Top 8 EOS Lip Balms

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1. Eos Smooth Lip Balm Summer Fruit:

EOS Lip Balms 1

Lots of brands are available in lip balms. Different types of products are also seen like herbals and non herbals. EOS lip balm is 99% natural and 100% authentic. They give open challenge as money will be back. Shipping is provided freely globally. It contains Shea butter and jojoba oil which nourishes the lips for a happy smile. It moist the lips and supples them and hydrates.

2. Eos Smooth Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet:

Eos Smooth Lip Balm strawberry Sorbet

Eos smooth lip balm is made of strawberry flavor. It was packed with anti- Oxidant rich Vitamin-E and contains jojoba oil with Shea butter to provide long- lasting moisture. It is 95% USDA certified organic with 100% natural enriched with unique blend of natural oils to nourish and soothe. It is a revolutionary lip balm with superior application.

3. Eos Smooth Lip Balm Sweet Mint:

Eos Smooth lip balm Sweet mint

All Eos smooth lip balms are one and same but only some ingredients will be differ in them. Sweet mint also protects skin from hydrated. It is 100% natural and 95% organic. It is one flavor of eos product. It smooth’s and refreshes essence of sweet mint and moistures the lips. It contains like olive, sunflower oils etc.

4. Eos Honey Suckle Balm:

Eos Honey Suckle balm

Eos honey suckle balm delight lips with irresistible flavor of fresh honeydew and moisture lips feeling soft and smooth all day long. Aroma is made of natural flavor. It contains all oils which are enriches in required vitamins. It is known as smooth sphere lip balm.

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5. Eos Lemon Drop Balm:

Eos Lemon Drop balm

Eos lemon drop which is sphere lip balm pamper lips while protecting them from sun with irresistibly refreshing broad spectrum SPF 15 lip balm which bursts with natural flavor. It has 80 minute water resistant. It is free of gluten, phthalate, paraben and petroleum. It is 100% natural flavor with sea butter and vitamin E. It protects from broad spectrum UVA and UVB. It precisely glides on lips.

6. Eos Passion Fruit:

Eos Passion Fruit

Passion fruit of Eos is limited edition. It has fresh watermelon smooth sphere lip balm and packed with nourishing Shea butter. It makes lips super soft and smooth lips. It makes a perfect spring time gift. Even passion fruit ingredients are also same as other lip balm s of EOS. It gives long lasting moisture. It is gluten free and paraben free etc. It has twist off top. It smoothes lips on clear. It is phthalate free and also petrolatum free. It not only has jojoba oil but also coconut, olive and some extracts of leaf and stem of plants.

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7. Eos Pomegranate Lip Balm:

eos lip balm

This lip balm keeps lips moist, soft and ultra smooth. It got infused with Shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. It smoothes on clear with long lasting moisture, It is free of phthalate, petrolatum and parabens. It has twist-off cap. And even also gluten free.

8. Eos Medicated Smooth Tangerine:

Eos medicated Smooth tangerine

Medicated tangerine keeps lips happy and healthy with the daily use of lip balm. It gives a medicated relief. It contains lots of oils like olive, tea tree and jojoba seed oil to moisture lips always. It has aromas and some extracts of plants.

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