Emerald is a gorgeous, brilliant green stone that is widely used in jewellery making. The pendants, earrings and rings made with emerald are eye-catching and expensive too. Emerald pendants can be done in silver and gold, and diamonds are also a common practice. Choose your perfect style of emerald pendant from these stunning designs. Each of the emerald pendants in this list has its special points.

Latest and Attractive Designs of Emerald Pendants for Women’s in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 emerald pendant designs.

1. Pear Cut Emerald Pendant:

One of the classic cuts for gemstones is the pear shape. This striking shape gives rise to an unmatched brilliance. This beautiful pear cut emerald pendant necklace is set in sterling silver. The sheer beauty of this pendant will make you swoon.

2. Emerald Gold Pendant:

Choose this emerald gold pendant which has a classic square cut emerald set in gold casing. The gold emerald pendant has a twisted cord chain. The emerald here is quite stunning and brilliant. Select this as a perfect gift for your loved one.

3. Emerald Diamond Pendant:

This mystical emerald diamond pendant is made with an oval-shaped emerald. The framework for this pendant is fine gold work that has tiny diamonds set in. The wavy designs made in gold are quite vintage in look and very Victorian. Select this emerald diamond pendant to go on traditional attire.

4. Natural Emerald Pendant:

Get raw cut natural emerald pendants for that rustic look. These wonderful natural rough-cut emerald pendant necklaces are beautiful and striking. Since they are natural and raw, the pendants do not have the usual shine that polished emeralds have.

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5. Emerald White Gold Pendant:

This classic flower-shaped pendant is very pretty and dainty. The petals of the flower are made with teardrop-shaped emerald stones. The necklace is made in white gold that is 14K. The pendant has a diamond in the centre too.

6. Petite Emerald Pendants:

Choose this petite emerald pendant necklace in yellow gold. This emerald is cut in the classic round cut and has a thick gold clasp around it. The chain used here is a link style very sturdy one. The yellow gold pendant link is thick and large in comparison to the size of the stone.

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7. Geometric Emerald Pendant:

Get a geometric emerald pendant if you are fashion crazy and love to add some quirky style to your look. This particular geometric emerald pendant is in a triangular shape with a gold setting. Choose a shape that you love and pair these with designer wear to give a chic look to your outfits.

8. Simulated Emerald Pendant:

Try out this huge concave cut simulated emerald pendant set in sterling silver. The emerald is cut in a heart shape and looks stunning with the silver cage style framework. This is a perfect pendant to wear for formal outfits and occasions. Choose a design that you love for the framework, and you are set to turn heads.

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9. Multi Stone Emerald Pendant:

Instead of a single stone pendant, you can opt for a multi-stone setting that looks dazzling as well. Here you will have a design that incorporates many emeralds in a setting that may have matching earrings. The stones used may be in conjunction with diamonds for a more luxurious look.

Choosing a perfect emerald pendant from these will be a tough task. Select cuts like pear, teardrop, round, square or even heart shape. The pendants are made in either yellow gold or silver. You could even choose the size of the stone – single large stone or petite.

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