English names are fairly large in number. It, therefore, sure, must be an ordeal to pick the right one. Whether you are looking to name your baby girl or boy, or even your twins, we have a list of English child names that will be very helpful for you. For those of you looking for unisex names, we have it all ready. English names originated from old English or Western Germanic, which is the language the Anglo- Saxons used in ancient times. Take a look at some of them.

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Most Popular English Baby Names and Meanings

English Names for Boys:

Here is a collection of some of the beautiful English baby names for boys.

1. Addison:

Addison means ‘the Son of Adam’. The name is a very popular name for all the English boys.

2. Adken:

Adken means ‘made of oak’. The name implies strong and brave. Adken is also a variant of Aiken and is a popular English name.

3. Adrion:

Another name of English origin is Adrion. The name also has its origin from Latin. It means ‘from Adriatic sea region’ and thus is an English baby boy name from that region.

4. Cal:

Cal means ‘bold’. It is also the abbreviation of names that begin with Cal-. This is a rather Old English name.

5. Carter:

Carter is a very popular English name for boys. It means ‘drives a cart’. The name is important because it is a surname and an occupational name.

6. Chadwick:

Chadwick is more of a surname, and it is a name from the warrior’s town.

7. Daelan:

Daelan is a rhyming variant of Waylon. Waylon is known as the historical blacksmith who has supernatural powers.

8. Dalbert:

Dalbert is another modern English baby name. It means ‘proud’ or ‘noble’. Dalbert is a good option for a baby boy if you are looking for a name starting with ‘D’.

9. Dana:

Dana means a person from Denmark. This could be an apt name for babies from Denmark.

10. Daron:

Daron means ‘great’ and is a unique English baby name.

11. Darwin:

Darwin is a popular English name. Haven’t we heard of this name often? Darwin means ‘friend of the deer’.

12. Dave:

It is a classic American baby boy name. Dave is used more of a nickname for David or Davis. It has just one syllable, thus making it easier to spell.

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13. Dominic:

A Latin name from the Middle Ages, Dominic was a 13th Century monk. It has upper class associations and means belonging to the Lord. A little Dom of your own could be very refined, calm and spiritual.

14. Earl:

It means ‘nobleman’. Earl is a title of an aristocratic family.

15. Edwaldo:

Another classic American name is Edwaldo. The name means ‘wealthy ruler’. It has an English origin.

16. Elfred:

Elfred means ‘sage’ or ‘wise’. This English male baby name is unique.

17. Faer:

How about this very rare and unique name for your baby boy? The name means ‘traveler’ and is an apt name for all those babies whose parents are looking for something different.

18. Fitz:

Fitz is never used as a name in isolation. It is the surname, a prefix that means ‘son of’. Usually, there is another name after Fitz.

19. Frank:

The name Frank is another popular name. Frank means ‘free man’. Frank is also a nickname for Francis or Franklin.

20. Galen:

Galen means ‘calm’. The name is also seen in the Gaelic language, where it means ‘tranquil’.

21. Garet:

Garet means ‘brave with a spear’. How about this English baby name for your baby boy? The name has an English origin too.

22. Garrey:

Garrey means ‘spear’ and is a common English baby name.

23. Hadden:

Hadden means ‘from the heath’. The name has an English origin.

24. Haines:

Haines is more of a surname and means ‘from the vine-covered cottage’.

25. Hale:

Hale means ‘from the remote valley’. It also means ‘healthy’. Hale is used more like a surname and is not a name in isolation.

26. Halsey:

Halsey is a name for the people from Hal’s island and is rather a region specific name.

27. Hamilton:

Hamilton means ‘from the proud town estate’. It is also a surname of one of the greatest families that reside in Scotland.

28. Harris:

Harris means ‘son of Harry’. So, if the father’s name is Harry, this name will be a very apt name for your son. The name is also an Old English name.

29. Hugo:

Hugo is a name of affluence, implying wealth and aristocracy. It is a Germanic name and has become very fashionable in recent years. The name means heart, mind, intelligence and inspiration. What better reason do you need to name your baby boy Hugo and have all these qualities rolled into one.

30. Jack:

From the Middle Ages to the present day, Jack is and has been the most popular name given to a boy and continuously number one in many countries. A variant on John, this is an adorable name for a baby boy. It means God is gracious, and God truly is gracious to give you an adorable baby named Jack. The name is very famous and has also featured in countless nursery rhymes, stories through the decades, as well as many TV dramas.

31. Jackson:

Jackson means ‘son of Jack’. This is a rather common and simple English child name.

32. Joshua:

An adorable name for a gorgeous baby boy and often shortened to Josh. This melodic name is of Hebrew origins and features in the Old Testament. Very popular in recent years, the name means the Lord is generous, and of course, a baby boy is a generous gift for any parent.

33. Kaison:

Kaison means ‘Keeper of the Keys’. Kai is the modern variant of Kaison. This old English name was once very famous to indicate that the person is actually a keeper and can be trusted.

34. Landon:

Landon is another region specific name. It is a name for all those people from Long Hill.

35. Lanston:

This is another region specific name that means people from Long Estate.

36. Mannie:

Mannie is an English baby name with its origin in English. It means ‘God is with us’. It is also considered as an abbreviation of Emmanuel.

37. Mark:

Mark is a very popular English name. It is a variant of the name Marcus. The name has been the most favorite one among parents. The name is also a nickname for Marcus and is a cute one!

38. Michael:

Another name with Biblical beginnings, Michael, is a Hebrew name and was one of the archangels. A common name meaning who is like God, name him Michael, and your little boy will be an adorable cherub

39. Newton:

Newton is a truly English origin name. The name is now used more like a surname and is a rather old English name.

40. Norman:

Norman is a person from the north and is a northerner. The name has a French and an English name.

41. Norvin:

Norvin means ‘friend from the North’.

42. Norwell:

Norwell is more of a surname. It means ‘from the northern well of Spring’. The name is now becoming increasingly popular.

43. Oliver:

On par with Jack, Oliver is another hugely popular name in England. Whilst French in origin, the English have adopted it as their own for centuries. Often shortened to Ollie, it is a really cute name for a little boy. It means olive tree or peaceful, so you can hope for your little Ollie to be a calm and sweet child. The most famous Oliver is Charles Dickens Oliver Twist.

44. Palmer:

Palmer means a pilgrim bearing a palm branch. The name has a religious connection. This could be one best English baby names for your baby if you are looking for something with a religious connection.

45. Paul:

Another popular English name is Paul. Paul may mean ‘little’, but in the Bible, Paul was a key figure. He was an evangelist and an apostle.

46. Penn:

Penn means ‘from the enclosure’. This name has an English origin.

47. Raine:

Raine means ‘rule’. The name also means ‘wise’. It has an English origin.

48. Ramsey:

Ramsey is a surname for people from Ram’s island or Raven’s island. This is another old English name for kids.

49. Sagar:

Sagar is an unusual English origin name. The name means ‘wise one’.

50. Sandy:

It means ‘defender of man’. Sandy is also an abbreviation of Alexander.

51. Scot:

Scot is a name for people from Scotland. If you are from Scotland, you can name your baby ‘Scot’.

52. Shad:

Looking for a Biblical name for your son? This is a name that has one! Shad is the short from of the Biblical Shadrach. Shadrach was one of the three young Hebrew men who was known to have survived being cast into a fiery furnace.

53. Tad:

Another old English name that has a Biblicalconnection is Tad. Tad was known as one of Christ’s apostles. Tad is an abbreviation of Thaddeus.

54. Uli:

Uli is a variant of Edwina and means ‘special friend’. The name is a very rare one and has an English origin.

55. William:

From 1066 William the conqueror to Shakespeare to Prince William, a famous name and a timeless classic and just as popular now as it was back in the 11th century. Can be shortened to Will or Bill, William has German origins and means resolute protector. A name that carries a lot of weight and is a great one to give to your little boy.

English Names for Girls:

1. Anna:

Anna is a popular name across the board over different seas and appears a lot in popular culture. Short and simple, it is a Hebrew name and variation on Hannah. The name means grace, and any little girl with the name Anna is sure to be graceful and cultured.

2. Aldora:

Aldora means ‘noble’. The name also has its origin in Greek, where it means ‘winged gift’.

3. Alexa:

Alex is a very cute little name for your daughter. The name means ‘defender of mankind’ and has an English origin.

4. Alexis:

How about Alexis for a strong woman she will grow to be? Alexis is a variant and a feminine of the name Alexander and Alexius.

5. Alice:

Alice as a name became popular after the release of the Shakespearean play. The name is also famous as ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

6. Barbie:

Barbie, as a name, became famous after the blonde doll. However, the name is actually a nickname of Barbara. This is also a modern English baby girl name.

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7. Becca:

Becca means beautiful or captivating. This could be another apt name for your beautiful daughter.

8. Beth:

The name Beth has both a Hebrew and English origin. Beth is a popular English name for girls. It means ‘house’ and is a diminutive of Elizabeth and Bethany. Beth as a name also became famous after the famous novel “Little Women”.

9. Chloe:

A Greek name but very popular amongst the English, Chloe rose in popularity in recent years and is still amongst the top names. Found in Greek mythology and the New Testament, Chloe means fresh, blooming, green shoot. A girl with this name would be full of life and chirpy.

10. Charlotte:

An elegant, graceful name with royal associations, Charlotte has both French and English origins. It is also found in the classics and popular fiction. The name is a favourite and means free. It is often shortened to Charlie as an endearing nickname. A beautiful name to call a little princess who would be fair and free spirited.

11. Claire:

Claire is a classic name with Latin and French roots. It is a common name in England. A simple, delicate name that just smoothly slides of the tongue, it means bright and clear. Your little lady would probably have a clear outlook and be intelligent and cheerful.

12. Danelle:

Danelle is a very modern English baby girl names often chosen by a lot of parents. The name is easy to spell and is of English origin.

13. Darlena:

Darlena means ‘darling’. The name is also a variant of Darla. It has an English origin.

14. Darnisha:

The name means ‘hidden’. It is also a variant of Darnell in English. This is a very rare and unique English baby girl name.

15. Emily:

Famous Emily in history includes Bronte and Dickens. Emily saw a massive revival in the past decade. It is a beautiful, feminine name of Roman origin. It means rival, which could suggest your little rose will have a competitive nature.

16. Emma:

Feminine, pretty and steeped in history, the popularity of Emma has soared up to the very top. This classic name is German in origin and means universal, complete. Name your baby girl Emma, and she’s bound to be perfect in every way.

17. Ella:

An English name and abbreviation of Eleanor or Ellen, it is a beautiful, elegant name and just perfect for your adorable princess or a graceful young lady. The name gained massive popularity in the last few years and means beautiful fairy.

18. Fanni:

Fanni is more of a pet name. It means ‘free’ and is a good old English female name for you to think about.

19. Farrah:

Farrah was a superhot name back in the 70s. She was a famous actress, Farrah Fawcett. The name became incredibly famous because of her. It has an English origin and means ‘pleasant and fair’.

20. Florence:

The name Florence means ‘blooming’ or ‘flourishing’. Florence has an English origin. It is also popular as a beautiful city in Italy. The city is culturally rich.

21. Gillian:

Gillian means ‘youthful’ and is derived from a Latin word and name Julian. The name is, however, widely used among English speakers to name their daughters.

22. Gabrianna:

Gabrianna is a modern English baby girl name that is a blend of Gabrielle and Anna. If you are looking for something very new, this one will be a good choice.

23. Gael:

Gael means ‘joyful’. This name is also a term for all the descendants of the ancient Celts in Scotland.

24. Holly:

Old English origins, the name means Holly tree, the popular Christmas evergreen plant. In recent years it has been a popular name for little girls, a pretty name quite often associated with the slightly more affluent in society.

25. Halle:

Halle is a variant for Halley. The name is very unique and is also becoming popular these days.

26. Harriet:

Harriet means ‘rules her household’. A name is also a feminine form of the name Harry.

27. Jadira:

Jadira is a very modern name that means the gemstone jade or refers to the color green. If you are a person who takes numerology seriously, this could be a good name for your daughter.

28. Janae:

If your baby daughter is truly a gift after all your prayers to the Lord, this name is surely for her. Janae means ‘God has answered’. The name is a modern name of the older version, Jane.

29. Jane:

Jane is a popular old English baby girl name. It is the feminine form of John.

30. Landry:

Here is another unusual name for your baby daughter. Landry means ‘ruler of the place’. The name has an English origin.

31. Lareina:

Lareina means ‘the queen’. What could be a better name for your baby daughter, who might actually be a queen to you?

32. Lily:

English origin, Lily is an age old classic and still hugely popular with many people making it double barreled such as Lily-Mae, which adds a touch of class and distinction. A soft, delicate name just like the aromatic flower. It means beauty, purity and innocence. What better name for your very own beautiful flower. This is another name for girls that is good.

33. Mabel:

Mabel means ‘lovable’ and is an abbreviation of Amabel. The name has an English origin and is today a very popular and loved name.

34. Madelena:

Madelena is a woman from Magdala. The name also has a Hebrew origin which means ‘from the tower’.

35. Maitane:

Maitane means ‘dearly loved’. This is probably the best way to express to your baby daughter what she means to you.

36. Maggy:

The name Maggy is often used as a nickname for baby girl. The name means ‘pearl’.

37. Mandalyn:

The name Mandalyn is someone who is worthy of love. The name is also a form of Amanda and has its origin in the English language.

38. Nancy:

Haven’t we heard of Nancy after the famous novel Nancy Drew? The name was a very popular name that is slowly gaining ground back again. This English female name is being loved again by a lot of parents.

39. Neda:

Neda is a name that is famous in Africa too. The African meaning of the name is ‘born on Sunday’. In English, it means ‘wealthy protector’. A name is also a feminine form of the name Ned.

40. Nell:

Nell as the name became famous after the Shakespearean play ‘Comedy of Errors’.

41. Olivia:

Latin in origin and featured in Shakespeare’s Twelfth night, Olivia is the most popular name around at the moment and has been for more than a decade. Meaning olive, a symbol of peace, your little Olivia may have a common name but be unique with her calm and quiet demeanor.

42. Pamela:

Pamela was a name invented by the sixteenth-century poet Sir Philip Sydney. The name was originally derived from Greek and is popularly accepted by English speakers as well.

43. Pearl:

Pearl is a birthstone that is meant for people born in June. The birthstone is known to impart wealth and health. The name has an English origin.

44. Pam:

Pam is a popular nickname for Pamela. It is sometimes also used as a first name.

45. Rae:

Rae is a familiar form of Rachel. The name has a Scandinavian origin. Rae is also a feminine form of Ray.

46. Reese:

Reese means ‘passionate’. This is a classic English female name.

47. Rosanna:

Rosanna is a name that is a blend of Rose and Anna and is a modern English baby girl name.

48. Sabrina:

Sabrina is a name that has a religious connection. The name itself has a lot of charm and is also a legendary Celtic goddess.

49. Tamsin:

The name Tamsin is a rather unusual name. Tamsin means ‘twin’.

50. Tatum:

Another rare name if you are looking for one. It means ‘light hearted’.

51. Vanessa:

Vanessa is originally a fabric that is soft. However, today it is used in every context to imply butterfly. This can be a rare English name for girls.

Unique Twin Baby Names:

1. Freya and Phoebe:

This is a name for the baby twin girls. It means ‘love’, and Phoebe means ‘light’. Freya also is the name of the Norse Goddess of love and beauty, while Phoebe means the light, as observed from Greek mythology.

2. Amber and Margot:

This is a name for baby twin girls. Amber is, as we know, a jewel. Margot means ‘pearl’ and is also popularly used by the French.

3. Faith and Hope:

Faith and Hope signify a belief and trust in something, most often in God. These are both English baby girl names.

4. Alice and Elsie:

Alice means ‘noble’, and Elsie is an abbreviation of Elizabeth which means ‘devoted to God’.

5. Addison and Avery:

Addison as a name grew to popularity because of the television series Grey’s Anatomy. Avery means ‘ruler of the elves’. They are boy names.

6. Jacob and Jonah:

Jonah, although derived from Hebrew, is used by a lot of English speakers. It means ‘dove’. Jacob is a popular Biblical patriarch. The name is also a famous Jewish name for baby boys.

7. Chance and Chase:

Chance and Chase are names for baby boy twins. Both are English names. Chase is also present in French, which means ‘to hunt’.

8. Elijah and Joel:

these are popular English names that refer to ‘God’ and are named for boy twins.

9. Henry and Harold:

Henry is the ruler of the household and also of the eight kings of England. Harold is an English name that means ‘Army commander’. Both are names for baby boys.

10. Max and Charlie:

Another English origin names for baby boys. Charlie means ‘free man.

11. Halle and Annie:

Halle is a surname that means ‘dweller at the hall meadow’. Annie is an English name that means ‘grace’. Both are popular English twin names.

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English Unisex Names for Babies:

1. Alex: Alex is a short name for Alexander. The name is used by both males and females. Alex means ‘defender of mankind’.

2. Andy: Another unisex name for your babies. Andy means ‘manly’.

3. Casey: Casey is popularly used for both male and female babies. It means ‘brave’.

4. Corey: Corey means ‘dweller near a hollow’.

5. Devon: A unique unisex name, Devon means poet.

6. Parker: Parker means ‘gamekeeper’.

7. Perry: The name means ‘dweller by pear tree’.

8. Scout: Scout means ‘to observe or to spy’.

9. Spencer: This is an old English name that means ‘dispenser of provisions’.

10. Sunny: Sunny means ‘bright’ or ‘cheerful’.

Most of the English names are classic, and some have European influences. Most of these names are Biblical and very historical. Many of the names which were popular in the 80s are now making their way back into English baby names. Look carefully to shortlist what appeals to you the most.


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