Typically when we hear the words “embroidered shirt”, we take it for granted that these shirts are meant for women. However, there are a number are beautifully embroidered men’s shirts made today that will not make you look or feel any less of a man. Embroidery lends a cloth a sort understated yet sophisticated glamour that just cannot be achieved by dyeing or printing. Well the good news, it’s not just for girls anymore.

Latest Embroidered Shirts for Men and Women:

Here, we bring you the top 10 embroidered shirts; men as well as women can enjoy these! Choose your loved one and pick it.

1. Mens Sleeve Embroidered Shirts:

This Mens Sleeve Embroidered Shirt will look good on any skin color, whether you are fairest of them all, or tall dark and handsome. The filled embroidery on sleeves adds beauty to the shirt while not taking anything from your handsome profile.

2. Men’s Embroidered Button Down Shirt:

Embroidery is not only for open collar and long sleeve jersey like shirts. In fact button down shirts look pretty cool with embroidery as well. This is a great choice for wearing to your office on the casual wear day, when you don’t want to stray too far from your usual attire but want to make a statement.

3. Embroidered Back Shirt for Women:

Embroidered shirts come in many different types. One of the most ‘in’ embroidery types right now is the shirts having embroidery on their back sides. This is a perfect shirt for that first date you are going on.

4. Classic Light on Light Embroidered Women’s Shirt:

This one is a women’s classic embroidered shirt. Light threads weaving a delicate pattern over a light colored soft cloth add the right amount of feminine charm to your attire. Pair it with a cute pair of shorts and you are ready to chill!

5. Light on Dark Men’s Embroidered Shirt:

This shirt, though labeled as a men’s shirt, is actually unisex. The collar would look good on both men as well as women. Make a statement with this white on grey embroidered shirt, whether you are a guy or a girl.

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6. Embroidered Crop Shirt for Women:

This is a women’s crop top/shirt that has a pretty embroidered finishing. It would look good on jeans as well as skirts. A definite buy!

7. Classic Shirt Embroidery for Men:

This is one of the typical linen men’s embroidered shirts that you can see everywhere. It is a classic where embroidered shirts are concerned for men. The light embroidered stripes on a slightly darker color with a semi round collar is a sophisticated statement that the designer as well as the wearer is making.

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8. Asymmetrical Women’s Embroidered Shirt:

This one is another gem for women’s wardrobe. The white on black asymmetrical embroidery is something that adds panache to your boring black shirt. Not too gaudy but just the right amount of trendy is what this one aims at.

9. Embroidery Bohomens Tunic Shirt:

Another type of embroidered men’s shirts is the white embroidered kind. You can have some small embroidery just over the middle of your shirt, or you can have the whole embroidered. Be it brightly colored or blue embroidery on a dark white background, this one is always going to give you the hipster cool you want to portray.

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10. White on Dark Women’s Embroidered Shirt:

This beautiful embroidered shirt is only for women. The around the collar and down the middle white embroidery is a feminine pattern that is quite fashionable right now. These shirts can be worn to casual hang-outs, to class as well as to work!

Embroidery on shirts is not only for women, and not only for bright embroidery on dark shirts. If chosen right, custom embroidered shirts can look great on men. The stereotype is just one more of the myths that our fashion industry has stuck to for the past several years, but now we are breaking it!

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