Edamame During Pregnancy

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Things can be a little difficult to consume while being pregnant since the cravings of your body are nor regular. While a healthy diet is what you need, things can be altered a bit so as to make the food as tasty as possible for you. One of the most common and recommended foods to eat is the Edamame.

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What is Edamame, You Ask?

Well, it is actually a Japanese snack which is just a simple version of cooked soybeans. It is power packed with nutrients and other body essentials.

One cup of edamame has at least 6 percent of all the essential nutrients you will need in a day, except vitamin D. This means, you get 20 to 40 percent of the daily intake of protein,folate, fiber, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, thiamin, and vitamin K. Roughly, this means you will get around 180 calories. It is a source of healthy fat with polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3 and alpha-linolenic acid. Edamame also provides a complete protein diet with essential amino acids that are required for the body.

So, with this cup of edamame during pregnancy will give you 10 percent of the calcium your body needs with vitamin C, iron and vitamin K following them. Edamame is known to reduce the risk of lifestyle health related diseases.

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Can You Eat Edamame When Pregnant?

Edamame during pregnancy plays a great role in replacing beans in the pregnancy diet. Being rich in proteins, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin A & B’s, it is one of the most recommended foods for the proper developments of fetus. However, since Edamame is a soy product, you should and have to consume it after considering your doctor’s advice since you are pregnant. Organic soy products are mostly recommended for consumption during the pregnancy period.

Benefits of Edamame?

Edamame during pregnancy and even otherwise compliments cardiac, bone health and obesity and also provides temporary relief towards the symptoms of menopause. While those are the general benefits, let’s look at the positives of eating Edamame while pregnant. Firstly, being a rich source of plant-based protein, it is highly suitable for vegetarian mothers who need the high protein intake.

Secondly, being a low-calorie food, it is rich in nutrients.

Thirdly, it is an appreciated source of B vitamin and reduced the risk of premature labor.

So, can pregnant women eat Edamame? You bet. Soybeans in their any and every form are great forms of important vitamins for pregnant women or those who are trying to be pregnant.

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Does it Have Any Side Affects?

As good as it may seem for the health of a pregnant woman, it does indeed have a few side effects.

Firstly, women with allergies related to soy must not consume them.

Even if you are not, you can look out for nausea, itching and diarrhea if you are developing one.

Secondly, if you are on any form of antidepressants or blood thinning medication, do not even touch soy products which will just increase the chances of bleeding.

Thirdly, consuming large quantities of soy can lead to constipation and cramps. So, watch out.

Lastly, it is recommended you consume organic soy rather than genetically engineered which will increase the chances of miscarriages, if any.

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How to Consume?

Now if you are sure you are not allergic and have no other health issues which can cause a problem and have received a nod from your doctor, you can try consuming Edamame during pregnancy in various ways.

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  • Just boiling them with a pinch of salt makes them a good snack to munch on.
  • Adding them raw or cooked into your dishes and salads and soups will taste great.
  • You can make a paste out of it and mix it with tomato or even mint and use them as dips.
  • Scrambled eggs with Edamame make a good to go combination.

Now remember, Edamame is made out of soy and if you are still wondering can you eat Edamame while pregnant, you can pay your doctor a visit and get it clarified with him. Consuming Edamame while pregnant is just one of the few things you can do to enhance your nutrition levels. There are however lot many ways that you can try and do the same. Do not forget to include them in your daily dose of healthy food!

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Do refer some of the online portals or even have a casual talk with your friends who might have been pregnant in the past who would be experienced enough to give you some authentic and reliable answers for your queries.