Egyptian baby names have a different charm. Their names are influenced by their deep culture, values, and beliefs. From gods to goddesses, kings and queens, their history and glorious past, everything richly places themselves in the naming culture. So if you love and are in awe of the traditional names and love the notion of baby names that blend well with spirituality and culture, the Egyptian names are perfect for your little born.

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Today, we are here with a list of the most beautiful and charming Egyptian names and meanings. These are among the most famous names and ideas you must check out!

Famous Egyptian Names for Boys and Girls

Whether you want a glorious poetic baby names idea or Egyptian royal names, we have compiled the most popular and great name ideas for babies. Let’s check them all!

Egyptian Baby Boy Names:

These are among the lovely and most charming Egyptian baby boy male names. We have them all from traditional name ideas to spiritual ones and names with a royal feel. You will definitely love them. Check it out!

1. Ahmed:

This is among the most popular baby boy male name ideas in Egyptian. The name Ahmed has origins in Egyptian and Arabic. It means ‘greatly praised.’ There are several other name variations of this name, too, such as Ahmad and Hamid. However, it is among the very most.

2. Amon:

Amon name has origins from Egyptian too. It means the hidden one. The other name variations here are Amen and Amun.

3. Ashraf:

We love this name, Ashraf. It has origins in Arabic and Egyptian. It means ‘noble person.’ Therefore, the name also implies an honorable person. The other name spellings here include Achraf and Eshref.

4. Babu:

At first glance, you might think the name Babu is not Egyptian. However, it has Egyptian origins. It means ‘Osiris’ firstborn.’

5. Darius:

Darius has Egyptian and Persian origins and means rich. The name also has an alternative meaning, a person who holds good.’ It is a famous name in several countries too.

6. Essam:

Essam means safeguard. The name, too, has Egyptian origins. The other name variations include Esam and Issam. It is a rarely found traditional name idea.

7. Gamal:

Gamal has Egyptian and Arabic origins and means handsome. It is a very famous name idea and has different variations too, such as Jamal, Jamaal, and Jamil.

8. Hasani:

Hasani in Egyptian and Arabic means a good-looking person. It is a very famous name idea and has several celebrities in this name. The other name variation in modern form is Hasan.

9. Horus:

Horus in Egyptian means God, who comes in the form of a falcon. It is a very rarely found and unique name idea.

10. Jabari:

This is a lovely and unique name idea. Jabari means the brave person in Egyptian and Arabic. It is gaining popularity these days. The other modern name form here is Jabbar.

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11. Khalid:

You all might have heard the name Khalid. The name in Egyptian means Eternal. It has a meaningful and philosophical connotation. The name also can be spelled as Khaleed and Khaled.

12. Mahmoud:

Mahmoud in Egyptian and Arabic means praise. The other name variations are Mahmood and Mahmud. It is a famous name.

13. Moustafa:

Moustafa means a chosen one or preferred one. It has origins in Egyptian too. The name is also spelled Mustafa and Mustapha.

14. Nabil:

Nabil in Egyptian means noble person. This is a lovely name and can also be spelled as Nabeel.

15. Naguib:

Naguib implies an innocent person. The name has Egyptian origins and is a beautiful and fascinating name.

16. Nephi:

Nephi means a good son. It is a rarely found baby boy name idea.

17. Omar:

Omar means influential person. It also means fluent orator. It is a lovely Egyptian boy name idea.

18. Pharaoh:

Pharaoh in Egyptian means a ruler. It is a rarely found yet mesmerizing name idea for boys.

19. Ramses:

Ramses means Son of Ra. The name, too, has Egyptian origins. We love this traditional name idea.

20. Sayed:

Sayed in Egyptian means Master or the Lord. It has several alternative variations, such as Sayyid, Syed, and Said.

21. Tariq:

Tariq’s name means morning star. The name also has a different meaning ‘the person who knocks at the door.’ The other name spellings include Tarik Tarek.

22. Yahya:

Yahya in Egyptian means ‘God is gracious.’ It is a rarely found Egyptian baby boy name idea.

23. Yasser:

Yasser means To be Rich in Egyptian. The name can also be spelled as Yasir and Yassir and is slowly gaining popularity.

24. Youssef:

Youssef’s name in Egyptian means ‘God increases.’ The name has a dense and intense meaning. It also is often spelled Yusuf, Yusef, and Yusaf. It is a very famous and known name.

25. Zahur:

Zahur in Egyptian means flower. The name also implies blossom. Such a lovely male Egyptian name idea, isn’t it! The modern connotation of the name is Zahir.

Egyptian Baby Girl Names:

How about looking at some beautiful and mesmerizing Egyptian baby female names? These are graceful, royal, meaningful, and spiritual at the same time. Look at these ideas we have compiled, and you will love them too!

26. Asenath:

Asenath is a very traditional baby girl name idea in Egyptian. It means belonging to her father. The name also means ‘devoted to goddess Neith.’ The other name variations include Asenat and Osnat.

27. Aya:

If you are searching for a short name, it is an excellent choice to consider. Aya in Egyptian means bird. The name also means lovely.

28. Cleopatra:

Now, we all know this hit name. The Egyptian baby name means the glory of the father. As a result, the name has gained very high popularity across the globe! The other name alternatives include Cleo, Clea, and Kleopatra.

29. Dalia:

Dalia in Egyptian means strong branch. The name is rarely found, and unique baby name idea.

30. Dina:

Dina is a gorgeous name idea, which means ‘God is the judge.’ It is significant and philosophical. It has Hebrew and Egyptian origins.

31. Eman:

Eman in Egyptian means faith. The name also has alternatives such as Imen and Imaan, Iman.

32. Esraa:

Esraa in Egyptian and Arabic means’ journey at night.’ It is an excellent poetic baby name idea. The other alternatives here include Israa and Isra.

33. Hanan:

Hanan in Egyptian means mercy. The name also implies a compassionate person. It is a beautiful yet rarely found baby girl name idea.

34. Heba:

Heba is a short and cute name idea. It means Gift in Egyptian. The other name variations include Hebah and Hiba.

35. Isis:

Isis is an Egyptian name that means Throne. The name is prevalent in several countries across the west. According to Egyptian mythology, the name Isis also resembles the Goddess of the sky according to the Egyptian mythology.

36. Jamila:

Jamila in Egyptian means elegant. The charming name implies a beautiful person. It is indeed a beautiful name.

37. Layla:

Layla is the alternative to the most popular names Lilah, Lila, or Laila. It means the night in Egyptian and Arabic. It is a gorgeous feminine name popular across the globe.

38. Masika:

Masika means a girl who is born during the rains. It is a lovely and rich, unique name idea.

39. Moswen:

Moswen is a lovely unique and rarely found name in Egyptian, which means light skin toned person.

40. Menna:

Menna in Egyptian means favor or grace. It also means the gift of God. The name is a lovely choice for girls.

41. Naila:

Naila name has Arabic origins, which implies success. The gorgeous name is famous worldwide, especially in several western countries. The alternatives also are Naila and Nayla.

42. Nubia:

Nubia means Gold in Egyptian. The gorgeous name is lesser-known and makes it a perfect choice if you are searching for a unique idea.

43. Sara:

How about the name Sara? The name means princess or lady in Egyptian and Hebrew. It is a trendy name, and other variations include Sarah, Sera, and Cera. This is among the famous Egyptian princesses name idea.

44. Safiya:

Safiya means a person who is pure. It is a lovely yet traditional old Egyptian names for girls.

45. Salma:

Salma means a woman who brings peace. It is a beautiful and traditional name idea for girls.

46. Shameka:

Shameka in Egyptian means ‘a person pure of heart.’ This is a meaningful name idea.

47. Shani:

Shani means a beautiful and beautiful person. This is a very traditional Egyptian baby girl name idea.

48. Thema:

Thema in Egyptian means the queen! Fascinating isn’t it?!

49. Tiye:

Tiye means the deity of light. It is a lovely name choice for girls.

50. Zahra:

Zahra in Egyptian and Arabic means flower. It also implies a bright one. The other lovely name alternatives here are Zara and Zahara.

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Egyptian Unisex Baby Names:

How about also exploring some rare yet unique unisex baby names in Egyptian? These are gender-neutral name ideas you can try for both boys and girls.

51. Amen:

Amen is a unisex variant of the name Amon. It has Egyptian origins.

52. Min:

Min means God of Fertility. It is a traditional and spiritual name idea.

53. Nakia:

Nakia is a lovely unisex name idea that means pure or faithful. This is a beautiful name idea. The variations include Nakiya, Nakeya, and Nakea.

54. Nane:

Nane means a person with a friendly nature. It is suitable for both boys and girls.

55. Nile:

The Nile is the river’s name, and the name implies the river here. Therefore, it is suitable for boys and girls.

56. Ptah:

Ptah is another traditional name, which is the God worshipped in Memphis. The name is a unisex Egyptian name idea.

57. Pili:

Pili means the second born!

58. Wallis:

Wallis means the newly born Egyptian and is a unisex rarely found name idea.

59. Zaim:

Zaim means ‘flowering.’ The name is a popular choice in Egyptian for boys and girls

60. Zane:

Zane means a well-born person. It is a traditional Egyptian name idea.

Egyptian Twin Baby Names Ideas:

We even have some mesmerizing and meaningful Egyptian names suitable for you if you have twins. Check them out as well!

61. Abrax – Abraxas:

These are twin baby boy name ideas. Abrax means great archon from mythology, and Abraxas means God from Egyptian mythology.

62. Aharon – Ammon:

These are traditional baby boy names, too, suitable for twins. Aharon means high mountain. Ammon means the hidden person in Egyptian.

63. Aten – Aton:

Aten means heat and light of the sun, and Aton means solar disk. So these are twin boy names too.

64. Feme – Femi:

If you have a twin baby boy and girl, it is suitable. Feme means the name of love. Femi means a person who never stops loving! Beautiful isn’t it!

65. Hager – Hanbal:

Hager in Egyptian means stranger. Hanbal means perfect. These are boy-name ideas.

66. Mandisa – Masika:

Mandisa means a sweet thing. Masika is a person born during rain. These are twin girl name ideas.

67. Neith – Nenet:

Neith means a person who stands tall than others. Nenet means spiritual and divine person. These are twin girl names.

68. Rana – Rehema:

Rana means beautiful woman. Rehema means compassionate women. These are lovely twin names too.

69. Tiye – Thema:

Thema is the queen, and Tiye means deity of light! These are twin girl name ideas that are traditional and beautiful.

70. Seb – Sef:

Seb means God of Earth. Sef is yesterday in Egyptian. These are twin boys’ traditional names.

Popular Egyptian Last Names or Surnames:

We also have compiled some famous surnames and last names in Egyptian with meanings. Explore them here!

71. Mohammad:

This is among the most popular last names in Egyptian. It means the name of Prophet Muhammad.

72. Ali:

Ali means high or lofty. This is also very famously found in Egyptian names.

73. Ibrahim:

Ibrahim is the father of all. It is another very common Egyptian name.

74. Abdel:

Abdel means ‘the servant of God.’ It is another famous traditional Egyptian last name.

75. Salah:

Salah means righteousness. This is very commonly and traditionally found too!

76. Samir:

Samir means a gentle breeze. This name is also commonly found in many Egyptian

77. Salem:

Salem means peace. It is a famous and very well-known Egyptian last name too!

78. Youssef:

Youssef name has come from the belief that God increases.

79. Amin:

Amin means trustworthy. It is a common Egyptian name too.

80. Farooq:

Farooq, also spelled alternatively as Farouk, is another prevalent name, which means the moral person.

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Ancient Egyptian Names for Boys and Girls:

There are several very ancient Egyptian names here too. We have compiled the most famous and meaningful ancient Egyptian names for females and males if you look for such a historical touch. Check them as well!

81. Asim:

Asim is an ancient baby boy name idea in Egyptian, which means ‘the protector.’

82. Gyasi:

Gyasi means wonderful. It is among very ancient and historical inspired baby boy names.

83. Omari:

Omari means a person who is high born. It is an ancient Egyptian boy’s name.

84. Sadiki:

Sadiki means faithful in Egyptian. This is an Egyptian baby boy’s name’s idea.

85. Khons:

Khons implies ‘God of the moon.’ It is a lovely ancient Egyptian baby boy name.

86. Akila:

Akila implies an intelligent person. Therefore, the name is generally used for girls.

87. Ife:

Ife means love. It is a short, cute, yet very ancient Egyptian baby girl name. Isn’t it cute and charming?

88. Khepri:

Khepri means morning sun. Such a beautiful name, don’t you think so?! It is named for girls.

89. Naunet:

Naunet is the Goddess of the ocean. This is another charming baby girl ancient Egyptian name choice. It is among famous Egyptian goddess names and meanings.

90. Bahiti:

Bahiti means a fortune! It is a lovely and rarely found Egyptian girl name.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely and meaningful Egyptian baby names for boys and girls. They are all wonderful, meaningful, traditional, and mesmerizing. What do you think of them? Did you love any? Let us know your thoughts!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about Egyptian baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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