Embroidery has become quite a popular design for nearly all the outfits. It gives a unique and clear appearance to the outfit with various lovely designs. Among all the apparels, the embroidered t shirts have been the much-awaited design. It has given the youth a new way to express their design choice in colleges and picnics etc.

Latest and Stylish Embroidered T-Shirt Designs for Gents and Ladies in Fashion:

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1. Simple Embroidered T-Shirt for Men:

A simplified design made with embroidery designs is made on the cotton t-shirt for men. The t-shirt carries the knitted design of an airplane, an upside down individual and a parachute man that gives an amazing sky view with dual shades. This one prefect for your jeans outfit, try to include this one for your regular fitness collections.

2. Floral Embroidery T-Shirt for Women:

Linen has been a widely adopted material for giving the best embroidery on t shirts for women. The t-shirt is given a back opening with broad sleeves and embroidered floral design of a rose on the front.

3. Net Embroidered T-shirt for Women:

Embroidery is given a new status with net embroidery designs for t shirts. The design is made on plain semi-long t-shirt with knitted network on the top giving a flawless design with a justified neck depth.

4. Customized Embroidery T-Shirts for Men:

Custom embroidered t shirts are those which are given professional touch. This means simple plain t-shirts are given embroidery logo on the top side and the back, that can be something related to their profession or the company logo.

5. Collar Embroidery T-Shirts for Men:

Looking for a perfect autumn wear! Here is a tee shirt embroidery design that is made using collar t-shirt with long sleeves. The t-shirt is also given small charms knitted on it to make it more sophisticated.

6. Traditional Embroidery T-Shirt for Women:

Want to give your western look a traditional touch! A t shirt embroidery with sleeveless design suits the best. The t-shirt is given knitted embroidery with a combination of shells and stones to make it more traditional.

7. Butterfly Embroidery T-Shirt:

Butterfly hooded t-shirt is the best example of having a custom t shirt embroidery design in your wardrobe. The hooded t-shirt is given butterfly wings on both sides of the chain in embroidery design.

8. Peacock Embroidery T-Shirt for Women:

When embroidery is carried out on white surfaces, the designs give a new look to the apparel. A similar design is made on t shirt printing embroidery design where the white t-shirt is given a peacock design using several shapes and sizes pearls and stones on it. If you really searching some unique style for your college traditional day then get this pattern to grab the attention for your outlook.

9. Tribal Embroidery T-shirt for Men:

T shirts embroidery designs inspired by the tribal themes are quite adopted for having that theme look or party look. A simple t-shirt when given white thread embroidery with the face of a tribal individual gives an enlarged look to the wearer.

The embroidered tee shirts are perfect for giving yourself either a professional look or a party look. It is the best way to design your clothes with your own pattern. You can also combine a traditional look with the collared, tank or hooded t-shirt to give it a modernized touch for outings, theme parties or simply routine wear.