With regards to highly typical tattoos, this eight ball design position with the best. This tattoo design first showed up in prison. When it comes to the eight ball tattoo, each and every tattoo has its own importance with unique symbolism. The tattoo is widely loved by pool players and gamblers; however, it is also carried as good luck as well as bad luck wishes too. You can mix this tattoo design with any other design or shape.

Best and Cute Eight Ball Tattoo Designs:

Let’s move on to some stylish 8 ball tattoo designs that would grab the heart of the viewer in one sight.

1. Card and Snooker 8 Ball Tattoo Designs:

Want to assemble both snooker and cards! Here is a unique ball tattoo that is drawn along with three important cards in dark and light shades. The eightball tattoo gives a macho look to the arms or wrist of the guys.

2. Skull in a Ball Tattoo Designs:

Want to display the dangerous or negative part of your side! Here is a black ball tattoo that is designed in the form of a skull. The tattoo relates to death, and after death life. It also carries the snooker sticks instead of the bones for a realistic look.

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3. Dedicated Eight Ball Tattoo Designs:

Want to dedicate a tattoo to the one who inspired or taught your pool! Or to someone who was associated with the game! Here is a tattoo that is given a bright background and a memory belt of the years he played and won, or the years that were lucky for him.

4. Mischievous Eight Ball Tattoo Designs:

Lucky 8 ball tattoos when given a mischievous touch, gives an offending design. The design includes the shades of a pool ball, chess surface, dices, etc. with a ribbon showing luck. It is also carried as a good luck charm.

5. Scorpion Eight Ball Tattoo:

When the eight ball tattoo is combined with the scorpion, it creates the best wrist or arm tattoo. The tattoo allows you to show your feelings, power, strength, etc. and thus is widely popular among body builders.

6. King of Pool Eight Ball Tattoo Designs:

Are you the king of playing billiards! Here is a tattoo that perfectly suits your personality. The 8 ball tattoo is made with a ball in the center, with a crown on the top of the ball.

7. Mexican Joker with Eight Ball Tattoo:

Want to show the magical side of you or are you passionate about magic shows! A magic 8 ball tattoo with a Mexican joker is what you are looking for. The tattoo is made in black ink, to give out the best shades.

8. Eight Ball with Wings Tattoo Designs:

The flying eight ball tattoo is associated with the speed the ball travels while playing. The tattoo is one of the small eight ball tattoos that can be carried on the wrist, arm, neckline, leg, etc. The tattoo represents freedom, speed, victory, etc.

9. Eight Ball Tattoo with Fire:

The eight ball tattoo when given a touch of the fire flames, gives a mysterious design to the wearer. The tattoo indicates warming, visibility, cheering, passion, the pain of death, love and much more.


The black ball tattoos can easily be designed with any other kind of tattoo idea, to show your real side of life. It indicates both good and bad fortune, which can be easily collaborated with small and big designs.

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