Back in those days, painted nails were quite a craze among women. It was considered fashionable to have nails painted in various colors. This craze for fashion slowly evolved into nail arts that are very creative and bold. Nail arts are an artistic expression of creativity on nails made with special nail polishes, toothpicks and brushes. There is no limit to what you can with your nails and can mix and match different colors and patterns. Along with painting them with different patterns, nail can also be embellished with rhino stones, flowers and even ribbons. Women who want to make a difference with their nails, choose different patterns and decorate them to match the outfit. This article covers some of the best tutorials on how to do nail art at home. Do try them at home.

What is DIY Nail Art?

To begin with first we have to decide what exactly is this DIY nail art? DIY stands for do it yourself and nail art is the simply drawing or creating of patterns in your nails to create a handsome makeover for the nails, apart from the everyday boring look. These DIYs are fun to recreate and are easy enough so that you don’t have to fish around to get the perfect look. Here we have the top 3 best DIY project for your nails that would make your nails unbelievably beautiful.

Important Tips and Hacks To Do Nail Art Easily at Home:

  • To start off, the nails for this nail art needs to be perfectly cut and filed and therefore prior to the work, soak your nail in warm water with soap suds. This would soften the nails and clean them too.
  • Add a drop or two of lemon into the bowl to remove any stains. Once done file your nails well and then open up the packet of nail strips. With nail strips you paste them to your nail tips.
  • You may use cello tape or paper strips cut out of magazines to make the look if you don’t have the nail strips. Once the block is put, use a white paint to color the tips.
  • The latest manicure patterns are using a whole lot of different colors for this look which you can opt for too. Now once the top part is done, let it soak and then remove the strips.
  • Often professionals at home can get the look by doing it free hand. Remove and size the white paint and limit it to the protruding part of the nails only.
  • Prior to this you might want to use a base coat for your nails and then finish the look off with a glossy top coat.

12 Best & Easy Nail Art Tutorials To Do At Home:

Read on to know how to make nail art designs step by step at home:

1. The Magazine Nails:

What You Need:

  • Base Coat
  • White Nail Polish
  • Newspaper
  • Top Coat

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Procedure To Apply:

  • Now this is a superb approach for your nails where you can get the vintage magazine nails printed on your nails which is indeed a very trend setting look.
  • Here start off by adding a beautiful spa to your nails. Once again warm up the bowl of soapy water and then soak your hands in it. This will remove any residue of oil which in turn would help you keep the designs on your nails for a much longer time. Now to start off clean your nails and then apply a base coat.
  • It can be transparent and at the same time in a neutral color. It doesn’t matter what you choose, the base coat will just be used for the base and nothing else. Once the base coat dries, start with the primary color coat. Since most of the times the writing in the magazines or papers is in black, it is advised to opt for a lighter primary coat so that the letters can be notable.
  • Let the other coat dry and while you are at it let the magazine cuttings begin. Cut small precise squares for your each nail and before the primary coat totally dries off, soak the magazine cuttings in a plate of water and then stick them to your nails. Make sure the paper is properly stuck to the nail. Once it dries, the paper can be pulled out and you will be left with awesome magazine print nails. Now lock the look with a top coat.

2. The Ombre Hues:

What You Need:

  • Nail Polishes Of All Ombre Shades
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat

How to Do:

  • When we say ombre, we usually mean the soft transition from one color to another without a definite line at the point of color change. The change in the color is soft with no definite line in transition.
  • To get the ombre nails, start with soaking your hand in a bowl to soften the look and make it look cleaner. The water soak would definitely remove any oil residue which would let the color set in well. Once the spa is done dry your hands and then push back the cuticles properly. Now start with a base coat which can be transparent or nude in color. The thing about ombre is, you can either use one or two colors to make the look. Start by spreading a piece of plastic or soak free paper and then using the nail polish brush drop two or three drops of nail paint on the plastic. Now use a toothpick to gel in the two colors.
  • To get this look, you would need a sponge or a cotton ball, preferably a sponge to get the exact look. Now start by dipping the color in the color blob and then dab it softly on the nails. A q-tip nearby can help you at this time to clean the outer sides of the nails.
  • Another alternative to this look is where you use a small strip of paper and use nail paint of it, then paste the strip to your nails and see how beautifully the color forms. Always lock the look with a top glossy coat and finish it off.

3. Tri Color Cliffs Nail Art:

This is one of the most trendy designs out there. The nail art makes use of three different colors juxtaposed with each other. You can try this colourful art with three different nail polishes that can match your outfit. It is also quite easy to make.

What You Need:

  • Base Coat
  • Pastel Blue Nail Polish
  • White Nail Polish
  • Rust Color Nail Polish
  • Top Coat

How To Do:

  • First file your nails well
  • Start with the corner of a nail and apply strips of nail polish
  • Each strip must be shorter than the previous to create a cliff like structure
  • Now repeat the same procedure with white nail polish on top of the blue cliff as shown
  • Gap must be maintained between blue and white cliffs
  • Let it dry
  • Now repeat the same procedure with rust colored nail polish on white cliff
  • You Tri color cliff nail art is ready

4. Bow Nail Art Tutorial:

This is one of the most cutest and easiest nail art designs. Bows are symbols of girly, cute and delicate things. They can make anyone look adorable whether on hair or on nails. This tutorial shows you how you make a simple bow art nail design at home.

What You Need:

  • Base Coat
  • Pink Nail Polish
  • Black, White Nail Polish
  • Tooth Pick
  • Brush’
  • Top Coat

How To Apply:

  • First apply a base coat
  • Now apply pink colored nail polish evenly and let it dry
  • Take a small pointed brush and dip in black nail polish
  • Draw a black border on the nail tip
  • Press the brush against the nail to create a fan like structure as shown
  • Repeat the same procedure on the other side
  • Now take the same brush and draw ribbons under the sides of bow
  • Take a tooth pick and dip in white nail polish
  • Draw dots on the border of the bow to highlight it
  • You can also apply these dots alongside the black border on nail tip
  • Apply a Top Coat

5. Splatter Nail Art Tutorial:

This is one of the simple and easy nail art at home that can be created with a set of nail polish colors. There is absolutely no need of any skill or art to perform this nail art. All you need is a straw to blow your nail polish randomly on the nails. Check out the procedure below:

What You Need:

  • Set of multi-coloured nail polishes
  • Straw
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton

How to Apply:

  • Prepare your nails with a base coat
  • Dip a straw in one of the nail polish and blow it on the nail
  • You can see the color splatter all over your nail
  • Repeat the same procedure with as many colors as you need
  • You can observe a beautiful pattern of colors
  • Now dip a cotton pad in nail polish remover and clean the fingers
  • Apply top coat

6. Chevron Nail Art Tutorial:

This cool Chevron nail art is slightly difficult to make and needs precision. While expert nail artists can make a hand painted chevron pattern on nails, beginners can make use of the nailart sticks for neat and tidy finish. Check out the tutorial below:

You Will Need:

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Nail Stickers
  • 3 nail polish colors

How to Apply:

  • First, apply the base coat
  • Next, apply the first coat of the nail polish
  • After it dries, use the sticker to form an inverted ‘V’ shape as shown
  • Now apply the second color nail polish covering the V portion
  • Let it dry and repeat the same with the third color
  • Remove stickers to reveal chevron patterns
  • Apply top coat

7. Glitter V-Tip Nail Art Tutorial:

This glittery nail art is perfect for night parties. You need something bring and sparkling to match the electrifying atmosphere. The procedure to similar to Chevron, but here you use the ready to stick glitter nail stickers. Check out the procedure below:

What You Need:

  • Base Coat
  • Glitter Stickers
  • Top Coat

How To Apply:

  • First apply the base coat and let it dry.
  • Neatly cut the glitter sticker into very thin strips
  • Stick them on the tips of nails in ‘V’ pattern
  • Apply top coat

8. Galaxy Nails:

This amazing nail paint art at home is certainly out of the world. They are extremely beautiful and involves careful sponging technique to achieve the galaxy like effect. You need good amount of practice the layer the colors on top of each other for a neat finish.

You Will Need:

  • Base Coat
  • Dark nail polish for background
  • Sparkling nail polish for starry effect
  • Galaxy colored nail polish like green, white, blue
  • Sponge
  • Top Coat

How To Apply:

  • First apply the base coat
  • Now apply the dark background nail polish color
  • After it dries, apply the sparkling nail polish
  • Let It dry
  • Now take first galaxy color and apply it in the form of dots
  • Take a sponge and smudge the dots neatly
  • Let that layer dry
  • Repeat the procedure with multiple colors in the same way
  • Apply top coat for a shiny look

9. Stripes and Lines Nail Art Tutorial:

Check out this uber chic nail art style with vertical stripes, You can also create horizontal lines and make a pattern you like. These are prefect to match with your casual outfit and reveals your sense of style. Check out how to create them perfectly at home.

You Will Need:

  • Base Coat
  • Tape
  • White Color
  • Black Color nail polish
  • Top Coat

How To Apply:

  • First apply the base coat
  • Paint the colors with white color
  • Take a tape and cut into thin strips
  • Stick them on the nail leaving gap between each other
  • Fill this gap with black colored nail polish
  • Apply top coat

10. Pastel Daisies Nail Art Tutorial:

Pastels are the new trend and when they are used to create pretty daisies on your nails, nothing can come close. This beautiful nail art is perfect for summer parties, where you want to keep it subtle, yet stylish. Check out how you can replicate this pattern.

You Will Need:

  • Base Clear Coat
  • Pastel Colors
  • White Nail Polish
  • A round headed pin
  • Rhine Stones
  • Top Coat

How To Apply:

  • Apply clear base coat on nails
  • Take purple pastel color and paint the nail tips
  • Now, take mint color and use the round head of pin to create dots
  • Create a floral pattern using the dots
  • Repeat With white color
  • Stick a rhine stone in the center of the flower
  • Apply Top Coat

11. Nautical Nails:

Nautical nails are the new trend this season. This nail art uses the patterns of the sea like anchors and red stripes. Nautical nails have multiple patterns to be created on alternate nails. It takes time to achieve perfection, but you can start off by following these simple steps:

You Will Need:

  • White Base Coat
  • Red Nail Polish
  • Navy Blue Nail Polish
  • Tooth Pick
  • Small brush
  • Top Coat

How To Apply:

  • First Apply White Base Coat on 4 nails leaving out the Index finger
  • Using red nail polish create stripes.
  • You can use nail stickers for perfect finish
  • On the index finger nail, apply navy blue base coat
  • Using white nail polish, draw an anchor using tooth pick and brush
  • Apply Top Coat on all nails

12. Monochrome Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial:

This is one of the prettiest nail art designs which is extremely simple to make. Polka dots never go out of fashion and you can match your nails with that little monochrome polka dotted dress. Check out this tutorial on how to make it easily.

You Will Need:

  • Back base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Tooth Pick
  • Top Coat

How To Apply:

  • First paint your nails with black base coat
  • Take a tooth pick and dip it in white nail polish
  • Create dots of different sizes on the nails
  • Let them dry
  • Apply top coat

We hope this article helped you know about the latest nail art trends. Some of them are extremely easy to make and need no prior expertise. All you need to know is to choose good quality nail colors for a neat finish. Choosing low-quality nail polish can not only make your art look ugly, but also spoil your nails. If you are worried about smudging your fingers, you can try using the cuticle protector that can peeled off once dry. With so many designs and patterns available online, it’s now very simple to get your own nail art at home.


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