Engagements are becoming more a topic of fantasy and a function more celebrated like weddings. The day when two people get committed to each other and promise each other to get together one day and get married and live a life long relationship together happily and with love that gets doubles and more in the years later. The rings always make them remember the golden lovely period of their life of the time they first promise each other and the love they have already given to each other.

Hence the engagement rings should always be dynamic and awesome in design hat not only looks adorable but also is incredible. The ring denotes their love for each other and people make the day and the rings memorable by making the rings as per their choice. Customized rings or personalized rings are largely chosen by people these days.

Engagement Couple Rings in Gold and Diamonds:

Some unique ring designs have been collected in our article which provides unique designs of anyone to choose for their engagement.

1. Sterling Silver Engagement Rings:

Engagement rings for couples with diamond are the mostly chosen designs among the couples. The cute feminine touch for the girl and a broad design for the boy looks exactly made for each other design. Diamonds have always taken a large place in bonding of two hearts.

2. Matching Engagement Rings for Couples:

Matching engagement rings for couples can be designed with diamond. Diamond studded on the ring band for the girls ring and single diamond in the center. While, the boys ring can be studded with single big diamond in the center followed by three diamonds on the ring band looks elegant.

3. Two Tone Engagement Rings for Couples:

Two toned engagement rings for couples with gold and silver in the making isa unique and incredible design. A plain smooth finish for the man and pave diamond for the lady looks brilliant pair for the couple.

4. Gold Plated Rings for Engagement Couples:

Couples engagement rings gold plated and dull finishing on the top surface with silver or rhodium looks an extra ordinary design. The unique look of the ring will look amazing on the day, though the finishing of the rings may differ when time goes.

5. Twisted Designer Couples Engagement Rings:

A very simple and yet exclusive design of twisted rings glow up your fingers with love on the day of engagement. Couple engagement rings with simple and sober design will always be admired.

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6. Love Engraved Couples Engagement Rings:

Loves engraved on the rings are the best cute looking and lovely engagement rings for couples to begin their new life together. The engagement rings will leave beautiful memories with love each time the rings appear in front of their eyes.

7. Sterling Silver Single Diamond Engagement Rings:

Single diamond rings are found to be all time favorite among the ceremonies like engagements, weddings or anniversaries. A single diamond sterling silver couples engagement rings will definitely capture the day with feelings.

8. Open Ends Couples Engagement Rings:

Amazing designs in couple’s engagement rings can be chosen for your special day. A designer ring which has open ends also gets adjusted according to the size of the finger and also looks incredible at the same time. The unique design is much admired by the newly getting engaged couples.

9. Rose Gold Couples Spinner Engagement Rings:

Rose gold jewelry can be chosen for engagement purpose. The beauty of light pinkish gold looks unique and attractive. Couples engagement rings can glam up your day with the rose gold spinner matching rings.

10. Tungsten Couples Engagement Rings:

Tungsten gold is metal that is very much used for the making of jewelry these days, especially rings and pendants. The hard metal is also very much admired for couples engagement rings ceremony. A simple yet ravishing design can make your day memorable.

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11. Simple Gold Engagement Rings for Couples:

Simple engagement rings for couples in gold are the most favorite among lovers who don’t give more importance to the designer jewelry. The plain gold polished rings look elegant and full of love with full simplicity rather than show off and glam.

12. Couples Gold Crown Engagement Rings:

Amazing couple’s engagement rings in gold in the shape of crown will win the hearts of many. The crowns of the king and queen fully designed in gold will cover the finger and look stunning and impressive.

13. Lovely Designer Couples Engagement Rings:

Lovely designer rings for couple’s engagement in gold will incredibly high light on the fingers. The incredible design like the unfinished gold looks brilliant designer ring. Both the rings for the men and women match amazingly with each other.

14. Couples Engagement Rings with Names on it:

Couples love to engrave their names on their rings for engagement. Engagement rings for couples in gold with such delightful designs will be a memorable choice for both. Rings with both the names for both of them will always be worn on their fingers.

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15. Personalized Engagement Rings for Couples:

Engagement rings for couples can also be personalized with colorful diamonds and pave diamond on the rings band. The diamond can be chosen according to the color of the month of their birth of both the couples.

Choosing the best engagement ring is also an art and it also depends on the choice of the person. Fun loving people can choose spectacular designs like their finger prints engraved on the rings or the sound waves of their names engraved on the rings. The symbolic rings like the key and lock rings, the king and Queens Crown rings, the broken heart rings etc.

simple and rich design loving people can choose the plain polished rings or the diamond rings or even the two tone rings. Other metallic rings such as the sterling silver, the tungsten gold or the platinum gold rings are a costly yet incredible ring that not only achieves the engagement but also glitters for the lifelong relation. Engagements rings need to be special as the beginning of a new life together starts from the commitment on the day of engagement. Let the day be awesome with beautiful rings for the couples.

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