Ear piercing is a tradition as well as a fashion which has been followed since ages and is still in practice. It’s a customary tradition for women across the world to get their ears pierced. But, nowadays men also do it just like they used to do it a long time back. There are numerous parlours and piercing centres for men, which are rampantly growing thanks to the craze for amongst men and boys. Not only do these centres provide piercing services, but they also sell some amazing accessories for men.

In this article, we have curated some latest and best ear-piercing ideas and benefits for men and also the jewellery that can be experimented with.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Ear Piercing for Men:

Ear piercing has more to it than style. There are proven scientific benefits behind this tradition, which makes it all the most preferred by men and boys.

  • Piercing is widely accepted by all traditions and can be a form of expressing one’s culture.
  • Piercing is based on the acupuncture technique, which can heal numerous problems
  • Daith piercing is known to cure patients of migraine pain.
  • According to certain traditions, piercing is said to enhance a person’s vision based on the area of the piercing.
  • The auricle area piercing is said to aid in digestion and even menstrual problems
  • According to the acupressure therapy, the nerves connecting the brain passed through the earlobes. With piercing, the nerves get activated, which in turn quickens the development of the brain.
  • According to certain studies, by piercing the earlobe at an early age, the impairments related to throat, eyes, tongue and ears can be minimized or nullified.
  • Piercing the area one inch above the standard lobe can help in curing back pains.
  • Besides health benefits, the piercing can be a form of expressing their creativity and even rebelliousness for men
  • By opting for different jewellery, one can stand out from the crowd

Different Types of Ear Piercings For Men:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 12 ear piercings for men which give a modish look.

1. Rook Piercing:

This is one of the hardest and most popular designs according to ear-piercing artists. It hurts a lot, but once done looks amazing. However, if you don’t have a proper cartilage folding in your ear then this design may be quite difficult to achieve. In this type of piercing the cartilage is pierced with the help of a piercing gun and many say, it hurts more than the normal piercing. One can opt for a hook with balls or even small loops for a quirky look.

2. Helix Piercing:

Piercing the helix is one of the most stylish ways of intercepting the ear. The helix has two sides and it can be pierced in both ways. A helix can be pierced with more than one ring. A number of celebrities and sportsmen pierce their helix to create a chic and flashy look. The pain is comparatively felt more than it is the upper cartilage of the ear. But once done, you can experiment with a variety of studs, loops and even a bar for that statement look.

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3. Earlobe Gauging:

This is a popular ear piercing fashion for teenagers all over the globe. In this type of piercing the existing penetrated hole is stretched and expanded to provide them with big earrings. This is one of the most interesting ear-piercing options for both boys and men. This style is more popular with punk lifestyle choices.

4. Lobe Piercing:

Lobe piercing is the simplest and easiest form of ear-piercing ever. The earlobe is perforated at the bottom with a variety of jewellery of distinct sizes. Compared to other ear-piercing forms this will cause the least injury and you’ll not experience much pain in the process.

5. Tragus Piercing:

The tragus is the external portion of the ear. It is the thick part of the whole ear cartilage. In this section, you cannot insert big and heavy earrings. Rather, you’ll have to puncture small and light rings. Generally, circular rings are worn on the tragus.

6. Snug Piercing:

Often the inner part of the rim is perforated to make it look fashionable. Usually, a ball or a circular earring is worn in this part of the ear. The process of piercing is a bit painful. The snug piercing is also called anti-helix piercing since it is adjacent to the helix. The snug piercing will definitely make you look attractive.

7. Industrial Piercing:

This form of ear-piercing is out of the world. It’s a unique way of penetrating the ear which is also termed as Scaffold Piercing. Two holes are made on the ear cartilage facing each other. A long earring looking like a piece of wire is driven through the holes building a line of connection between the two punctures.

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8. Daith Piercing:

Daith Piercing is done on the inner cartilage of the ear. A thin wire is used to puncture the inner cartilage and is considered the most difficult and painful piercing procedures. The risk of infections in this type of piercing is quite high. Daith piercings are also considered by many for their migraine relief potential. The most popular jewellery rings in all sizes and shapes. However, the hole can immediately close after one removes the rings, as it the cartilage area.

9. Orbital Piercing:

This is the most versatile piercing style and one can experiment using many variations. For obtaining this style, you’ll have to make two holes done at any part of the ear. The most popular ear areas are the helix, earlobes and the outer rim of the ear. Orbital piercing typically uses smooth rings that comes with two balls or even ball enclosures. Care must be taken not to choose heavy, big rings to avoid pain or piercing migration.

10. Anti-Tragus Piercing:

Anti-Tragus piercings are done in the raised fold of the cartilage present on the outside of the ear. For people who have a small anti-tragus, piercing might be too difficult or not possible. The pain levels in this kind of piercing are considerably high. The most common jewellery for this style is a curved barbell, ball closure ring or a circular barbell.

11. Conch Piercing:

Conch is the largest area of the ear and gets its name from the shape. In Conch piercing, the conch area gets pierced and can be either inner conch or the outer conch. Inner conch piercing involves the lower part of the conch, whereas the upper part is the outer conch area. The pain level depends on the size of the hole and may increase based on the choice of jewellery. The most common accessories are the rings, ball bars and even studs.

12. Forward Helix Piercing:

Forward Helix piercing is the most popular style for men. This trend is chosen by many people who like to create a unique look yet keep it subtle. In forward helix piercing, the upper cartilage of the ear, facing forward is pierced. One can go for double, triple helix piercings as well, depending on their choice. One can opt for studs and simple rings to highlight the area.

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No matter what their personality is, men and young boys have plenty of styles to choose from to create their own statement. By experimenting with a variety of jewellery and accessories, one can create a whole new look every day. However, care must be taken to get a piercing done by professionals only. Also, one must not wear heavy jewellery or opt for cheap metals to reduce the chances of ripping and infections. Always opt for hypo-allergic jewellery and keep them light till the area heals. One must also maintain hygiene and clean the areas often with a cotton bud.

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