You must have definitely taken an Epsom salt bath or a soak at least once in a lifetime. Epsom salt is one of the bath salt that is used in the shower or the soak for various benefits. It is one of the natural products that if used externally help you in the achievement of a lot of goals. Along with other minerals, magnesium is one that has a lot of important properties to perform for the body including muscle control, production of energy and removal of toxins from the body. To make use of the mineral magnesium, there is no better product than Epsom salt which has huge quantities of this mineral.

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Before you can actually include Epsom salts in the bath, the best thing is to have detailed knowledge about the various benefits that one can have. This will help them rely on Epsom salts in a much easier manner. Check out the list below:

Best Epsom Salt Benefits:

For those looking for a natural ingredient that helps them reduces stress and give a couple of other benefits, Epsom salt is the right choice to make. Read below guide for Epsom salt benefits and uses for skin, hair and health.

1. Flushes Toxins:

One of the known benefits of Epsom salts and bath prepared from it comes in the form of flushing out the toxins from the body. It eliminates the harmful substances from the body and ensures that there are no heavy metals in the bloodstream. This is one benefit to look forward to for a cleansed system.

2. Aids In Heart Health:

Epsom salts have some great benefits in store for the heart. This also includes the circulatory system. Along with prevention of the hardening of the arteries, it reduces all kinds of blood clots and balances the heartbeats. It also lowers blood pressure. However, it should only be used externally for these benefits.

3. Helps The Body Use Insulin:

Epsom salts ensure that the body has more ability to make use of the secreted insulin thus helping the body control the severity of diabetes and well as prevents any incidence of this problem in people. With increasing cases of diabetics, this is one benefit that can really prove to be effective.

4. Treats Inflammation:

Epsom salts have anti-inflammatory properties. With this, it can help in the treatment of inflammation and swelling in the body that causes muscle pain as well as cramps. This treatment is natural and 100 % efficient for all kinds of body aches.

5. Enhances Nutritional Absorption:

Epsom salt baths, according to professionals make the body more able where the absorption of essential nutrients are concerned making it all the more beneficial for the body and overall well being of the person.

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6. Cures Migraines:

Epsom salts can either ease or cure the migraine headaches in one of the simple manners. It also helps in the prevention of the problem and keeps it at bay with its unique properties.

7. Reduces Stress:

The main benefit of using Epsom salts in the bath each day is the reduction of stress from the body and the mind. Magnesium is a natural reliever of stress and present in huge amounts in Epsom salts. It helps in stimulating the chemical called serotonin in the brain that helps in mood-boosting benefits. It gives a feeling of relaxation and well being of the body and mind.

8. Enhances Use of Oxygen:

Since Epsom salts help in relieving the stress on the blood vessels and also controls blood pressure, it helps in ensuring proper oxygen flow in the body and helps the organs make better use of this important requirement for proper functioning.

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9. Treats Constipation:

If taken internally, Epsom salt can help in cleansing the colon system. The salts are more like a laxative that helps in bringing regulation of the bowel movements. This makes the stools to pass easily from the system and thus cure constipation.

10. Muscles and Nerves Functionality

Various researches have proved that Epsom salt regulates the electrolytes in the body. They enable the nerves, muscles and enzymes to function properly. It is also a potent source of magnesium. Magnesium is known for its importance in the human body. Magnesium regulates about 300 important enzymes in our body and is integral for the proper functioning of muscles, production of energy and elimination of toxins.

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11. Beauty and Hair:

Epsom salt is used as an exfoliating product by many people. It can be used with olive oil and makes a very good scrub to remove dead skin. Epsom salt is gentle on skin yet a very effective body exfoliating ingredient. It can also be a very effective face cleanser. Mix it with your regular face wash or massage cream, massage for a few minutes and rinse off with cold water. it gives you a clean and fresh face. It also helps in getting rid of blackheads. Make a mixture of A teaspoon full of Epsom salt with 3 drops of iodine mixed together with ½ a cup of boiling water, and apply it on blackheads with cotton.

Epsom salt can make your normal conditioner into a volumizing conditioner. Just add conditioner and Epsom salt in equal proportions and use it as a conditioner after shampoo. It helps in decreasing oil from hair and gives them volume.

12. Prevention of Arteries and Blood Clotting:

Healthy arteries ensure lesser blood clotting, plaque buildup and arterial wall damage. Epsom salt improves the blood flow in the body and also increases the elasticity of the arteries. They prevent any blood clotting in the body and especially in the arteries near the heart. Thus they eliminate the chances of sudden heart attacks.

13. House Hold Uses:

Epsom salt is used in various household cleansing purposes. It is used to clean bathroom tiles and the detergent builds up on the washing machines. They are also mixed with baby oil and used as an effective hand wash. People also sprinkle Epsom salt on the source of entry of slugs to get rid of them. For tiles scrubbing mix equal amounts of floor cleaner and salt and use it. To remove the detergent residue from the washing machine just add some Epsom salt to hot water in the washing machine and run it on wash/soak/wash mode.

Epsom Salts is something that has always provided a number of reasons for you to smile. The list of benefits attached to this natural product is endless and something that really shows effect. For those under stress, this is more like a boon on their shelves that they should use every now and then.


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