Elephants are some of the most awe-inspiring and majestic animals you can hope to see in the wild. The Elephant coloring pages mentioned in this article beautifully represent these magnificent animals’ dignity and wisdom which are further beautified with the addition of colours. Elephants are one of the popular subjects in colouring sheets because kids of all ages love them. You can opt for original colours or let your kids experiment, nudging their creativity.

Elephants are unique in their way, whether it is their large ears, long white tusks or enormous body. Therefore, without further ado, go through the list of Elephant colouring pages and let your kids choose the one per their choice. Read on!

Top 15 Elephant Coloring Pages:

We have listed some of the famous and best Elephant colouring pages that will interest kids of all ages. So go through them and let your kids choose one.

1. African Elephant Coloring Page:

This sheet can be helpful if you are looking for simple elephant colouring pages. Kids of any age can use this sheet to colour, though younger ones might need a little help to stay inside the line. You can use grey or brown for the elephant and leave the tusks white. Use light brown for the ground and different shades of green for the trees and bushes. Crayons or colour pencils can be perfect for a mess-free result.

2. Elephant and Piggie Coloring Pages:

Elephant and Piggie is a book series created by Mo Willems for early readers. This colouring page depicts the relationship between the pig and elephant characters, Piggie and Gerald, respectively. The expressive dialogue, playful illustrations, positive messages and endearing characterization are some features that delight the readers. You can use light blue for the elephant and baby pink for the piggy. Using these colours gives the final output an authentic look.

3. Elephant Mandala Coloring Pages:

Mandala art is a popular art form whose popularity is increasing globally among people of all ages, irrespective of gender. This colouring page is a perfect option for adults who want to engage in colouring during their free time. Use brush pens or sketch pens to brighten the elephant gorgeously. Unlike single colours used for the previous patterns, using multiple colours can be a perfect way to create a unique look.

4. Realistic Elephant Coloring Pages:

This realistic-looking elephant colouring page is an ideal sheet that can be an attractive option for kids of all ages. However, younger ones might require little help. Use grey for all the elephants leaving the tusks white. At the same time, use different shades of green for the bushes and trees and light blue for the sky. Crayons and colour pencils can be ideal options to fill in every detail on the paper.

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5. Elmer the Elephant Coloring Page:

Suppose you are looking for elephant colouring pages for younger kids aged 5 to 6 years. The speciality of this colouring sheet is that the elephant is divided into small squares where each square is numbered. Furthermore, since each number has a designated colour, these colouring sheets look like the description in the woods. Crayons or pencils can be a perfect option to deal with it beforehand.

6. Elephant Coloring Pages for Adults:

Suppose you are looking for printable elephant colouring pages for adults. In that case, this one with only an elephant head with detailed, intricate elements can be an ideal choice. Since it is an excellent choice for adults, brush or sketch pens are the perfect colouring tools. It is best to use multiple colours in a combination of bright and pastel colours to bring a beauteous look to the paper.

7. Cute Elephant Coloring Pages:

Suppose you are looking for cuteness, the bright and naughty final whose innocence is captured beautifully. Use light blue or grey for the elephant’s body, and it is best suited for kids in the age group of 3.5 to 6 years to spread colours on the elephant. However, the colouring sheet is incomplete till everything is filled with colours thoroughly. Yes, various shades of green for the different types of plants.

8. Elephant Cartoon Coloring Page:

This cartoon elephant for colouring is best suited for kids in pre-school who are just starting with colouring training. You can choose light blue or grey for the elephant’s body and black for the marks near the legs. This cute little elephant plays with water taken with its trunk, and you can use blue for the water splashes. However, you can let the younger kids choose the colour of their choice if they don’t want to use blue or grey.

9. Easy Elephant Coloring Pages:

This is another free elephant colouring page suitable for kids aged 3.5 to 6 years with crayons or colour pencils as tools. You can use baby pink for the baby elephant, brown for the sand, blue for the seawater, and purple for the sand bucket and shovel. Finally, make the cute little cap more memorable by using multiple colours. For example, use a yellow background for the hat and red for the flowers.

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10. Free Printable Elephant Coloring Pages:

This elephant colouring picture is suitable for adults because of the presence of too many intricate details. Brush pens or sketch pens are the perfect tools to brighten this colouring sheet. Make sure to use multiple colours while maintaining momentum to create a stunning end product. Though adults would like this page more, even young adults in the age group of 11 to 15 years can try it as a challenge.

11. Fun Elephant Coloring Pages:

This is a cute elephant colouring sheet where the elephant plays with water with her friend, the mouse. It looks nothing short of a scene from an animated movie. Regarding the colours, use blue for the water, including the droplets and brown for the rat’s body. Use pink for the elephant’s body, red for her dress and yellow for the flowers. The happiness on the cute elephant’s face is further elevated by adding colours.

12. Gorgeous Printable Elephant Pictures:

The gorgeous baby elephant is picking out flowers and a gift which might be because she is going out to attend a party supposedly. Use light purple or pink for the elephant’s body and multiple colours for the gift box and flowers. Use bright colours for the dress, black for the cap, and yellow flowers and green leaves for the hat. This colouring page is suitable for kids aged 5 to 9 years, with colour pencils as colouring tools.

13. Lovely Elephant Coloring Images:

A cute little elephant playing with a puddle of water is what you need after a tiring day. The happiness in the eyes of the animal is what you will see in your kid’s eyes once they take a look at this page, wanting to use colours to bring the page to life. Use different shades of green for the bushes and multiple colours for all the flowers around the little elephant. Now use blue for the water splashes and grey or brown for the elephant’s body.

14. Enthralling Elephant Coloring Images:

This is another elephant colouring page with all the elements that make the page attractive for younger kids. You can use brown for the elephant’s body, including the legs, tail, trunk and ears, while highlighting the bright orange hair to make it stand out. Choose purple for the bucket and light blue for the water. However, you can let your kids choose the colours to make the colouring sheet more personal.

15. Elephant Coloring Page with a Bowtie:

An elephant going around in a bow tie must be the cutest thing we can find on the internet. Use blue for the elephant’s body and brown for the apron the cute little animal is wearing, which complement each other well. In addition, you can highlight the bowtie in bright colours like red or dark blue, further elevating the picture’s beauty. Finally, fill in the page with green for the bushes.

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Elephants are the largest animals on land and very friendly and intelligent animals. Not only kids even adults are fascinated by their long trunks, wide flat ears and thick legs, all the while being adorable. Now, with the help of the Elephant colouring pages we have provided in this article, you can take your child on an adventure in the animal world. Let them use the colours of their choice to encourage their creativity. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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