Many of us have difficulty picking the right design for a tattoo. Be it a single letter or an elaborate design; it is always better to have an idea about the pattern and the meaning behind it since a tattoo is something permanent. But you don’t have to worry anymore because we present you with the best E letter tattoo designs in this article to help you easily finalise the right design.

16 Best E Letter Tattoo Designs:

E letter tattoo is considered an alphabet tattoo and can be an excellent way to express your love for a particular person or a memory. The tattoo’s placement depends upon the size of the design you chose.

1. Low Key E Letter Tattoo:

If you are not into patterns, this simple E-letter tattoo on the wrist can be an ideal choice. This low-key design remains pretty visible when you get this design engraved on your wrist. This design does not only look exceptionally well for the wearer and to the onlookers.

2. Simple E Letter Design:

This design on the ankle can be pretty straightforward, but who said simple things could not be attractive. The capital letter E looks pretty and elegant at the same time. It adds a sense of mystery to the wearer and creates a whole new outlook for people, irrespective of age and gender.

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3. Expressive E Letter Tattoo:

This cursive capital E letter tattoo near the wrist looks beautiful and is usually preferred by females because of the curves. You can observe the addition of a turn under the letter that looks similar to a heart. The tattoo seems well on the wrist, neck, and ankle.

4. Hearty E Letter Tattoo:

If you are a fan of hearts and want to combine them with a single-letter alphabet, this E letter tattoo can be the right choice. The uniqueness of this tattoo is that it starts with a heart and ends with one. The combination of two little hearts and the alphabet E looks impressive without being too predictable.

5. Captivating Letter E On The Back:

The placement and size of your alphabet tattoo play a prominent role in the entire look of a design. This capital E’s curvy and bold lines look exceptionally well, especially on your back. Although this pattern is suitable for both men and women, the tattoo shines if the wearer has short hair.

6. Cute E Letter Tattoo Design:

This is yet another simple E-letter tattoo that looks beautiful on the wrist. The letter is cursive and has a stylish feel to it. It is suitable for people of all ages, irrespective of gender, because of the simplicity of the design. You can also add elements of your choice if you want an extensive pattern.

7. Hearty Couples E Letter Tattoo:

This design is perfect for getting a couple’s tattoo with your loved one. Beautiful letters E and A are engraved, conjoined by an attractive red heart. The alphabets stand out in line with the heart, inscribed in red. This tattoo looks good even in completely black ink, but the use of colors elevates it.

8. Striking E Letter Tattoo With a Key:

This E letter with a key tattoo looks beautiful and describes accomplishment and education for some people. The phrase “key to my heart” comes to mind when you see the combination of the key and letter E, giving the entire design a whole new meaning. According to several cultures and traditions worldwide, keys might represent power and leadership.

9. Bold E Letter Tattoo Design:

This is the one for you if you are looking for a bold and royal look for your E letter tattoo. The use of black and grey shades makes the design look majestic for the wearer and the onlooker. In addition, the insides of the letter are pretty pixilated, and the outline is pretty bold, elevating the design beautifully.

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10. Vivid E Letter Tattoo Design:

This E letter tattoo stands out on the wearer’s skin and substantially impacts the onlooker. This pattern has straight lines and doesn’t have any decoration around it. Although black looks well for filling the centre of the tattoo, you can experiment with colours of your choice. In one direction, this tattoo also looks like a pan-Nigerian or African reference alphabet.

11. Adventurous E Letter Tattoo On The Arm:

Are you a fan of adventure and exploration? This E-letter tattoo design represents your love for the alphabet and your passion for travelling in a single beautiful tattoo. All the letters are engraved in combined cursive, and the design’s uniqueness is the picture of an aeroplane instead of the letter x.

12. E-Letter Name Tattoo Design:

Although this is not a single-letter tattoo, the number of E’s present makes it one. Depending upon the wearer’s choice, the tattoo also varies, and the entire look changes. The placement of this name tattoo also gives the tattoo a personal finish close to the wearer’s heart.

13. Regal E Letter Tattoo:

This is another E-letter tattoo near the ankle. Although the alphabet e is common, the unique and intricate crown design makes this simple tattoo stand out. Young girls or women prefer these designs since the intricate pattern might look girly. But there is still no restriction.

14. Striking E-Letter Design Near The Elbow:

Elbow is yet another common place where people, irrespective of gender and age, get a tattoo because of its visibility and the amount of space you can experiment. This E-letter tattoo looks simple, but the speciality lies in the font. The vertical line in the letter is thick and bold, while the sleeping lines are bold but thin.

15. E Letter Tattoo With A Butterfly:

We all love butterflies, don’t we? This E-letter tattoo incorporates a beautiful and colourful butterfly into it, creating a stunning effect. The alphabet blends in with the butterfly, so you cannot separate one from another. In addition, you can experiment with different colours for the butterfly, adding your personal touch.

16. Modern E-Letter Design:

This can be a perfect choice if you are a fan of simple yet elegant designs for your E letter tattoo. The lines are pretty creative and look like a curvy pattern done by an artist. The dotted lines on the top area of the alphabet add a unique charm to the entire tattoo beautifully.


Although E letter tattoo designs are petite and expressive, you can make them an elaborate affair per your choice. The tattoo designs mentioned in this article will guide you in choosing the most appealing E-letter tattoo. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the information helpful.

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