Red kidney beans during pregnancy are a tasty and wholesome meal item. Apart from the various sources of protein that a mother can have, this is a hearty meal that gives you the fullness you need. It releases sugar slowly and gives you the fiber content required per day. It helps to improve your immunity and build up your body for the process of birth. All great nutrients like folate, manganese, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium are present in rajma and this is what gives you a power packed food source. The superfood category is given to rajma due to the various health benefits it has.

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Is Rajma Good During Pregnancy?

Many mothers may want to know – is rajma good during pregnancy? Well, the answer is yes. Packed with the goodness of fiber, protein, and nutrients, rajma does your body a whole lot of good. This benefit is also then passed on to the baby who will grow to be healthy too. So do consume rajma while pregnant and stay healthy.

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Nutritional Value of Kidney Beans in Pregnancy:

There are several benefits of rajma beans. Some of these include – antioxidants, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, manganese, folate, etc. Each of these is present in kidney beans in the right amount. So a normal intake of rajma beans is great for both the mother and the baby. Having about 30gms of rajma is considered safe for expecting mothers.

Benefits of Rajma During Pregnancy:

The benefits of rajma during pregnancy can be found in several ways. We will discuss these benefits here so that you realize why rajma is known as a superfood item.

1. Great Source of Antioxidant:

The great thing about rajma is the presence of antioxidants. This can help you prevent getting gestational diabetes and also improve not only your skin but also your baby’s. So do try and add rajma in your diet to get the many antioxidants it has.

2. Iron Content:

kidney beans can increase the hemoglobin levels and also the iron content in your body. This helps in the development of cognitive parts of your baby. For the health of your baby, it is advisable to have some amount of rajma while you are expecting.

3. Copper Content:

The copper present in kidney beans is great for helping with inflammation and also increasing the elasticity of joints and ligaments. Most mothers will suffer from pains and aches and since they cannot consume medication, this is the best natural pain reliever.

4. Amino Acids:

To build your immunity it is great to have kidney beans as they contain amino acids that help to fight infections. Getting natural ways to give your body the strength to fight infections is the best way for expecting mothers.

5. Energy Levels:

During pregnancy, mothers become fatigued and so having rajma can increase your energy levels as it relaxes the muscles and the nerves. So choose rajma instead of any other artificial energy boosters.

6. Fibre Content:

The fiber content in rajma is great for keeping the blood sugar in check. This fiber helps expecting mothers during constipation as well. Most mothers will find discomfort while passing motions so rajma helps in bowel movements.

7. Removes Sulfites:

Having headaches and quick heartbeats can be curbed by eating rajma as this flushes out the sulfites in the body. Check that the rajma is cooked well before eating it so that you get the complete nutrients from it.

8. Nausea Reduction:

you will find that the kidney beans are great for reducing nausea felt by pregnant women in the mornings. As they help remove the bile in the system, the nauseous feeling goes away easily.

9. Reduces Ailments:

pregnant women can suffer from sore muscles or even asthma. This can be reduced by consuming rajma beans.

With so many benefits from rajma, it is a wonderful food source to add to your diet.

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Side Effects of Rajma (Kidney Beans) in Pregnancy:

Though we have seen many benefits of having rajma during pregnancy, it is advisable to not overdo it. There are certain factors that may affect you and you need to be cautious of the same.

  • Kidney stones are possible with overindulgence of kidney beans as they contain purine.
  • Do not have more quantity of rajma during pregnancy as this may cause you to get bloated.
  • As expecting mothers are anyway taking folate in the form of medications, the extra level of folate from too much rajma can cause cancer.
  • The canned product should not be consumed by expecting mothers either.
  • Just like folate, expecting mothers are also given a dose of iron as part of their care. The iron content in rajma can become excessive if it is consumed in large quantities.

Things to Remember for Consuming Rajma During Pregnancy:

Rajma and all its benefits are great for expecting mothers. But before you start to consume rajma you should make a note of these crucial points. Always limit your daily intake of rajma to about 35 gms. It is best to buy rajma beans and soak them overnight. Rinse them well and then cook them thoroughly the next day and consume the same day. You can also remove the outer cover of the rajma once it is cooked as this contains toxins. So choose the best rajma beans and then have them in tasty dishes for absorbing all the wonderful benefits and nutrients.

Just like many food sources, rajma is one of the good choices for pregnant women. It gives the mother and the baby many nutrients and this is good for the development of the child. As expecting mothers cannot take any pain killers, the nutrients in rajma are great to help ease inflammations and other aches and pains. Rajma has to be cooked well and consumed in the right way to get the benefits. Care must be taken to see that it is not undercooked and that the water it was soaked in is washed out.


1. Can Rajma be Consumed on a Daily Basis by Pregnant Mothers?

Ans: Yes, expecting mothers can consume rajma on a daily basis if they limit the intake to about 35gms. This ensures that they get the required nutrients from rajma but also do not exceed the limits of folate, iron, etc. Another point is that the excessive amount of rajma could cause bloating which is very uncomfortable for mothers.

2. Can I Eat Kidney Beans When Pregnant?

Ans: Many expecting mothers will ask, ‘can I eat rajma during pregnancy?’The answer will be yes sure. Rajma is a superfood as so all its wonderful nutrients can be absorbed by you and the baby. Having a limited quantity of rajma will help the baby in its growth as well as develop its cognitive abilities. So rajma is good for you and can be consumed once it is cooked thoroughly.

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3. In What Form can I Have Rajma During Pregnancy?

Ans: You can consume rajma in several ways while pregnant. The main point is that it should be cooked well. You can soak the beans overnight and then boil them with salt and turmeric the next day. This can be added to salads, hummus, main dishes, etc. You can try different dishes with rajma from different parts of the world to give your palate a change of taste.


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