All of us are quite aware of the harmful effects of Junk Food. Yet, we choose to indulge in it, as it is tasty, inexpensive and easily available. From burgers to fries, candies to colas and chips to oily masalas, Junk food takes many forms. It is just a tasty poison, which can create havoc in your life, slowly, but surely! Loaded with sodium, sugars and fats, Junk food is your gateway to hell! It is estimated that an average of 40,000 deaths are caused annual around the world due to junk food. Shocking? But it’s the truth! Read on to understand the negative effects of junk food on your health.

What Is Junk Food?

So what falls under the “Junk food” category? Any processed food which contains a high salt, sugar and oil content is labelled as Junk food. Most pre-packaged foods like canned juices, chips or read-to-eats offer very little nutritional value. Certain fast-foods like factory-made pizzas, burgers and portions of pasta may also fall under junk foods depending on their nutritional value and ingredients.

Shocking Side Effects Of Junk Food On Your Body:

Here is a list of 18 side effects of eating junk food on your health. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Kills Your Appetite:

Maybe the only good thing about junk food is that it fills your stomach instantly and for a good amount of time so that you can go about your days work without worrying about anything. The food is rich in fat, carbohydrates and even vitamins at times that may, in the long run, affect your system negatively but if eaten in a controlled way, will always help to benefit you. It is good for when you are constantly on the move as it will give you the strength to go on.

2. Leads To Digestive Disorders:

The ill-effects of junk food on the digestive system is quite known to us. The digestive system works well to burn down a good amount of carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar in check and also helps to keep your body healthy. The digestive though will go haywire when you keep on eating too much junk food because all kinds of junk food are loaded with excessive amounts of carbohydrates that will surely cause damage to your blood sugar levels.

3. Can Cause Respiratory Problems:

Another very difficult problem to handle associated with fast food is respiratory problems. Breathing problems are associated with fast food because of obesity which the food causes. With the increase in obesity, the number of breathing problems will also increase and a recent study has shown that children eating fast food three to four times a week are prone to getting asthma faster than any other child.

4. Impacts The Nervous System:

The nervous system also effects when eating too much junk food. The nervous system when affected causes acute depression and a recent study has shown that people that eat commercial made food are more likely to get depression than any other person.

5. Makes Skin Dull and Lifeless:

It is also well known that junk food affects the skin as well. This is because the junk food that you eat is filled with carbohydrates that seriously affect your sugar levels in the long run. The effect in sugar levels will surely increase the amount of acne you get in the long run along with many other problems pertaining to your body.

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6. Erosion Of Teeth:

The junk food that you eat dreadfully affects the enamel of your teeth in the long run. If you lose your enamel then fixing your teeth is completely impossible. Your teeth are a very important part of your body and losing your teeth will most definitely set you back dreadfully.

7. Weakens Bones:

Even your bones are not left out of the equation of junk food hurting your body. This is because excessive junk food will most definitely increase blood sugar causing diabetes which causes weakened bones in the long run. Brittle bones will most definitely affect your health drastically.

8. Leads To Heart Diseases:

One of the most drastic problems with junk food is the heart problems that you will most definitely go through in the long run. Eating junk food on an average of 3 to 4 times a week will increase the cholesterol levels in your body inducing diabetes along with other problems such as obesity that causes a great amount of pressure on your heart. Heart attacks are prone to people that base their food intake on junk food.

9. Gives You Shortness Of Breath:

Shortness of breath is a very normal factor when you have been eating junk food for a long time. It is due to the increase in blood sugar levels in the body because of the excess fat, carbohydrates and sodium which cause obesity and diabetes which work hand in hand to reduce your stamina due to all the health problems. Shortness of breath will surely decrease your working capacity greatly.

10. Splitting Headaches:

Headaches are a minor factor when compared to all the other effects of junk food but at the end of the day, no problem is too small. Headaches are a very irritating problem and are caused because of the effects that junk food has on your blood sugar. The constant highs and lows will surely cause you to have headaches which do not leave so easily.

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11. Negative Calories:

Though extra calories do sound like something good for the skinny person as it helps you to gain weight too many calories just make you obese which cuts your stamina levels in half. Extra calories can be controlled at any point by controlling your intake of junk food.

12. Pumps Up Blood Pressure:

Junk food also increases your blood pressure by a great extent in the long run and this is a very dominating factor in regards to getting heart attacks. You may be more resistant when you are young but with age, your body can be affected easily thus increasing your blood pressure and with it, heart problems.

13. Increases LDL Levels:

Junk food also affects your cholesterol levels which are necessary for the breakdown of fat and the maintenance of muscle. Cholesterol also maintains your blood levels keeping your heart healthy which is not possible with the intake of junk food over time.

14. Behavioural Issues:

The harmful effects of junk food on children are way too bad! It has also been noticed that junk food also causes behavioural problems in children because of unhealthy eating habits. Junk food is deprived of nutrition, which when fed to young kids can impact their central nervous system. Lack of proper vitamins and minerals can make them dull, lethargic and sometimes aggressive.

15. Obesity:

One of the major disadvantages of junk food is the increased risks of Obesity. Junk food is loaded with cholesterol, which can add extra bulk on your waist. Irresponsible indulgence can cause your body to slow down after a period of time. You will face all the side effects of being obese, including breathing problems, constipation, heart problems and even social embarrassment.

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16. Junk Food Affects Mental Health:

One of the lesser-known disadvantages of eating junk food is its effect on memory. Studies show that eating foods that are high in sugar and salt are known to impact brain functions. The prolonged eating of junk foods can lead to memory loss due to reduced production of certain chemicals. It can even cause learning problems, particularly in children and young adults.

17. Diabetes:

Diabetes is one of the serious side effects of junk food. Foods laden with sugar like ice creams, candies, colas and sweets can lead to a high pump up of glucose into the body. This can increase your blood sugar levels and poor insulin production. Also, eating salty items are known to cause sugar cravings. Which is why salted chips are also contributed indirectly to diabetes.

18. Kidney Disease:

Another serious effect of junk food on health is its impact on your excretory system. Excessive consumption of junk food can lead to Kidney ailments. All this food gets converted into glucose and is transported into the Kidneys. The kidneys find it hard to eliminate them, causing them to wear and tear issues. This leads to malfunctioning of kidneys and even Kidney failure.

Don’t these effects of eating junk food shudder you? Our body is a holy place, which deserves respect, cleanliness and attention. By loaded it with debris, (no wonder why it is called Junk), you are removing the sanctity of your inner self. The entire system goes in for a toss and makes your life Topsy-turvy. Most often, junk food causes irreversible damage to the body and waits upon an opportunity to attack you. Don’t let the luscious Jilebi or the packet of chips tempt you! It’s danger lurking in the corner!!


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