture opens up one’s chest and provides better mobility to the spine and shoulder blades without straining the body. The spine gets toned as chest openers open up the ligaments in the chest which also helps in lessening lower back pain. It also stimulates the adrenal, thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands.

Strengthening Of Shoulder Muscles:

Including DviPadaViparitaDandasana into your daily yoga routine will also strengthen your shoulder muscles.

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Reduction Of Abdominal Fat:

If you have a fat belly and want to get rid of it, then this your perfect solution. Practice this exercise and the abdominal fat is sure to get reduced.

Remedy For Depression:

Anybody suffering from depression should try incorporating DviPadaViparitaDandasana into their yoga routine and they will soon experience the changes. This exercise helps in building emotional stability and also boosts up your self-confidence.

Correction Of Displaced Bladder And Relief From Menstrual Cramps:

If one has displaced bladder or prolapsed uterus, then this posture of yoga can set it right. It also helps in relieving menstrual cramps and other symptoms of menopause.

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