Egg white is very rich in protein. Egg whites can be used for giving a nutritional boost to the follicles and the roots. The present days people have a busy routine and the dust pollution also has its effects on the natural growth of the head and also the health of a person. There are various types of problem which can be a cause for thinning, or dandruff, or extremely frizzed out sections. There can be a variety of egg white hair masks and treatment packs that can be made with this protein compound. The egg yolks are also helpful but for those who wants to avoid the excess of the pungency they can avoid the yolk portion and take only the white area to beat it up and use accordingly. Below are a few points which show how this protein is useful.

Benefits of Egg White For Hair:

Eggs contain a great amount of protein. Using these raw on the scalp can be a good thing for those who suffer from brittleness and thinning if this is due to malnutrition or lack of protein absorption or lack of this in the diet. Egg whites are people who do not like to include excess of meat and chicken in diet, they can get brittleness due to lack of protein compound. Unless something else like hormonal imbalance, anxiety and other unhealthy issues like lack of sleep or bad habits of smoking or excess alcohol or genetic factors are present; these types of people can benefit using this egg white for hair.

Doing these a few times a month can be quite helpful to give lustrous locks and oily appearance which can be quite healthy as well. Egg white is a very good conditioner and can be massaged on the head after shampoo and then washed off. Some essential oils can be mixed to lessen the smell.

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Nutrition Facts Of Egg White:

Egg white is a protein rich transparent liquid in the egg. A single egg white is packed with nutrients containing about:

  • 4gm Of Protein
  • 55gm of Sodium
  • 3 mg of Folate
  • 3 mg of Calcium
  • 6 mg of Magnesium
  • 8 mg of Potassium
  • 9 mg of Phosphorous

Hair Masks With Egg White:

Below are the 4 top treatments for hair with egg white hair masks that can be prepared easily at home for regular usage:

1. Egg White And Avocado:


  • Egg white can be taken into a bowl and then this can be beaten up till this is slightly fluffy.
  • To this ripe avocado paste about a few teaspoons can be mixed.
  • To increase the consistency, some ground paste of fenugreek can be mixed as well.
  • These can be mixed properly and the paste can be used on the roots and the whole of length.
  • Ground paste of fresh neem leaves about 2 teaspoons can also be used for those having flakes.


The Fenugreek also helps in conditioning and it also helps in rejuvenation and growth.

2. Egg White And Lavender Oil:


  • To make a mask which can give conditioning, about half a cup of slightly warm lavender oil can be used with the egg whites.
  • A person can use other essential oils to this if required like lavender for a soothing effect or eucalyptus.
  • This can be massage after shampooing.
  • This should be kept for about 15 minutes then rinsed with plain tap water.
  • The essential oils will help lessen the pungency of the compounds.

3. Egg White And Banana:

This is another way to make egg white for hair. The ingredients are as follows.


  • One mashed banana.
  • One egg.
  • 3 tbsp of milk
  • 3 tbsp of honey and olive oil.

So olive oil is something that sticks to the egg white mask through almost all procedures. How you are going to do it?


  • First, you have to mix all the above mentioned ingredients well in a bowl and keep stirring the liquid stuffs and keep mixing the solid stuffs until they form a paste like structure. (use hands if required). ‘
  • The next step is to apply the paste mixture to your hair firmly and evenly and leave it for 30mins (15mins minimum).
  • After that, you will need to wash off the hair mask with the help of a good shampoo.
  • Moisturizer will not be required.

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What are the benefits? This mask will make the hair soft from the core and fill it with moisture. Do it at least twice a week to get the best out of this procedure.

4. Egg White And Lemon Juice:

The following ingredients will be required to make the best egg white and lemon juice mask.

Suitable amount of egg whites for both the scalp and the hair. (this will be required for oily hair only)

You Will Need:

  1. One full egg is needed (normal to dry).
  2. A shower cap will be required at the end of the hair therapy.
  3. 3 drops of lemon juice is required.


  • Now take one whole egg (take two if you have long and extremely thick hair).
  • Now take two drops pf lemon juice. This will help eradicate the unpleasant smell of the raw egg.
  • This all should be mixed in a bowel or a suitable container.
  • Now you will have to mix it well and beat it until it becomes a little thick.
  • Now apply it on the hair and cover the hair with the shower cap and leave the mixture for quite some time (at least for 15mins).
  • However, remember not to keep the mixture on your hair for not more than 20min or else that can affect the hair.
  • Now after a max time of 20mins wash the hair properly. Use a shampoo is required.


Egg white with lemon juice is one of the best ways to make the hair healthy naturally. This process has been followed since the old ages and it is  still quite effective for getting soft and moisturized hair.

Alternate process – the whole process will be the same for oily and thick hair except for one thing. If you have such a hair condition, then take egg white instead of a full egg and mix that with lemon juice and apply it on the hair and the following process is the same as the previous one.

Applying this home treatment twice or thrice a week will fill your hair with the most amount of protein and will make the hair healthy from the roots and this will result in reduced hair fall.

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Precautions That Should Be Noted When Using Raw Ingredients:

  • A person should not continue using these types of raw products if there are irritations like rashes or bumps on the head. These can be very swell and also painful and lead to more eruptions. If for some reasons you have a pre-existent irritation on the scalp, then applying these masks should be strictly restricted and along with that you should get yourself checked through a professional in this field so that you can apply some hair products in future.
  • If a person has any allergic reactions or headache then this should not be used.
  • This should be washed properly or this can lead to fungus.
  • This should not be allowed to dry on the head. The consistency should have enough liquidity and not excessively thick if mixed with other ingredients like avocado or powdered neem.
  • One should apply the mask in the liquid form only. If it solidifies, then it will do no good for the hair and it will be hard to apply it as well. Other than that, when the mixture becomes solid, the contents of the ingredients might mix and that can be a real issues creating scalp problems.

While egg whites have numerous benefits for hair, opting for bottled products with egg white extracts may not be a right option. These products are loaded with chemicals outweighing the benefits. Instead of trying out expensive hair masks available in the market, use egg white protein pack for soft, shiny and gorgeous looking hair.Next time you make an egg for breakfast, just whisk up some white and feed some to your thirsty hair.