Eczema, which is also known as dermatitis is a type of eruption on the skin which is accompanied by inflammation. It is itchy, forms patches and these skin rashes are recurrent. Oozing, flaking, dryness and bleeding are also characteristics of this disease.

Eczema could erupt as a result of having treated asthma or COPD with allopathic medicine or treatment for other skin conditions. Treatment for this skin disease includes steroid creams and anti-septic moisturizers. Eczema can range from skin rashes to blisters. It is more painful and has burning sensation than mere itchiness. Eczema is caused by a combination environmental factors and genetic factors. There are various factors and practices that are a must if you have eczema, including bathing once or more a day, against the contrary belief.

Eczema Symptoms And Causes:

This article educate you about what are the main causes and symptoms of Eczema problem.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Eczema:

No two people can have the exact symptoms of eczema, although this is how you can differentiate between a normal rash and eczema and it is a complex combination disease and its symptoms include.

1. Excessive Itchiness:

A simple issue like itching can grow to be extremely problematic for a disease like eczema. The uncontrollable burning sensation and itching makes it very hard for an individual to control himself or herself. And itching often scraps flakes and puss out, aggravating the already difficult situation.

2. Redness:

In a regular rash, the skin does not turn red due to the extra blood flowing through the vessels in the affected area, but from scratching or a chemical reaction. The skin appears grainy and uneven.

3. Eruptions:

Formations of scabs and crusts are a part of eczema. Often there is secretion of puss or an oozy liquid surfacing.

4. Discolorations:

Eczema disturbs the production of melanin and other pigment producing substances. Your itchy rashes would also be accompanied by discoloration, if placed differently.

5. Swelling:

Swelling occurs after the puss oozes and surfaces along with itching and discoloration.

Sometimes scratching can break the skin making it vulnerable to infectious pathogens manifesting in the host body, increasing the chances of skin infections and other complications. Every case of eczema is unique. It is best to ask your doctor as to how you can take care of your skin and to stop it from spreading. Consult a dermatologist for getting your rash checked if it fit into these symptoms.

Also be careful about someone else touching your affected area as it can spread from the dry flakes or the puss that oozes out. Take all precautionary measures when someone else is cleaning your puss accumulation and patches of flakes.

6. Oozing or Crusting:

Oozing or crusting of the skin is pretty common during eczema. This is one of those eczema symptoms by which people can easily recognize whether they are suffering from it or not. This symptom is common in almost all persons.

7. Dry Skin:

The skin grows dry day by day as one is suffering from eczema. Dry skin is one of the primary symptoms of eczema. While one is suffering from eczema, his or her skin is totally damaged and the surface of the skin grows becomes ruptured.

8. Inflammation:

Among all the eczema symptoms, the inflamed skin is one of the most common ones. Almost each and every person who has suffered from this diseases has experienced this symptom. Skin inflammation can be really hard to bear and some proper steps should be taken to reduce the inflammation and the itchiness.

9. Dark Colored Patches:

Dark colored patches start appearing on the skin due to eczema. If you’re looking for eczema symptoms, then you surely cannot ignore this one. Dark color patches on the skin during eczema are common in both men and women.

10. Varied Symptoms:

This point can also be termed as other symptoms. There are still many symptoms of eczema which are not known to doctors. Again the symptoms of this particular diseases vary from person to person.

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Eczema Causes:

Following are main causes of eczema Which will help you to save from eczema. Though the exact causes of eczema are unknown, here are some of the most sighted reasons behind the occurrence of eczema.

1. Shampoos:

Sometimes shampoos can cause eczema. There are some shampoos harmful chemicals and can damage your skin. The same kind of shampoo can cause eczema as well. Among all the eczema causes known to us this is the most neglected one. People still try and will use the harmful shampoos which can damage their skin. There are many organic shampoos available in the market which lack such harmful chemical contents.

2. Bubble Bath:

Excessive exposure to soap bubble can trigger eczema. This particular eczema cause can easily cause skin inflammation or swelling. Children should not be exposed to bubble bath at a very little age as the liquid soaps used in these type of baths contain harmful chemical contents.

3. Dish Washing Liquids:

In some cases it was seen that dish washing liquids caused irritations which further leaded to formation of eczema. People should using cheap and bad quality dish washing liquid as it might be one of the prime causes of eczema.

4. Contact With Juices:

One must be very careful with the fact whether he or she is allergic to any kind of fruit juices or not. If you’re allergic to a fruit and still consume that fruit or come in contact with it, then this might cause eczema. A lot of people don’t know about it but this is one of the most valid eczema causes.

5. Genetics:

Blaming your parents and grandparents in this case is totally justified. Sometime the cause of eczema may be the genes. If your father or mother had eczema then it is pretty obvious that you will be suffering from this infectious diseases as well.

6. Bad Environment:

If you’re residing in an unhealthy environment then it is time you get out from there or change it since unhygienic environment might one the most probable cause of eczema.

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7. Pre-Existent Skin Infection:

If you are already suffering fro a skin infection then god bless you as you have the most chances of getting infected with eczema.

8. Allergies:

Any kind of allergies in the body may boost the spread of the eczema virus throughout the body.

9. Improper Function Of The Immune System:

Sometimes your immune system may function improperly. We have discussed a number of eczema causes earlier but we haven’t discussed anything about the internal organs or internal performance of the body which might be a probable cause of the eczema. If one has a bad immunity system which is not working like it should, then that individual has a good amount of chance of going down with this disease.

10. Fever:

Fever may also trigger the eczema. Fever is actually one of the most popular causes of eczema in some countries.


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