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20 Unique English Baby Names With Meanings

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English names have originated from olde English or Western Germanic which is the language the Anglo- Saxons used in ancient times.

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Most Popular Baby Names In English With Meanings:

Here is a Pick of some of the beautiful English baby names for both boys and girls.

1. Jack:

From the Middle Ages to the present day, Jack is and has been the most popular name given to a boy and continuously number one in many countries. A variant on John, this is an adorable name for a baby boy. It means God is gracious and God truly is gracious to give you an adorable baby named Jack. Such is the popularity if this name that it has featured in countless nursery rhymes, stories through the decades as well as many TV dramas.

2. Oliver :

On par with Jack, Oliver is another hugely popular name in England. Whilst French in origin, the English have adopted it as their own for centuries. Often shortened to Ollie, it is a really cute name for a little boy. It means olive tree or peaceful, so you can hope for your little Ollie to be a calm and sweet child. The most famous Oliver is Charles Dickens Oliver Twist.

3. David:

A Hebrew name, from the Old Testament David and Goliath, the name is a timeless classic, maintaining a constant level of popularity from ancient times to the 21st Century. David means beloved, and any baby boy would surely be the beloved one of his family.

4. Michael:

Another name with biblical beginnings, Michael is a Hebrew name and was one of the arch angels. A common name meaning who is like God, name him Michael and your little boy will be an adorable cherub.

5. Jason:

This name is found in both the bible and Greek mythology. It’s a name that has featured through history. Meaning to heal, we can imagine that a boy named Jason would be compassionate, witty and helpful, always lighting up a room and cheering up the people around him.

6. Hugo:

Hugo is a name of affluence, implying wealth and aristocracy. It’s a Germanic name and has become very fashionable in recent years. The name means heart, mind, intelligence and inspiration, what better reason would you need to name your baby boy Hugo and have all these qualities rolled into one.

7. Dominic:

A Latin name from the Middle Ages, Dominic was a 13th Century monk. It has upper class associations and means belonging to the Lord. A little Dom of your own could be very refined, calm and spiritual.

8. Harry:

Prince Harry and Harry Potter, two of the most famous Harrys of our time, but the name has been around for centuries and is immensely popular at the moment. It means estate ruler. A very cute name for a boy, and it may mean he will grow up and have his own enterprise.

9. William:

From 1066 William the conqueror to Shakespeare to Prince William, a famous name and a timeless classic and just as popular now as it was back in the eleventh century. Can be shortened to Will or Bill, William has German origins and means resolute protector. A name that carries a lot of weight and great to give a little boy.

10. Joshua:

An adorable name for a gorgeous baby boy and often shortened to Josh. This melodic name is of Hebrew origins and features in the old testament. Very popular in recent years, the name means the lord is generous and of course a baby boy is a generous gift for any parent.

11. Holly:

Old English origins, the name means Holly tree, the popular Christmas evergreen plant. In recent years it has been a popular name for little girls, a pretty name quite often associated with the slightly more affluent in society.

12. Lily:

English origins, Lily is a age old classic and still hugely popular with many people making it double barrelled such as Lily-Mae which adds a touch of class and distinction. A soft, delicate name just like the aromatic flower. It means beauty, purity and innocence. What better name for your very own beautiful flower.

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13. Emily:

Famous Emily in history include Bronte and Dickens, Emily saw a massive revival in the past decade. A beautiful, feminine name with Roman origins. It means rival which could suggest your little rose will have a competitive nature.

14. Emma:

Feminine, pretty and steeped in history, the popularity of Emma has soared up to the very top. This classic name is German in origin and means universal, complete. Name your baby girl Emma and she’s bound to be perfect in every way.

15. Chloe:

A Greek name but very popular amongst the English, Chloe rose in popularity in recent years and still amongst the top names. Found in Greek mythology and the New Testament, Chloe means fresh, blooming, green shoot. A girl with this name would be full of life and chirpy.

16. Ella:

An English name and abbreviation of Eleonor or Ellen, it’s a beautiful, elegant name and just perfect for your adorable princess or a graceful, young lady. The name gained massive popularity in the last few years and means beautiful fairy.

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17. Anna:

Anna is a popular name across the board over different seas and appears a lot in popular culture. Short and simple, it’s a Hebrew name and variation on Hannah. The name means grace and any little girl with the name Anna is sure to be graceful and cultured.

18. Charlotte:

An elegant, graceful name with royal associations, Charlotte has both French and English origins. It’s also found in the classics and popular fiction. The name is a favourite and means free. It is often shortened to Charlie as an endearing nickname. A beautiful name to call a little princess who would be fair and free spirited.

19. Olivia:

Latin in origin and featured in Shakespeare’s Twelfth night, Olivia is the most popular name around at the moment and has been foe more than a decade. Meaning olive, a symbol of peace, your little Olivia may have a common name but be unique with her calm and quiet demeanour.

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20. Claire:

A classic name with Latin and French roots. It’s a common name in England. A simple, delicate name that just smoothly slides of the tongue, it means bright and clear. Your little lady would probably have a clear outlook and be intelligent and cheerful.

So it appears that the English names are classic and some have European influences. However on the whole, these names are biblical and very historical. It’s also interesting to note that many of the names which were popular in the 80 s are now making their way back into the English baby names.

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