Top 17 Casual Hairstyles for Everyday

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We do relate to those days that get really tiring thinking what hairstyle try. Because, lets accept it, the same hairstyle everyday is a boring thing! What more can you opt for other than the pony tail and high bun? Given it a thought? So, we decided we’ll give you some best ideas to try out every day, that are simple to do and look classy, a step ahead of your every day casual look. Whether you have a medium length, long hair or short hair, these hairstyles will ensure you make the best of them. But the ultimate look is achieved only with carrying it right. Walk with confidence and see the difference it will make.

Pretty every day hairstyles get simple with us. Take one good look at how to get it done. And lo! You are done for the day.

Here are simple hairstyles for every day that will inspire you.

Short face bang:

easy everyday hairstyles 1

This is a perfect hairstyle for the girl next door. It’s pretty, elegant and easy to carry around through the day. This is hairstyle more suited for a day look.

One does not necessarily need to have bangs to achieve this look. This look can be managed with bangs or even with long hair.

One plus point of this hairstyle is that it will help you keep your bangs and your hair out of your face, if that is something you are looking for. Try out this everyday hairdos for short hair.

Sporty Ponytail:

easy everyday hairstyles 2

This is a super fun and casual way to sport a pony tail. This is a good look, if you are going for an effortless and carefree look. Pony tails are the best choice for a long hair and this easy everyday hairstyle for long hair ensures you have a neat hair, with nothing falling on your forehead, unless you choose to.

To achieve this look, tease your hair at the crown a little, and secure the hair in a messy ponytail. You will not be able to get this without teasing the hair.

Bun Fashion:

easy everyday hairstyles 3

This is a really good hairstyle to wear during the day or even for work. Secure your hair in a ponytail right at the centre of your head, and knot it into a clean bun. Secure the bun and the strays with bobby pins. Wear an elegant hairband to add that charm to the plain bun.

Lift your hair a little to show volume on either side of the hair band. Buns never go out of fashion!

Hairdo Braid:

easy everyday hairstyles 4

This is another hairdo appropriate every day hairstyle for short hair, one that is good for a causal day at work.

Create a centre of side partition, as per your taste, and braid a section of your hair on one side. Take the braid towards the back of the head, and pin it up. Leave rest of the hair beneath the braid.

Pony Messy Hairlook:

easy everyday hairstyles 5

After the messy ponytail, we also have the classic ponytail, appropriate to wear at work. This is an extremely well placed and managed hairdo. To achieve this look, blow dry your hair. Tie the hair up in a ponytail, and make a side partition to take your bangs on one side. Finish it off with a hair spray to keep the hair in place all day long.

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Two Ponytail Look:

easy everyday hairstyles 6

This is a hairstyle that suits well for the workplace.

First make a high half ponytail, taking the top section of your hair. Take the rest of your hair, and make another ponytail using that hair, concealing it behind the first ponytail.

This hairstyle gives the illusion of longer and more voluminous hair.

Elegant Look:

easy everyday hairstyles 7

This is one of the most simple, quick and elegant hairstyles. It is also an ideal simple hairstyle for medium hair.

Take the top centre section of your hair and tease it to create volume on the top of your head. Pull back the section and secure it neatly on the top with bobby pins.

Just this, and you should be good to go. This is a look that works well for all occasions and for all kinds of hair.

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Waterfall Look:

easy everyday hairstyles 8

The waterfall braid is a beautiful hairstyle for women with medium to long hair. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, this hairstyle works well for all kinds of hair.

Creating this look is a bit tricky in the beginning, so it is necessary to practice this braid. Once you get the hang of it, this can be pretty easy to make, and is bound to turn heads.

Side Parted Look:

easy everyday hairstyles 9

This is another quick and easy to make hairstyle. You can wear your hair like this during the day, or even in the evening.

Create a side partition, and take small sections of one side of your hair, and pull the sections back one by one. Secure these sections, keeping them a bit loose, to create a slight curve. Take a few sections like these and secure them one beside the other.

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Braided Bun:

Braided bun is the most comfortable one to wear. Especially in summer, when you tie up the hair in the form of a fancy bun, you sweat less and hence is a good summer hairstyle.

First, tie your hair into a pony tail and with the help of an elastic band.

Next, slowly start braiding the ponytail into the normal three-layer braid and use an elastic to tie the ends of the braid tight.

Now, take the braid to wrap at the base of the ponytail and ensure it forms a bun. With the help of bobby pins, pin the ends of the bun.

Simple Messy Bun:

Here is a classy and simple hairstyle for curly hair to try at any point of the day.

Brush your hair well and blow dry if wet.

The hairstyle is messy and hence you do not have to ensure the softness while brushing. Now, make a low bun on the nape of your neck leaving some hair on the sides.

Using a bobby pins, secure the bun tight. Brush the hair on the sides and let it loose.

Side Braid Updo:

The two-sided braided updo is a simple hairstyle for every day for Indian hair. It also keeps the hair in place and does not become messy.

Using a comb, divide the hair in the middle to make a partition to equally divide the hair into to two sides.

Tie a high braid on each side of the hair. Divide this braid into two sections, just like the rope braid. Using elastic tie the ends of the braid.

Posit the braid on each other so as to make an updo. Use U-pins to fix the ends of the braids.
Use a hairspray to keep the hair on place. And it’s done!

Straight Ponytail:

The sleek ponytail is high in fashion these days. The smooth texture uplifts the overall look of the hairdo and gives an elegant look.

Simply brush your hair really well and use a hair spray to keep it on place. Additionally, use a straightener to ensure your hair is finely straight.

Using an elastic tie a low ponytail or even high, just the way you like it. Brush after tying the ponytail. Make sure the hair is perfectly straight.

Loose layers look:

Running out of time in the morning for a hairstyle? This simply straight hairstyle is messy and looks up to date in fashion.

If you have a layered hair, comb it well and take a partition of your hair on the center. Let your layers cover the contours of your chin. That’s pretty much it!

Low Bun:

This is a low side bun that suits a curly hair well. Here is how to do this simple hairstyles for every day step by step.

Part your hair to one side and leave some hair in the front to fall on the forehead. Tie a loose braid bun on the side of your neck and secure it with bobby pins. Let the hair on the front fall beautifully on your forehead and ensure it well brushed.

Classy Ponytail:

Don’t we all love ponytail anyway? This one is trendy and easy to do.

Brush your hair well and make sure it is not wet. Once done, make a puff on the centre of your head or use a puff helper to get it right.

Next, secure the puff with pins or leave it the way it is, if it is tightly holding on. Tie the remaining hair at the back to a high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic band, tight.

High Pony Bang Look:

Here is another one with a hump. For those of you with bangs, here is something you definitely should try.

Leave the bangs in the front, by making a partition in the middle. Right from the front of the head, pull your hair backwards and use a hump to make the puff.

Tie the remaining hair to a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic and make sure it is tight.
Brush the bangs well and part them in middle. That’s all!

The everyday simple hairstyles are a bliss! They save your day from worrying what hairstyle to try. The hairstyles we have covered ensure you save time from doing the complex steps required for a hairstyle. Start trying out today. But the best way to look good is to walk confidently and wear a smile!

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