Gifts can be made personal and worthwhile when they are engraved. Engraving is the process of crafting words on the metal or wood that you have. This type of gift adds more personal touch. When any company wants to gift their employees then, they use this type of gift because they can put their company logo name or company quotes etc. Engraved gifts are more customized with personalization and unique category for gifting ideas. Check out these awesome engraved gifts that you can gift to your loved one.

Best Engraved Gifts For Him and Her:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 15 engraved gifts to him and her on weddings and birthdays.

1. Heart Box:

Here is a romantic engraved gift for her that will be loved a lot. The heart-shaped box is can hold trinkets and chains. The engraving done on the box is normally for the name of the person. You can personalize this box, or you can put a picture of the receiver inside the box cover. It looks great and catchy.

2. Pocket Watch:

Give this wonderful pocket watch as an engagement gift to your lovely husband. If your husband is a businessman, then this wills surely good idea for this gift. The watch features romantic lines engraved in a script and is suitable for wearing on formal occasions, making it a perfect choice for the wedding day.

3. Message Stones:

Beach stones are great as showpieces. Engraving powerful words on these transforms them into personalized engraved gifts for all. Choose the stones with meaningful words and then gift them in cute boxes. This type of showpiece will increase the decoration feeling in a hall or bedroom. Quotes help to maintain your daily activities properly. These types of stones are like reminders.

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4. Wooden Gifts:

Another cool anniversary gift is the wooden engraved gift that has the picture of the couple engraved too. You can add some lovely words or a little poem to the wooden frame. This is a timeless piece that will be loved by the couple. You can make a gift like this for your parents on their upcoming marriage anniversary, and it helps to express your thoughts to your parents. Get this gift for your parents anytime.

5. Custom Key Chains:

Please order custom key chains engraved in script form with a signature or names. These engraved gifts India sells are available online, and you could purchase one and then customize it. Choose the metal you want, like silver, aluminium or brass. You will get a discount on bulk orders too. Take this key chains for all your keys, which is available for regular use.

6. Customized Pen Case:

A pen set is a time-tested gift for men. This engraved gift for men is wonderful and useful too. The engraving on the silver case looks stunning and sophisticated. Make the words simple, and this will be appreciated. If your father loves to write daily notes or diaries, then this gift will be good for gifting to your dad. Get this pen for your father on his birthday.

7. Engraved Compact for Her:

A cute engraved wedding gift is this engraved silver oval compact with a mirror. The compact has a clear finish and is perfect to gift your loved one. Engrave nice hearts on the compact to elevate the look to a romantic one. Get this gift to surprise your dear one.

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8. Personalized Rolling Pin:

Choose a simple rolling pin that is turned special by engraving it with words for your dad. He will love this engraved gift for him, especially if he is a great cook. You can engrave it in your own handwriting style too. Your father will surely like this gift for his next cooking session.

9. Sister Frame:

You can gift your sister a wonderful engraved frame to keep your pictures. This frame can be simple and the engraving done on the edges of the frame. You can have your own words engraved, or you can choose from the ones that are already available in the market.

10. Engraved Shot Gasses:

We engrave these shot glasses to make them extra special. You can give the glasses to your bridesmaids or groomsmen or simply have them engraved for your personal use. Try out simple names or initials for a lighter effect.

11. Pocket Knives:

Men love pocket knives, and the more vintage look they have, the better. These pocket knives are engraved with the names of the people. Try out wonderful script handwriting on the knives for a cool look.

12. Engraved Card Box:

Make a simple game box like a card box more special by getting it engraved. The engraving can be details of the game itself, or it can be the name of the person you wish to gift it to. Having the engraving of the cards on the box makes it look very trendy and unique.

13. Engraved Lighter:

A lighter used by a man can be made personal and custom by getting an engraving of the name on it. This black lighter looks stunning with the engraving of the husband’s name on it. You can gift this for a birthday or anniversary.

14. Wallet Bottle Opener:

Here is a very trendy item for all. This bottle opener that can be kept in the wallet is a special gift item. You can engrave it with cool words. The metal used in this opener is very strong and will be long-lasting.

15. Engraved Tools:

Gift a meaningful worded saw to a person who loves to work with his tools. This engraved saw has words from the Bible and looks good even as a showpiece. The saw can be used, so it is practical too.

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Choose engraved gifts for your loved ones and make them cherish them. The boxes, pens, tools, pendants, etc., are all part of the engraved items.


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