Exercise in the daily regimen is very important for the proper functioning of the body and to stay fit and active. Exercising various parts of the body helps in improving the blood circulation to that part and thus keeps away all the crisis and ailments that you could possibly suffer from. Just like there are some standardized and fixed exercises efficient for legs, hands, biceps and abdomen, there are also exercises that are required for parts like the ears. Most of the people ignore this aspect. Also, if there are some specific ear health conditions that you might be suffering from, doctors and professionals might suggest ear exercises for natural treatment of the same.

To know more about the ear exercises that are highly recommended by experts, this well-researched guide has been created. Check out the top notch options that you have in hand and pick a few to achieve your goals of activeness as well as ailment treatment. It is bound to help you in visible ways.

1. Head Rotation Exercise:

According to professional doctors for ears, one of the best exercises for the ears especially during conditions like vertigo is that of head rotation exercises. It is also known as habituation exercise. Simply shaking the head from one side to another for 25 times or nodding the head from front to back, are some of the ways to do the exercise. Swinging the head side to side is also a recommendation.it should be done once every day.

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2. Ears Unrolling:

Unrolling the outer part of the ears helps not only improve the blood flow to the region but also helps improve the focus and attention of a person. It should be done from top down to bottom and then repeated again at least 3 times. It is also one exercise taught to children in the school to improve their learning.

3. Ear Meditation:

A simple way to exercise the ears and for successful outcomes is that of meditating the part well.  Create a silent environment and rub both the palms with each other to create warmth. This warmth of the cupped hands should be places on both the ears, left hand over left ear and the same with the right. Keep the hands on the ears for around 30 seconds and repeat the process again. This practice calms the ears as well as the mind.

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4. Yoga for Ears:

Cup both the hands and respectively places the left hand on the left ear and right hand on the right ear. The shoulders should be dropped and eyes should be closed. The hands should now be moved in circles in a way that it massages the outer ears. Follow this for a minute and then start doing it in the opposite direction. This helps in reliving the mind and is great for ear health as well.

5. Lobe Massage Exercise:

The thumb as well as the index finger is required to massage the ear lobes as one of the ear exercises. Make small circles on the ear lobes for the same. After about a minute, the fingers should be moved to almost the middle of the outer ear and then in circles the entire ears should be rotated.

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6. Ear Press:

Lie flat on the back on the ground and stretch the legs. The knees should be bent and the legs should be raised in a way that the thigh presses against the ears. The toes should be touching the ground from behind the head. This should be kept for 5-6 seconds while breathing normally.

Exercises For Inner Ear Balance Problems:

A problem in Inner ear can lead to Vertigo and Balance Problems. These simple exercises can alleviate the issues like light headedness, dizziness and imbalance.

1. Brandt Maneuver Exercise:

This type of exercise can reduce balance issues caused due to inner ear problems and ease the symptoms of dizziness and falling.

To Do This:

  • You lie down straight on a floor and stretch your body.
  • Rotate your head so that the chin touches your shoulder
  • Keep your vision on the object on your left
  • While gazing, turn towards your right
  • Sit upright again

2. Epley Maneuver Exercise:

This exercise helps push out the loose crystals found in you inner ear. These crystals restrict the movement and lead to instability and vertigo.

To Do This:

  • Sit on the corner of a bed and tilt your head.
  • Lie down with our back, touching bed and shoulders rested on a pillow
  • Slowly turn your head in the opposite direction
  • Quickly turn again in the reverse direction and hold for 30 minutes
  • Repeat on the other side

These are some of the ear exercises you can try but only after professional advice. Ear is the most neglected, but most important organ of your body. Its very important to maintain healthy ears before you start experiencing hearing loss, imbalance and a distorted life.

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