Are you someone who is always on the go? Do you prefer hairstyles that are comfortable instead of feminine or trendy looks? What best than trying the ear length hairstyles? If you haven’t heard about these haircuts yet, they are a version among the short hair looks. The ear length hairstyles focus on the haircuts and styling options where hair length does not go beyond ears.

So, as one imagines, the ear length haircuts are only as comfortable as they can get, are yet sleek, edgy, and modern. If you want to know more about these latest trends, keep reading!

10 Cute and Best Hairstyles for Ear Length Hair:

We have worked around to compile the most gorgeous, stunning, and hot short hair ear-length hairstyles and haircuts options just for you. Let us explore all about them together!

1. Ear Length Bob:

Bob haircuts are among the first looks most women remember when we talk about the ear length haircuts. They are indeed among the most preferred option in women’s ear length hairstyles. The bob haircuts are sleek, edgy, and always a timeless and classic choice in the fashion world. While several options and ideas on which variant of bob are suitable to go, one can choose shorter to ear lobe or ear length, and those with blunt edges or angled looks.

2. Wavy Boy-Cut:

If you are among the women who love bold and hot looks, boy cuts are always in the trend. They are all about sporting super short below-ear-length hairstyles with ease, comfort, and present fashion trends. Here is one such example of a wavy boy haircut. If you are among women who have wavy hair texture and have oval or elongated face shape, this is a perfect match and style statement to try out. We bet you can look gorgeous and lovely!

3. French Pixie-Bob Haircut:

How about a pixie-bob blend haircut and hairstyle look? These French-inspired short hairstyles to ear length are perfect for versatile looks and occasions. From offices to formal gatherings and parties and vacations, they are classy, gorgeous, and mesmerizing. Not just it, the haircut is effortless to maintain and indeed is going to step your looks up in the fashion game. What do you think about it?

4. Maroon Beneath-Ear Length Boy Haircut:

We have another version and variant within a similar hairstyle. This maroon color hairstyle look with an ear-length haircut is perfect for a bold and wild, unique style statement. This can give a new and vibrant vibe with contemporary hues, away from the regular boring and universal looks. Yet indeed, this is beautiful and comfortable too.

5. Curly Textured Ear Length Pixie Cut:

Do you love intricate styles and classic, edgy appearances? This textured pixie haircut ear length for those with curly hair is perfect. One can try this hairstyle with black hair or any unique hair color to experiment in the ear-length hairstyles. It will add to the fashion statement and elevate one’s appearance to look no less than a diva!

6. Stacked Blonde Haircut:

Here we go with another ear-length bob haircut variant. This short hairstyle is perfect if you have blonde hair or get your hair color blonde! The stacked bob variant indeed is perfect for this shade and can escalate your looks to appear sizzling hot and gorgeous. This modern-variant ear-length stacked bob is good-to-go even if you try it with side or wispy bangs. Try it out, and you will love it!

7. Pixie Undercut Hairstyle:

How about trying the undercut hairstyle? While women’s undercut haircuts and styles are receiving a lot of attention and popularity outside, it is still an under-explored arena and realm. We have this pixie blend undercut style. This short hair ear-length hair is perfect if you have straight or wavy hair texture. It adds to the bold and experimental trend and is ideal if you are into the music or art fields. Women with diamond, oval and rectangular face shapes are a perfect fit.

8. Ear Length Layered Short Haircut:

How about an ear length short layered haircut? You can go ahead with an overall layer cut or bob layered look too. For women who have thin or sensitive hair texture, this can give an impression of a fuller and stylish look. The layered cut is a timeless choice that can never go out of the trend and is a perfect fit for women who don’t want to experiment heavily!

9. Tapered Curly Haircut:

We have another bold and experimental look – the tapered curly textured haircut! The tapered looks for women are new in the fashion market. They give a perfect edgy and sassy style statement, with ultra-modern contemporary hues and a versatile range of looks. You can easily have a less maintenance hair time with this style effortlessly, with a chic appearance.

10. French Bob Cut:

By now, we know there are numerous myriad variations within the bob haircut. Depending on your choice, hair texture, and preference, you can choose any of these short bob versions. We have a new idea to show you with this French bob cut. The French ear length bob haircut lends you a sleek and elegant look with a seamless and charming style statement. The idea is to have professional, dignified, and chic vibes with contemporary hues in a laid-back style. You can also add on hair highlights with platinum, grey or burgundy to step your appearance.

These were some of the most gorgeous and trending ear length hairstyles and haircuts ideas. These are not limited ones but are the most popular and famous variants. Depending on your face shape, hair texture, preference, and occasion feel free to choose the right one for yourself. Let us know which are you planning to try out next?!

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