Yoga is being practiced by people all over the world since pre Vedic times. Though it originated in India, this form of exercise has been appreciated and practiced by the whole world. Since yoga not only helps in producing a healthy body but also has mental and spiritual benefits.

People claimed to have gotten relief from many mental depressions. It also helps in enhancing inner body strength. Yoga has proven to be effective for many vital organs in our body. From the numerous yoga postures practiced, the one we will be discussing now is Eka Pada Rajakapotasana level 1.

It’s a Sanskrit term which when translated means One legged King pigeon posture level 1. This exercise has two levels but we will begin with the first level now. Let us first know the step by step instructions to do the posture right before talking about the benefits.

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How To Do It

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana level 1 has a medium difficulty and thus, you wouldn’t face much problems in perfecting the posture. Place a mat or blanket on the floor to make things comfortable. Then begin on all fours and slight the right knee forward between the hands. Slide the right foot over to the left.

Then, lowering the hips towards the floor, slide your left leg back and stretch it. Inhale as you press down the palms or the fingertips on the floor, then reach the crown of the head up. This will lengthen the spine. Sink the hips down into the floor while exhaling slowly. Roll and press the shoulders down and back while you lean forward through the chest.

Hold the posture for as long as you can. Try holding it for a minute at least and while you do so, concentrate on your breathing. Take enlarged and deep breaths. When you are finished, repeat the same but by beginning with your left knee this time. Follow these instructions and carefully and you would come out successful with this exercise.

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How Does It Help Us

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or the one legged King Pigeon posture 1 has a number of benefits. So, if you want the following positives to change your life then don’t forget to include this exercise in your daily yoga routine.

Opening Up Of Chest:

Since this exercise includes the crown of the head to reach up, it helps to open up the chest. In addition, it also opens up the shoulders.

Flexibility Of The Hips:

This exercise helps in making the hips flexible.

Stretches And Strengthens Many Vital Organs:

As a lot of stretching is involved into this exercise, many vital organs of our body like the thighs, groins and psoas, abdomen, chest, shoulders and the neck. If you find yourself in need to get those organs of your body stretched then this is right exercise for you.

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Strengthens The Back:

It not only stretches the above mentioned organs but also helps in stretching the spine which in result ensures a strengthened back. People with back aches should definitely try one legged King Pigeon level 1 posture to get rid of their back problems.

Abdominal Organs Are Stimulated:

Apart from stretching and strengthening many organs and providing flexibility, this exercise will also help in stimulating the abdominal organs. If your belly in bloating up then this exercise can help in shrinking it back.

Stimulates The Nervous, Endocrine And Reproductive System:

This exercise of yoga will also help in stimulating your nervous, endocrine and reproductive system.