Jewellery has always been attractive to women. But when it comes to earrings, even men have been interested in various designs it provides with. Having a stunning and dashing handsome look with small and delicate earrings has become the passion of many men worldwide. While going through the history pages, it is found that also men used to wear earrings. Just as women, earrings for men also have various designs with their symbolism. The men always adopt different earrings made with pearls, diamonds of various colours, silver, gold etc., with auspicious designs that the men always adopt.

Fashionable Mens Earring Designs with Pictures:

Let’s have a look at 25 modern designs of earrings for men are as follows.

1. Black Metal Earrings for Men:

Both men and women highly appreciate black colour whether it is outfit or jewellery. A design of men earrings with black metal gives a simple and sophisticated look when carried on either casual wear or on pathani. As made out of metal, it gives a shiny look and can say that it protects the wearer from the evil eyes around.

2. Mens Classy Star Designed Earrings:

Want a but classy look with a dual colour design! Try an earring with a star design in black and white colour. The earring is made out of stainless steel. The dual look gives a shiny look over casuals for picnics or parties. The stars are the symbol of wealth, glamour, peace, love, etc.

3. Wheel Blade Design Earrings:

A design that the bold boys of the college widely accept is the wheel blade design. The wheel inspires a black wheel made of blades on the motorboats, removing hurdles and making the boat run smoothly. Similarly, the design is worn by the guy who will overcome all hurdles of life. The black colour of the earrings gives a bold look to casual jeans.

4. Silver and Blue Bali Design Earrings for Men:

Are you looking for a different look on ethnic wear! A sterling silver Bali with a shiny sky blue strand in between gives an amazing touch to the ethnic wear at functions and special events and occasions. It is also the colour of boys and hence, a widely selected colour for such patterns. It is worn on the single side, either left or right ear, to give a charming look.

5. Cross Designed Hoop Earrings:

The boys of the college have widely used hoop earrings as it suits almost all outfits. A stainless steel outcome, black earrings with a silver cross designed in it gives a religious touch. The design is widely worn in England, America, Europe, etc. It shows the dedication towards the Christian religion or says God and his belief in him.

6. Triangle Pattern Mens Earring:

Here is a triangular-shaped black earring design made with metal to give you a geometrical look. The triangles give a glance of the Trinity of a son, father and spiritual energy. It is the symbol of male energy, force, water, etc. It gives a stunning and dashing look over casuals, especially jeans and boxers. The men on formals also wear such designs as they give a unique look at corporate events.

7. Skull Designed Mens Earrings:

A skull is a symbol of danger. Hence, wearing earrings with a skull design would indirectly give a message to your enemies about your power and strength. An alloy metal earring designed with a skull in black and white gives a fearful look and is highly carried by the wrestlers, boxers etc. Also, it is getting viral among youngsters. Such designs are also carried in gold and silver by the luxurious men to give a high status to their personality.

8. Flying Bat Earrings Design:

Just as the clothing, earrings for men are also becoming trendy with several designs. One of them is the bat with the rising sun design. The earring is studded with a crystal stone with such a colourful design. The flying Bat symbolises deepness and rebirth, while the rising sun symbolises encouragement and a new beginning.  Hence the design means a new birth to do something new.

9. Tribal Design Earrings for Gents:

Want to have a classy look matching your tribal tattoo! Take a look at these tribal design earrings. The metal is given a design inspired by the tribal designs with curvy black and white strands. It gives a different personality to the bodybuilders with an angry look. Mostly suitable for casuals. Also known as biohazard design, it mostly attracts the guys of the colleges.

10. Diamond Earrings for Men:

A simple but fashionable earring is highly carried in every occasion on any outfit. Such a design is this one with a diamond. Platinum Diamond earrings for men is a simple design where a square diamond is studded into platinum. It gives a trendy look on casuals, a stunning look on formals and a classy look on ethnic wear. The diamond design earring represents purity, love, sensuality, wealth, etc.

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11. Pointed Black Magnetic Earrings for Boys:

A highly worn earrings design is the magnetic earrings for men. They can be worn for a funky look even though you do not have a pierced ear. The back side of the earring is made up with a pointed design which looks amazing from a side look. Made out of metal, it is given a magnetic effect to remain worn without a hole. It is trendy among youngsters inspired by Justin Bieber.

12. Black Diamond Earrings Stud for Men:

A white gold earring for men looks amazing when studded with black diamonds. Black diamonds have a unique look. They do not shine just as other diamonds do with the effect of lights but still give a shiny look over any outfit. The design gives a fabulous look in parties over party wear shirts. They are highly worn by men who want to have a luxurious personality.

13. Pirate Designed Earrings:

You are looking for a funky earrings design! Try a design inspired by the pirates. The earring is designed with a skull, and two swords crossed made in silver with a black background. The design is highly worn in themed parties and regular basis for a lavishing look. It gives your casual wear a different personality representing danger, travelling, waters etc.

14. Horn Designed Earrings:

Want to have a tribal design in your accessories! Try an earring set designed with a horn design. The black horn earring is a kind of magnetic earring for men which can be worn even if the piercing is not done. It gives a lavishing look at parties and small celebrations. They are also the choice of the musicians, mostly rock stars.

15. Silver and Gold Earrings:

A mixture of silver and gold, known as Ganga Jamuna design, is widely popular among men and women. The silver and gold earrings for men give a simple but stunning look over ethnic wear and even casuals for parties, religious functions and wedding functions. It gives a luxurious look over sherwani and kurta, which are royally designed.

16. Floral Diamond Stud Earrings:

Love wearing stud earrings designs! The stud earrings are not only fancy for women but also men. Men also wear stud earrings for women designs. A floral design is beautiful for regular use, on ethnics, designer wear, casuals etc. A gold earring is studded with clear white diamonds giving a floral look. It gives a sparkling look to the wearer. The design symbolises purity, spirituality, wisdom, integrity, etc.

17. Long Cross Earrings:

Not only women but men also love to wear long earring designs for a stunning look. Their bold appearance gets more attraction when such long earrings are formal wear for any party or night out. Generally, such look is carried in pubs and discos. A long cross design studded with a pearl in between is made with oxidised metal. It is preferred to be worn in a single ear.

18. Lettering Design Gold Earrings for Men:

Want to give a message of love in a different romantic way to create a memory! Try this lettering gold earring for gents. The good earring has a few white crystal diamonds studded in it. Along with it, the name is written, which comes embossed on gold. The initials can be carved in the middle portion. Along with the letters, designs such as flowers, hearts, stars etc., can be carved to give the design a marvellous look. It can be used for regular wear or for functions too.

19. Men Earrings Rainbow Design:

A colourful design represents the joy, happiness and pleasure life a person is living. A similar amazing earring design is given a rainbow look with several colours added to the stainless steel with a circular shape. It is highly worn for a regular base to give a charming look. The rainbow is a symbol of love, promises, pleasure, wealth, health and much more.

20. Animal Design Mens Earrings in Gold:

Many men love to wear accessories that the animals inspire. A leopard face earring design is one such design specially for animal lovers. A gold earring is given the face of an animal with tiny black diamonds studded in it. It gives a funky look over casuals for picnics, themed parties, corporate events etc. It can be a perfect gift to the Maharajas as they give a royal look to the wearer.

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21. White Gold Nature Earrings for Men:

Want to wear something unique and related to nature! Here you go with a design inspired by lightning. The men earrings design is made with pure white gold to give a shiny effect when light falls on it. The design gives a fabulous look to add to your personality when carried in parties, clubs, discos etc. The earring design symbolises protection, danger, power to fight against evil, a ray of hope etc.

22. Super Hero Gold Earrings Men:

Are you still in a mood to watch superheroes and are fantasise about them! Take a look at the gold earrings for men inspired by the superhero Superman. The design of the charm is given a letter “s” similar to that of superman. It is also worn by the men whose initials are from the same letter. It gives a funky look carried on casuals.

23. Spider Designed Earrings Mens:

Looking for a design that everyone would keep on staring at! A design with a funny and funky look is made with a spider design made with black coloured silver; the spider is given a realistic look. Such magnetic earrings for men are widely carried in colleges and schools for fun. Looks amazing on outfits such as jeans, boxers and especially at themed parties.

24. Black and Silver Heart Stud Earrings:

A black and silver is a marvellous combination for jewellery designs. A heart design made with a black diamond coated with silver gives a romantic effect to the wearer. The ever shining black diamond also shows deep love feelings. It looks amazing on coat and formals at parties giving a ravishing look. It can be a perfect gift to your man on special occasions to show your love.

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25. Anchor Earrings Design:

Want to give a navel effect to yourself! Try a fabulously designed anchor earring design. Whether made from gold, sterling silver, white gold, bronze alloy, black diamonds, etc., it gives a perfect look to the people connected with the navy or waters. An anchor symbolises balance and stability, and as such, the earrings’ design also symbolises the wearer’s balanced life.

Just as the women earring designs have their importance and meaning, so does the men earrings have. Generally, men wear earrings to give a charming, bold and stunning appearance, but in some communities, wearing earrings is not just fashion but an ancient ritual. Just as women, men also have several places pierced by their ear that is above the lobe. They give a funky and macho look, especially to the musician, rock stars, wrestlers, etc.


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