Top 25 Simple and Easy Elegant Hairstyles

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Elegant hairstyles never go out of fashion. Whether they be at parties or weddings or the red carpet, they always remain classy and beautiful. This Article Lists the top 25 Elegant Hairstyles:

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Whether it be braids, buns or ponytails, make your hairstyle catch the eyes of the beholders. You sure not have to worry with the type of hair you have.

Best Elegant Hairstyles for Ladies:

1. Puff With A Braid Hairband Look:

This one is common in fairy tales, and very reminiscent of Snow White or a certain Cinderella. To get this look, brush the hair in front and part into three sections. Brush the sections back one by one gently, making sure that you create a high bouffant as you do so. Then clip the hair in the mid section carefully. Take the hair from beside the temples and divide into 3 sections. Braid the hair from the left temple to the right or vice versa to complete the look.

2. The Ballerina Bun Look:

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This look can be a tight bun, like the ones made by ballerinas, or loose, for office work. This bun is made by back brushing the hair neatly and then twisting it around. Then turn the twisted hair into a bun shape and pin it in place with hair pins. Your look is complete!

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3. Long Layered Hair With Bangs And A Ponytail Look:

This is a classic modern look that is very common and is always elegant. This look never goes out of style. To get this look, you need bangs on your forehead, and long layers on your shoulder, that extends to the back. Pull back the layers neatly into a ponytail, letting a few hairs loose till the shoulder. Your look is complete!

4. Blonde Wavelets Braid Bun Look:

Braid Bun Look

This is an elegant hairstyle that is mostly meant for weddings or parties or even red carpet events. This is a very festive hairdo. For this, you need to first crimp your hair into tight wavelets. Then you need to back brush the hair carefully. Pulls strands of hair apart into 3 sections and braid the hairs from the front towards the back. Then bunch up all the braids into a knot and pin it in place with hair pins or ribbons. Your look is complete!

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5. High Puff Low Ponytail Look:

This look is easy to achieve at home. To get this look, brush the hair in front and part into three sections. Brush the sections back one by one gently, making sure that you create a high bouffant as you do so. Then clip the hair in the mid section carefully. Then part the hair behind into 2 sections, and pin them together. Curl the rest of the hair that is loose. Your look is complete!

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6. Inside Out Office Bun With Bangs Look:

This one is neat, easy to fix and keeps the hair off your face for office hours. To get this look, you need to have uneven bangs in front and layers at the back. Twist the knot of hair at the back and tie it into a French knot. Brush the bangs neatly in front. Your look is complete!

7. School Girl Bouffant Look:

This one is a retro school girl look that never goes out of style. To get this look, brush the hair in front and part into three sections. Brush the sections back one by one gently, making sure that you create a high bouffant as you do so. Then clip the hair in the mid section carefully. Bring the rest of the hair to one side and pin at the back. Your look is complete!

8. Puffed Hair With Loose Curls Look:

This look is the easiest. To get this look, you need to first curl all your hair. To get this look, brush the hair in front and part into three sections. Brush the sections back one by one gently, making sure that you create a high bouffant as you do so. Then clip the hair in the mid section carefully. Let the curls fall from the back. Your look is complete!

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9. Bangs Tied At The Back Look:

Back Look

This one is simple. Pin the hair from the front and tie it at the back. Your look is complete!. This is one of the popular and simple elegant hairstyles.

10. Cascading Braid Hairstyle:


A cascading braid hairstyle is very much in trend among college and school girls on special occasions. You can make a cascading braid by taking thin hair strands and joining them making a plate design with other three strands taking the braid backwards. The remaining hair can be left loosen or even joined making a whole thick braid.

11. The Four Strand Lace Braid Hairstyle:


A four strand braid suits best to all girls. You can make a strand with four strands very easily. Pick four different hairs strands from near to each other and start making plates by joining with each other like the first two strands come first and followed by the other two strands turn by turn. Take the strand to the end of the hair tail. You can make buns too following the same steps and at the end pinning it up.

12. French Fish Tail Braid Elegant Hairstyles:


A French fish tail braid is most common and very much easy to make hairstyle. Young girls love to make fish tail braids very often in regular days too. The simple method to make a fish tail braid is that we have to make a braid taking hairs strand from back of all hair and bring it to the front. Similarly taking each strand from behind and bringing it to the front. The entire braid ends looking like a fish tail mankind an awesome hairstyle.

13. French Braid Elegant Hairstyles:


French hair stylist has introduced beautiful hairstyles. The French braids can be made in many different ways. The French braid hairstyle made here is very simple and easy. Taking hairs strands from the very top forehead and making plates taking step by step hairs strands equally from up to down head, making a beautiful braid design. You can let it hang on your back and even tie it up high.

14. Side Loose French Braid Elegant Hairstyles:


A loose French braid is also one of the desi looking hairstyle. Out on beach or a summer holiday outing will be the perfect time for such a hairstyle. The loose French braid is started from below head and the braid plates are joined loosely making a thick braid look. You can also make the braid sideways and even at the back. It is one of the simple elegant hairstyles.

15. Long Hair With A Thin Braids Elegant Hairstyles:


Girls with straight silky long hair can look gorgeous with a thin braid hairstyle. In this design the braid is made by taking hairs strands from one side to the other and joining it to other hairs strands making a beautiful plate design. Such a glorious hairstyle will win several hearts.

16. The Mohawk Pony Tail Braid Elegant Hairstyles:


The most common hairstyle in Africa is now famously accepted worldwide. But making a Mohawk hairstyle is quite difficult and time consuming if you are a starter. Very thin plates braids are joined to the nearest of the head scalp. Such braids are made over the entire scalp and the hairstyle makes it fabulous look.

17. Easy Twist Up do Proms Elegant Hairstyles:


An easy twist to your hair strands gives an awesome look to your hairstyle. The most easy and eye catching hairstyle is one of the twists given to a lot of hairs taken together. You can hold a lot of hair together and twist it round taking it to the back of the head making a bun or pinning it up with a broche. The twisted hair design looks fabulous on any event.

18. Tiara Braids Elegant Hairstyles:


Tiara braids look very elegant on long faces. In this hairstyle plates are taken on the above forehead hair part and directed towards the back of the ears. The look of the tiara braids is like a hair band attached to your hairstyle. You can decorate the braid with broche too.

19. Easy Messy Bun Elegant Hairstyles:


A messy bun is a gift for all women who have rough or curly hair the tension of making a hairstyle is always a problem for such hair pattern. Women with such hair can look awesome with a messy hair bun. An easy messy bun can be made by following very simple steps. Take your hair opened straight, then comb it upwards and make a roll of all hair altogether, then twist the rolled hair at once making a bun. And at last take a rubber band and tie the bun. The hair strands that come out of the bun should be spread out more that gives a beautiful messy look.

20. Faux Hawk Braid Elegant Hairstyles:


The parting of hair style design in the center is one of the designs that come under the faux hawk hairstyles. Women faux hawk hairstyle can be made by parting your hair from the top center of your head scalp. Masking plates fluffy and loose braid it to the end of the hair. You can surely rock the floor with a faux hawk hairstyle.

21. Soft Twisted Up Do Bun Elegant Hairstyles:


A loose bun is also hot favorite among ladies at home or at family events. A soft twist from the front loosening some hair strands that fall on the ears. Taking the twisted hairs to the back and fastening with other such twisted hairs strands looks just fabulous. This is one of the best elegant hairstyles for women.

22. French Twist Up Do With A Stick:


A French twist up is also one of the easiest and regularly made by ladies who go for work. To make a twist up French up do, you just have to part all your hair to one side, and then roll all your hair together at once taking the rolled hair straight and up and simultaneously back rolling and fixing it inside the roll itself. To fasten the French twist you will need a stick. Enter the stick from up and your beautiful hairstyle is done.

23. Korean Bun Elegant Hairstyles:

Elegant hairstyles -koreabn bun

A Korean bun is also an easy going hairstyle can be made regularly on working days. Parting short hair strands on your forehead, you have to tie up the remaining hair together. Make a pony of the hair at the top of your head. Roll you remaining hanging hair upwards. Once you have rolled turn the roll covering the rubber band and make a perfect round. Tie the roll with a thin rubber band again. And you get a beautiful Korean bun

24. The Hair Bow Elegant Hairstyles:


A cute and sober looking hairstyle is that of making a bow with your own hair strands at the back of your hairstyle. You can make a bow very easily. Take your hair strands from both ends of your hair from the near of your ears and tie it behind in the middle. Stretch back some part of the hair. And make two parts of the same. Now take another strand from below the hair and insert it behind the tied strand and bring it back down. And a beautiful bow is ready.

25. Korean And Japanese Short Hair Prom:


Take your hair on one side and tie it up with a rubber band leave behind some short hair falling on your forehead.  Then take the tied hair and roll it behind up wards making a bun like. The hair that comes out automatically makes a lovely look on your hairstyle. Leave the remaining hair hang loose on one side.

These elegant hairstyles will give you the retro or red carpet looks you want. Instead of going to the parlor, try them at home today! There are so many hairstyles that you can make. Whether you have short hair or beautiful long hair, curly hair or straight hair, you can give a beautiful tie to your hairstyle with these beautiful tips. For those who have short hair, you can easily make a braid with thin plates of hair strands and make a elegant hairstyle. Long hair girls can do various hairstyles making braids, buns high pony tails, whatever they wish to. Girls with a different haircut too can make their hairstyle look awesome with the simple steps you can pick up. There are so many styles in making buns with your hair. The Korean and Japanese buns are the hot favorite when out at work. Whereas the French braids are the best for a glamorous look at ceremonies and weddings.

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