The vital and mandatory aspect of any Indian engagement ceremony is the application of mehndi design for engagement. The custom of applying mehndi is well known among Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey who follow this beautiful tradition. The patterns are done intricately and can vary from the traditional designs to abstract patterns. The spectacular mehndi designs are applied not only on the palms but are also drawn on upper arms, calves and feet. These patterns of the design can either be drawn thick, decorated with pearls and even shaded according to the designs. Hope this extensive article will help you choose the design of your choice and make your engagement ceremony a truly memorable one!

Here are the 15 top mehndi designs to choose from for your engagement ceremony.

15 Latest Collection of  Mehndi Designs for Engagement Ceremony:

1. Egyptian Eye Mehndi Design for Engagement:

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and good health. The symbol was to ward off evil. This design has an ethnic look to it. The Egyptian eye mehndi designs for engagement exhibits the same level of intricacy, as evident in the standard style. The Egyptian-mehndi-design consisting of triangle-and-horus-eye is well known. The back of the hand is ideal for this type of design, and it looks very striking and unique.

2. The Leafy Type Engagement Mehendi Designs:

Whimsical leaf patterns and blooming flowers make this engagement mehndi design look extremely beautiful. This piece of artwork depicts the beauty of nature. The leaf-like patterns are well emphasised, making the full hand leafy design look special. It also magnifies the importance of the feminine gender where the curves make the design look awesome, and the leaves pattern makes the hand look very elegant. It is ideal for applying this design to the back of the hands.

3. Entangled Mehendi Design for Engagement Ceremony:

As the very name suggests “entangled” can refer to the intricateness of the design. The mehndi for engagement has so much detail in it, and this makes it all the more attractive. The complex combination of lines entangled together in the form of flowers and leaves weaving intricately reveal the artistry of this design. Truly a pair of steady hands are required for the success of the final outcome of this design. This design is suitable to be done on the feet and legs.

4. New Patterned Mehndi Design for Engagement:

Patterned is one of the recent trends in mehndi designs for engagement, which is gaining popularity as opposed to traditional designs. This is a minimal mehndi design. The catchy play of thick and thin lines adds to the beauty of this design. This design imparts a celebratory feel and is appropriate for adolescent girls who are attending the engagement function. This can be aptly applied to the palms of the hands.

5. Heart Shape Mehandi Designs for Engagement:

This heart design is loved by all and is an ideal engagement mehndi design. It depicts two halves to form a heart when the hands are joined together. The artwork compliments the design as it symbolically shows the union two people. It is a spectacular piece of work and holds its place in the top mehndi designs for an engagement ceremony. This breathtaking design is exceptional and ideal for the palms as it utilises the use of two hands as a canvas to depict this beautiful design.

6. Spider’s Web Mehndi Designs for Engagement:

This trendy latest mehndi design for engagement is like a snare and is quickly gaining popularity as it is unlike the traditional designs that are normally chosen. This symmetrical complicated mehndi design probably may not be easy to execute by everyone. This unconventional design consists of lines, curves and dots artistically done to obtain the resultant work of beauty. Palms are ideal for this type of design.

7. Floral Engagement Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design for engagement is a unique and easy floral patterned design that will captivate all. Floral designs represent love, peace, fertility and beauty. Intricate floral patterns make the design on the hand appear fuller. Flowers are especially preferred by most people as floral designs are present in most of the traditional mehndi designs. Each floral design has its value and significance and is ideal on the back of the hands.

8. Diagonal Engagement Mehandi Designs for Hands:

This is a simple mehndi design for engagement and unlike other common designs. It has a vine-like design entwining the hand resembling a chain-like ornament. The very minimal design is perfect for young girls to wear for an engagement ceremony. This mehndi design can be worn at the back of the hand. This simple design makes the hand look no less stunning than the intricately patterned ones.

9. Peacock Mehndi Design for Engagement:

The peacock mehndi design is one of the oldest and most traditional mehndi designs for engagement. This peacock pattern is so unique that it eliminates the customary traditional pattern and looks amazingly beautiful! The intricate design on the fingers makes the pattern with flower petals and the peacock very striking to look at. This design covers the entire palm and looks really beautiful. This can be considered as a good option for the engagement ceremony.

10. Pictures in Engagement Mehndi Designs:

This kind of mehndi design is trending among modern brides-to-be who choose pictures in engagement mehndi designs to symbolically depict their special event. There are popular designs called the “Raja and Rani” which are very popular for engagement ceremonies. Such designs can be customised, and one can creatively convey their choice to professionals, and it is always safer to take the services of a professional as such designs require a lot of patience and skill.

11. Kada Engagement Mehndi:

This Kada engagement mehendi looks awesome when done on the back of the hand and wrist. It gives the impression of wearing a bangle or Kada and has a very contemporary look to it. This kind of design is preferred as it covers most of the hand, including the forearms and eliminates the need to wear bangles. The design covers only one finger leaving the other fingers bare for the beautiful engagement ring.

12. Leafy Engagement Mehndi Photo:

This engagement mehndi design is ideal for the engagement ceremony with its leaf and floral design. The leafy pattern and spiral patterns make it different from the other usual patterns. The half hearts and spirals make the design look mesmerising and striking to look at. The faces depicted in the design makes it appropriate for the engagement ceremony. This is a design that has a contemporary look to it and covers the full hand, making it suitable for the palm of the hands.

13. Spiral and Heart-Shaped Mehndi for Engagement:

This beautiful symmetrical mehendi design for engagement is indeed truly a feast for the eyes. One cannot ignore the craftsmanship of this artwork, which is very intricate and captivating to look at. The joining of two hands to form a single beautiful heart is ideal for an engagement function. The pretty design adds to the design’s beauty quotient. This architectural style of mehndi design makes it stand apart from the usual traditional ones and is ideal to be done on the palms of the hands.

14. Engagement Arabic Mehndi Design:

This Arabic design is an effluent mehndi design for girls on the day of their engagement. This design covers the back and front of the hands. The designs are very versatile as they changed by just shifting the motifs from one place to another. They are known for their free-flowing designs. This type of design is very popular in Arab countries, and hence, it is rightly called Arabic mehendi design. This design has gained popularity in India.

15. New Half and Half on Feet Mehndi Design for Engagement:

Why should feet be ignored with respect to heart designs, some prefer mehndi designs up to their knees, while some prefer the minimalistic design and adorn only their feet.The engagement mehendi designs are stupendous and range from complicated jaali to simple floral artwork on feet. The designs are so pretty that they do not require any additional ornaments like toe rings to enhance its beauty. There are even mehndi designs that are applied on the soles of the feet and some only on the toes. There is no dearth of designs online to choose for the feet from traditional to the most modern and trendy designs.

Additional Tips:

  • Get waxing and scrubbing treatments done before application of mehndi to avoid fading away of the design.
  • Wash hands well before application of mehndi.
  • The mehndi used should be of good quality.
  • After it dries spray design with lemon and sugar water, this will make the mehndi stick for a longer time.
  • After scraping the dried mehndi do not touch water for 5-6 hours.
  • Vicks or mustard oil can be applied to the design to make it darker before going to bed.
  • Mehndi should be applied 24-48 hours before the D-day.

The word ‘Mehendi’ was originally derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika’ and referred to the henna plant itself. Mehendi is not for women alone. Nowadays, we find that men use mehendi too. It is said that some cancer patients who lose all their hair apply mehndi paste to their bald spots as it leaves a brown colour. We can use new techniques like white and gold colour to add innovation to the mehndi designs instead of the traditional and conventional methods practised. One can beautify the designs by adding glitter stones, pearls or sparkles to make it look more attractive. Mehendi is of significant relevance in most religions, especially Hindus and is a vital part of 16 adornments (SolahShringar).