Everyone wants to have their engagement ring totally amazing. Selecting a perfect engagement ring might be a very tough task for a couple. If you are hunting for a unique engagement ring, then here we have compiled a list of beautiful and simple engagement rings that are suitable for all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for center stone rings, simple engagement rings, vintage style rings or some mixed metal designs, we have all option out there; those are hot right now in trend.

You can also choose a simple plain solitaire engagement rings but selecting a ring that is out of box can make your day memorable forever. An engagement ring is a best way to express your love and affection to your beloved and we believe that this precious signature of love should be unique and stunning. So, if you have found your better halve and you are going to get engage in few days then , get ready to buy an engagement ring that can reflect your love and emotions perfectly and can highly impress the people around your with its stunning design and quality.

Unique Engagement Rings for Women and Men:

Let’s check out the list of 25 best engagement ring designs those are as much stylish as they are sophisticated.

1. Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Ring:

Try out the Rose gold in your engagement as it is capable enough to give you a look of modern diva. And that is the reason that the rose gold rings are making a huge comeback. The color of the gold that is the shade of rosy suits to all skin tones , so you don’t need to think about the color of skin if you are buying a rose gold ring for you engagement.

2. Colorful Gemstone Engagement Ring with Diamonds:

Diamond rings are considered to be the best gift in your engagement but if you don’t wants to go with the diamond then there are lots of colorful gemstones are out there. You can add the ruby, sapphire or emerald as a center stone in your ring. The colorful stone ring gives a unique vibe to your attire.

3. Square Band Engagement Ring:

Square bands are very famous among the engagement rings and the best thing about them they are more comfortable than the round ones. The square band slightly sits on your finger and the edges of the square band won’t pinch your fingers. You can also add a center stone to your ring in order to make your square band extra attractive.

4. Colorful Diamonds Engagement Rings:

Many of us utilizing the clear diamonds in our rings, but now the time has changed and now it’s time to do the experiments with the color of a diamond. A colorful diamond ring can be a beautiful ring for engagement. So, if you want to show some boldness you can opt for the colorful diamond rings.

5. Floral Design Rings for Engagement:

Floral designs are very popular in girl rings and so we add the floral accents ring in our top list also. Delicate floral designs are running with fashion and having a flower shaped engagement ring in your finger can be the signature of your up to date fashion style. You can find the different shapes and sizes for the flower in engagement rings for women.

6. Pear Shaped Stones Engagement Ring:

Pear shaped stone rings are something different with the stone shapes. The pear shaped ring perfectly features the beauty of your ring finger and easily attract the peoples around you. So add a pear cut diamond in as a center stone in your ring and let the ring make you the show stopper of the show.

7. Double or Split Shanks Engagement Ring:

Double shanks Engagement Rings are something creative with the shaped of the ring. The double shanks ring gives a two times beauty to your finger. The high shine two shanks are stone studded beautiful engagement ring adds glamour and reflects the fashion forward personality of the wearer.

8. Mixed Metal Settings Engagement Ring:

If you are confused between the rose gold, platinum or yellow gold then you can go for the mixed metal rings. The ring has the platinum base and the boundary of the stone is made up of rose gold which gives you a special feeling of wearing the blend of all precious metals. So, try the mix and match of the metals for engagement and let your bride or groom feel special.

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9. Twisted Rings for Engagement:

Twisted Ring can be a good choice for your engagement. Here the once again mixed metal stone studded twisted ring for you, you can also choose a single metal to create your own twisted ring. The crossover design of the band gives a modern vibrant to the wearer. If you want to show off your creativity with your engagement band you can go for this twisted ring.

10. Delicate Settings Engagement Ring:

If you are person who always like to have a minimalist look, then this delicate diamond ring is made up for you. There is no need to use a giant diamond or extra designing in your ring, a simple diamond ring can also do the wonders for your beloved. A small stone perfectly sits in the center is enough to make you feel special on your day.

11. Bow Engagement Ring Design:

Bows are hot in fashion and that’s why we can’t ignore to introduce this design in your list. Get a bow shaped ring on your engagement for your beloved in this season. Sleek and smart bow add a beautiful girly flourish to a ring and let the bow ring say those words of love that you wants to say to your better halve.

12. Knot Design Engagement Ring:

The knot design ring is one of the best engagement rings.This new knot design ring is consisting of the multiple knots around the center stone. It is great way to tie your love vows with the knots of this rings and it can also be the signature of the promises of love between you and your beloved. So, take the first step towards to your marriage with this beautiful knot engagement rings.

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13. Stunning Black Diamond Engagement Ring:

If you want to try something nontraditional and want to wear something unique in your finger, then you can opt of this black diamond gold ring. The black diamond perfectly sits with the yellow gold which enhances the beauty of the ring. Give yourself a different and unique look on your engagement day with this stunning black diamond ring.

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14. The Sapphire Stone Engagement Ring:

If you are person who loves to show off your royal look but not satisfied with only diamonds, then this sapphire side stone with the center diamond can be the perfect choice for you. The sapphire stone studded with a center diamond hold the power to showcase your regal look in an event.

15. Teardrop Side Design Engagement Ring:

Give a stunning look to the whole band with these teardrop droplets on the sides of a band. The sparkling droplets are powerful enough to catch the eye of the people not only to center stone but also to the whole ring. Decorate your finger with this teardrop side design band and let the world say about its beauty.

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16. The Rounded Pave Engagement Rings:

The rounded pave is one of the most common designs in the category of the engagements rings. But even being a common design it has something in its own style that never goes out of fashion. The center rounded pave surrounded by the small stones make you to look stunning on your day.

17. Multi-Tier Band Engagement Ring:

Why wear one when we can wear 2 or 3 bands all together? The yellow gold multi tier band is specially designed with the 3 stone studded bands those are crossover to each other. Wearing a multi tier band as an engagement ring in your finger can be a symbol of your unique style statement.

18. Filigree Designs Engagement Ring:

This filigree ring is one of the best engagement rings. The filigree rings comes with a vintage and traditional designs but adding a center stone of diamond can turn the ring into modern and stylish one. Wearing a designer filigree ring in your engagement can complete your day. Give yourself a touch of vintage rings with this diamond stud filigree ring.

19. The Emerald Cut Ring Engagement Ring:

The emerald cut is one of the most stylish and coolest designs. This design has its own importance in this category. Wearing a emerald ring as an engagement ring can easily express your love for the modern and fashionable designs. The highly finished emerald cut ring studded with stones can enhance the beauty of the wearer.

20. Simple Oval Diamond Cut Engagement Ring:

The oval shaped diamond ring is widely famous in engagement rings. The oval shaped design is simple and elegant at the same time. So, if you want to add a touch of elegance in your engagement ring then this oval shaped diamond ring is an ideal ring for engagement. You can also choose the oval colorful stone or diamonds as a center stone in your ring.

21. Beautiful Colorful Side Stones Engagement Ring:

Can’t decide between the clear diamond or a colorful stone? Don’t worry here we have the solution for you. The mix and match of clear diamond and colorful stones can well satisfy your need. Use the colorful stones around your center stone and you will be all set to flair your creative and unique style.

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22. Geometric Designs Engagement Ring:

The geometric design is like something to do some creative with a ring shape. If you are a nontraditional bride wants to wear an amazing unique engagement ring on your day then you can opt for the geometric ring design. There are wide varieties of shapes and sizes are available in geometric rings. You can also choose the different stones to use as center stone in your geometric shape ring.

23. Braided Bands Engagement Ring:

Take your ring exchanging moment on your engagement day to the other level with this braided band. The braided bands are unique in their own style. The stunning braided ring can be the symbol of your love that you would like to wear forever in your finger The center rose shaped with a small little diamond make the ring look more attractive and beautiful.

24. The Floral Halo Engagement Ring:

It’s time do some experiments with your center diamond. If you don’t want to wear a simple center stone in your ring, then you can easily turn the diamond stone in to flower. Give your center stone a flower shape and change the whole look of your engagement ring. The floral halo ring can be the perfect choice for your engagement ring. So, choose the floral halo engagement rings for women for your engagement that can grab the attention of the people and make you to feel special on your day.

25. Halo Square Cut Engagement Rings:

The square cut rings are timeless but what makes it special is that the stone studded sides of rings. The halo square cut ring make you to feel modern and adds glamour in your personality. Get yourself or to your beloved the halo square cut ring and we are sure that won’t regret it.

Engagement is a very special occasion for a couple as it includes the words of love and exchanging of rings which symbolizes the trust and love for each other. No other jewelry ornament says “love” more powerfully than a beautiful engagement ring. A ring will be a jewelry item that someone will wear it for lifetime and that’s why it is worth choosing carefully.

You must pick a ring which has the right stone, style and meaning. There are plenty of choices are available in engagement rings but everyone dreams of having a unique and amazing one. This top 25 list of engagement rings designs will help you to choose a perfect and ideal ring for your engagement. So, if you want to make you engagement day meaningful and memorable, then just go through the list and pick any one of the design for yourself or for your beloved according to the taste and personality and you will be all set to express your love and care with your ring.


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