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17 Trending Men’s Engagement Dresses from Recent Fashion

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We see it is your engagement time! So, are you confused about what to wear on your special day? So are the ladies! But this, we will help the men pick and choose the right attire for their engagement, by giving them options on picking the best engagement men’s wear.

Dressing contributes a lot to your personality. So how about you keep it on the higher side this time? Along with your lady, get ready to impress the invitees with your mild and classic choices. While some may like the ever-classic suit, others like a dash of bright colour embroidered with mirror work on their sherwani. Or may be casual?

engagement dresses for men

Whatever you choose, you can discover numerous fashionista presenting their assorted collections, and signature collections for gents. From cutting edge, in vogue to the tasteful look in different brilliant mixes are accessible in the market, all of which are designed to make you look agile and handsome.

Latest Engagement Dresses for Men in India:

Our article has listed the most recent design patterns, brands, styles and other conventional, ethnic ideas which you may consider and narrow down your choice.

1. Neck Open Designer Jodhpuri Suit Indian Men’s Designer Suits:

Engagement Dress for men1

This Neck open designer Jodhpuri suit is woven in 100% linen fabric and is regarded as the best engagement dress for the groom. With a jacket embellished at neck, front, sleeves biceps plus cuff, the dress will give you an elegant look. It comes with trouser making it complete. Remember to dry clean only. This kind is quite popular in all North Indian weddings.

2. Suits: Linen and Seersucker Suits:

Engagement Dress for men2

Linen suits are known to last long. They can be altered and even worn on a casual day. The similar can be thought for the seersucker suit. It is a fashion today that has come back into action from the yester years. Check this out if you want to keep your dressing mild.

3. Shirt Styles: Spread Collar Shirt:

Engagement Dress for men3

This is also another engagement dress for the boy. Make sure that you opt for a spread collar; it looks good even without a tie. A button-down plus sweater with a nice couple of jeans and garb shoes are a good combination. A collared shirt adds to the confidence quotient. This one could be for you if you like to relax in a comfy shirt.

4. Cotton Suits with Blazers:

Engagement Dress for men4

A cotton suit or blazer could be another best choice as the engagement dress for the groom. Its flat finish gives a traditional look along with the blazer. The good part is, it is not heavy at all. So, you may as well be able to carry around yourself well. This attire is on the popular side of the groom. It is a preferred choice for a lot of the men out there.

5. Tee Shirt:

Engagement Dress for men5

If you take ‘casual’ too seriously, then a tee shirt is ideal for you. A crew neck collar tee or a polo shirt of mild colour along with a contrasting pant is a sure eye-catcher. Relax and feel comfy in your own attire in a tee. After all, going casual is the new cool!

6. Pants:

Engagement Dress for men6

Choose your pants wisely, keeping in mind the colour of the shirt. A chino pant with a blazer is a popular choice. Remember to look out for bold colours. This way, even if your shirt is on the light side, your contrasting pants will provide the required sheen and add attraction.

7. Casual Shirts:


There is nothing hotter than a casual shirt. One step higher than too simple is the choice of a casual shirt. Select your designer or get it stitched just the way you like. Tough shade Men’s polo shirt is for all time the ideal choice. Choose from the range of shades, patterns and arm length. You may also consider a silk shirt. Wear mild colour pants for your casual shirt. Long sleeves bring in elegance. You may also roll up your sleeve and button it three fourth. Investing a good amount of time here will actually show up on your choice and portray you like the best dressed in the category of engagement outfit for man.

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8. Mughlia Sherwani For Men:

Engagement Dress for men8

This is a designer sherwani, one that is most popular. This engagement suit for grooms adds an ethnic look coupled with shoes that reflect the emperor style dressing. There is a huge range of varieties and designs in this model. Choose the styles based on your liking. Match the colours and choose to get it stitched. Alternatively, you may also opt for ready-made ones.

9. Salwar Kameez Indian Jari Embroidered Sky Blue Suit:

Engagement Dress for men9

This good-looking attire is simply beautiful and defines elegance. It is completely embroidered art silk with shiny material sherwani could be one of your options. Top (Kameez) comes with a simple collar neckline, comprehensive length. It is meant to be worn loose, have face open by small slits at a side to facilitate effortlessness movement. With decorative buttons, there is little flower motive all about the collar, frontage and back. This is one set that is preferred among the best engagement dresses for men in India.

10. Silk Sherwani Dhoti Pattern:

Engagement Dress for men10

This corn silk sherwani colour with light sea green dhoti colour with cadet blue rumaal is also a good choice for engagement. This Punjabi special attire comes with a piping colour on the top. If you like some true traditional attire, then this definitely is your choice. It adds to the charm and is stitched to perfection.

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11. Customized Outfits:

Customized Outfits 11

This redid Indian apparel gives you the breath-taking collections of your morals and traditions. Get your personalized stitched purely based on your like and taste. Choose to wear a Punjabi sherwani or a kurta filled with art work and embroidery, matching it with a good choice of mild coloured pants. You could also consider a short kurta and match it with Afghani pants and a king like shoes of your size. Get your creativity out on a roll and mix and match designs and colours. While this could be an engagement dress for the groom, bring in more colours and patterns by customizing it your way!

12. Nehru Jackets For Appreciation And Ethnic Feel:

Nehhru Jackets For Appreciation And Ethnic Feel -12

For an engagement ceremony, this type of ethnic engagement dress for Indian groom will help one look rich and fine. You have may suit it with Nehru coat. You can combine this with a pathani kurta suit, and few other combinations of pants which are complimented for the engagement ceremony.

13. Achkan:

Achkan -13

Made from the killer combination of Indo-Persian mix, the Achkan is a standout amongst the most exquisite types of sherwanis that can be seen. Basically of North Indian imperial source, the achkan includes a long knee-length coat that is a combined result of a Persian Chapkan and a British Gown. Achkan is another popular choice of engagement dress for men.

14. Angrakha:

Angrakha -14

This engagement men’s wear comes with a blend of the established style of the Mughals and the stunning craftsmanship of Rajasthani architects, the Angrakha is essentially an antiquated Indian cut perfect engagement dress for an Indian man. A V-neck Kurti joined by covering boards is the thing that includes the dress. The uniqueness of the dress is that it looks astonishing in all hues, yet then you can simply pick dim hues for engagement and related events.

15. Coat Suites:

Coat Suites-15

This is another engagement suit for men for his engagement. Coat Suits can be both stylish and appealing to the viewers. It adds a touch of a formal plus neat look. Pick a brand of your choice and a smart colour to go with the night and your complexion.

16. Designer Dhoti Kurtas:

Designer Dhoti Kurtas

Gone are the days when you were constantly surrounded by fears of the dhoti getting opened to the public. Ready-made dhotis in the late times guarantee that you get the chance to convey a dhoti easily. Setting a seat mark in the ethnic fashion trends for Men, dhoti is still thought to be a conventional Indian engagement dress for men that can be stolen away with effortlessness at events like relational unions and pujas.

17. Sherwani:

Sherwani -17

In case, you need to be the best-dressed man in your engagement ceremony, settle on a staggering sherwani. If you are deciding on an attractive and thoughtful weaved piece or a decorated one, do not settle for anything less until you find. Choose the right size. Likewise, search for exquisite ornamentation, weaving and extravagance of colour if you may prefer. If you are on the heavier side, go for something which is inconspicuous and light material. So also, on the off chance that you are built and you are tall, you can decide on sherwanis with overwhelming embellishments and embroidery. A coat will be flawless extra to put forth a dynamic style expression.

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Take up the clothing seriously and dress the way you like without any compromise. Try out a range of designs and patterns to see what suits you more. Look good on a special day and redefine your choices. Shine throughout the day while you also add colour and charm some of the best engagement dress for Indian groom.