The practice of yoga began way back in the pre Vedic times in our country, India. Yoga is the most widely practiced form of exercise. It is preferred over hectic gym routines because yoga exercises not only works on the body but stabilizes the mind and spirit too.

So, ditch those tedious machines at the gym and take up the natural form of exercise which is yoga. You are sure to feel the positivity in your life with daily practice. As we all know, there are numerous postures in yoga and the one we will be talking about now is EkaPadaKoundinyasana 1 which is a rather difficult posture.

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EkaPadaKoundinyasana is a Sanskrit term which means one-legged Sage Koundinya’s pose. This pose is dedicated to a sage named Koundinya and thus the name. This exercise has two variations but the one under discussion now is the first one. As it’s a rather complex and difficult yoga posture, it is advisable to be patient and take it slow to get it right.

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How To Do It

Lie flat on your chest on a mat or blanket. Now, place your hands on the mat pointing forward and come to a squat position. Your hands should be shoulder width wide while you bend your elbows. Now, lift your torso, especially the hip.Once you reach the breastbone towards the front of the mat, your weight should be shifted forward so that your feet becomes light and you are able to draw them toward your buttocks.

Try drawing your knees as close to the right armpit as possible and keep the left arm weight free. Exhale.Start straightening your legs. You have to make a revolved triangle pose. Push your right femur back as you press into the right big toe-mound. Along with it, press forward with your left big toe-mound. Concentrate on your breathing and hold the pose for a few seconds.

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A slight warning before you perform this exercise is that your chest and shoulders might collapse if the steps are not followed with precision. Since it’s a difficult exercise, be patient to get it right.

How Does It Help Us

Once you are done perfecting this posture, you are sure to gain a lot of positives from it. Let us now discuss the benefits of EkaPadaKoundinyasana.

Massages The Abdominal Organs:

The pressure formed on the abdomen by the legs in this asana helps in massaging the abdominal organs.

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Strengthens And Rejuvenates The Spine:

If you suffer from back aches or your spine isn’t strong enough, then this is the right exercise for you. This yoga posture involves a spinal twist which in result strengthens, widens and rejuvenates the spinal cord.

Builds A Strong Core, Shoulders And Legs:

Since it’s a difficult and challenging posture to be done perfectly, it is really beneficial to those successful. It helps in building a strong core, shoulders and legs as the main focuses of this exercises are on those vital parts of the body. Simultaneously, it also strengthens the arms and neck.

Toning Of Belly:

If you have a protruding belly and want to stop it from gloating further then include this exercise into your daily yoga routine. Practicing EkaPadaKoundinyasana will help to tone your belly and put it in shape.

Overall Body Awareness And Control:

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, this yoga exercise helps in creating overall body awareness and also brings a control over your body.


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