As indicated by Hindu mythology, the word emerald was taken from Sanskrit word marakata implies the green of growing things. It is also known by name Panna. These gemstones are considered as the third most beautiful and common gemstone. Emeralds, similar to every hued gemstone, are evaluated utilizing four essential parameters the four Cs Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight.

It is a very blessed stone of the planet mercury and has been considered as a symbol of hope. The power of this stone is more effective in the spring season and provides good health, wealth, and happiness. It occurs in colors that range from yellow-green to blue-green with the basic color necessarily to be green. It is considered as a traditional gemstone for the people who were born in May as well as for people who have zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini and sometimes cancer.

Emerald Stone Types and Its Meanings:

Here is a list of  9 Best shining emerald gemstones in different colours for using rings in india.

1. Chalk Emerald Stone:

This is the world’s finest Colombian emerald having the weight of 37.82 carats. It is known for its quality and color. These green jewels were utilized by indigenous people groups for no less than 1,000 years before the entry of the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century.

2. Duke of Devon Shire Emerald:

Duke of Devon shire emerald gemstone is an outstanding uncut gemstone found in the mine of Muzo Santa Fe de Bogota, Columbia having weight of 1383.95 carats. It is terminated hexagonal shaped crystal and bears a large area of transparency which makes it exceptional from other emeralds gemstones.

3. Gachala Emerald:

It is a most beautiful emerald gemstone, named in the honor of place where it is found i.e. Gachala. It is most famous and valuable emerald the in the world found in the mine of Vega De San Juan, Columbia. The color of the crystal is pure deep green and appears to be opaque having the weight of 838 carats. Most of these stones known for their transparency and shine.

4. Mogul Mughal Emerald:

It is largest engraved rectangular cut emerald in the world having the weight of 217.80 carats. It is a symbol of achievements in cultural, literary and artistic achieved by India during The Mughal period. It is a dark green color emerald originally found in Colombia.

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5. Patricia Emerald:

The Patricia emerald gets its name from mine owner daughter. It is one of the largest gem quality gemstone having the weight of 632 carats. It is a superbly color gemstone having shades of deep green and blue. It is unique because of its shape i.e. it is di hexagonal in shape and is slightly elongated than other crystals.

6. Bahia Emerald:

The Bahia Emerald is one of the biggest stone of unpleasant emerald on the planet and was uncovered from a mine in Bahia, Brazil. It is a large piece of rock made out of around nine precious stones. It is said to be the biggest emerald among the nine precious stones.

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7. Synthetic Emerald:

They are often known as lab created emerald because of its various compositions and structures, but it doesn’t come into existence until Chatham started to produce it in the 1930s. If we compare this emerald with the natural emeralds, they prove to be the best because of its clarity and structure. People prefer to purchase this stone because of its appearance and lower cost.

8. Red Emerald:

These emerald gemstones also known as Red Beryl or Bixbite. It is the rarest gemstone among all the beryl gemstones. It is estimated that there are around 9000 rubies. Presently it is found only in one location in the world and that is in the Wah Wah Mountains, USA.

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9. African Emerald Gemstone:

Since the Colombian emerald production rate has decreased due to rare appearance and huge pricing, the African emerald has come into to sunlight. Its light hued green color makes it more subtle and welcoming among women. African emerald has got bluish-green tint of color which varies according the depth and intensity.Oiling is done to improve the appearance of the gem .The oil used is colorless oil or resin.

Emeralds gemstones are considered as the sacred stone as they come in different shine and color depending upon the place of mine. Emerald gemstones have various benefits which correspond to speech, memory, wisdom, short travel and power. These gemstones are symbols of love and generosity.

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